Mid-Pricers Review – Round 13

Written by Hot Sauce on June 18 2019

Get Them In!

Players your team needs

Two down; one to go! With 12 out of 18 teams already completed their bye, it’s all the players available this week that we will look at.

There are plenty of defenders to available to bring in on a lower than premo price tag this week with the best option between James Sicily and Tom Stewart. Both players are clear top 6 candidates in defence and are performing strongly in 2019. Besides those two popular choices, there are some POD’s to look into with the likes of Dane RampeJason Johannisen and Harris Andrews excellent options. Rampe has dominated after his brain fade moments over a month ago, while Andrews and JJ are very consistent. There are a few other to keep an eye on but these are arguably the best of the bunch.

In the middle it’s a little harder to find any solid options to bring into your side this week with the likes of Tom Rockliff and Dom Sheed the only two worth having right now, but neither would be thought to be brought in this week.

Up forward is a plethora of players to choose from with Rowan Marshall and Robbie Gray the best options. Scott Lycett has put together two really good games and with Rory Lobb no longer an option, Lycett is the best alternative option. There is another forward option who is averaging 125 over his last 3 games since a change in roles and is only in 1% of teams – Darcy Parish. A real POD but only if you think he can manage to average 100 from now until the end of the season. Others include Jack BillingsLuke Dahlhaus and Jordan DeGoey.

  1. Tom Stewart (Def; $496,800; and 11.0% ownership)
  2. Robbie Gray (Fwd; $436,600; and 6.8%)
  3. Rowan Marshall (Fwd; $489,800; and 9.5%)

Pass Mark

If you have them, keep them.

The players usually reserved for this section are now having their bye, meaning you should be upgrading most of them to a premo to round off a close to complete side. They are, however, a handful of players that may have the bye this week, but are still worth holding onto, if you could afford to do so. The likes ofMatt CrouchJacob HopperDion PrestiaLachie WellerBrandon EllisJack Ziebell and Heath Shaw have now shown enough to hold as your D6/M8/F6 and upgrade if the luxury allows in a few weeks. Now is not the time to burn trades.

Chopping Block

Joining ‘Bite the Bullet’ and ‘Chopping Block’ together – a lot of tough calls.


We’re focussing on players from the Crows, Suns, Giants, Tigers, Kangas and Blues as they are now facing their bye week. In most cases, any mid-pricers selected at the start of the season were picked to be upgraded at their bye, so if you have any from round 13 bye teams, now is their time. The likes of Nic NewmanBrodie SmithJasper Pittard and Jarrod Polec are ready to be traded this week, whether they have successfully served their purpose or not. None will be worth holding onto throughout the season and now is the perfect time to part ways.

Good luck coaches and let me know your thoughts.


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8 thoughts on “Mid-Pricers Review – Round 13”

  1. What do you guys think of Pat Lipinski? With Libba set to miss around 6 weeks with a cartilage injury to his right knee, Lipinski seems to be the major beneficiary. Averaging 25 disposals a game, had a breakout performance, and priced at $356,800 with a breakeven of 10. Not to mention, he has mid/fwd flexibility. Surely worth consideration for M9/F7?


    1. It’s tempting, but is it a waste of a trade? On one hand people should be saving their dollars and trading in premiums, on the other hand he’d be very good placed at M9 and being a conduit for all my DPP forwards. Hmm decisions.


  2. Final forward to bring in?

    TU: Boak $527k BE of 62 (but will mean having Boak, Gray and Lycett – a lot of Port FWDs)

    TD: Marshall $490k BE of 31


    1. I’m seriously tempted. I have Dursma at M8 at the moment and I can swing a Mid/Fwd into the middle and bring buddy in and make 11k.

      swans next four games are:
      Hawks at SCG
      Goldcoast at SCG
      Bommbers at MCG
      Blues at SCG

      next round I can merge
      Dursma and Wilke into Neale and have no bench cover really and have 6 trades left
      Franklin this week and leave Wilke at D7 with 7 trades left and just ride on out to the end.

      I’m also Tempt just to leave Dursma at M8 for a while. He has had a 108,92 and 64 in his last three games and the 64 was due to bad kicking.
      Decisions decisions



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