Mottsy’s 2010 Starting Team – The Mids

Written by Motts on February 10 2022

This group generates more points per player than any other because they just get so much of the leather. My strategy here is to go with guys on the field that I think will score heavily for me and grab a couple of rookies on the bench that I think will go up nicely in price. Here we go:

G Ablett ($744,200, 140.11) – Captain selection automatically made every week. Yes you could get 2 players for him but you can only make one of those guys captain. I’m still not over the line with him but at this stage he’s in.

M Murphy ($599,500, 112.86) – Quiet achiever last year and with Judd out the first 3 rounds he should get more of it. I do have concerns about his hip which was operated on a few weeks ago but the club is saying he’ll be right for R1.

C Morton ($446,900, 84.14) – has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years and is ready for a breakout season. Ranked in the Dees elite.

N Van Berlo ($419,100, 78.90) – I don’t know why I like him, I just do. I also think he’s due for a ripper of a year.

S Burgoyne ($386,100, 80.78) – good price for a guy who in the past has regularly cracked the ton. Some injury concerns about him though.

B Dalziell ($347,800, 72.75) – Another one I consider a little risky given he only played 8 games last year but as tappy said in his comment a couple of weeks ago “at a new home on the big subi ground (he’s) another good bargain in the midfield”.


J Trengove ($174,200) – out of him and Scully, I like him more because he’s played more league football in the SANFL.

B Cunnington ($159,200) – my mate BOB has gone a little nuts over Majak Daw after seeing his ripped rig in the paper last week but I’ll still go for the guy who got taken higher in the draft.

I have no doubt there’ll be some strong opinions here. Lets hear ’em.

Tomorrow, the big fellas. And there are some bargains to be had amongst them!


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5 thoughts on “Mottsy’s 2010 Starting Team – The Mids”

  1. Burgoyne missed the first part of the season in 2010, but I remember trading him in once he was fit and reaping the rewards. Had a nice run home for a cheapie


  2. Love Mottsy including my comment on Brad Dalziel. However it may have been proven wrong :/

    Great flashback from when I was 19!


  3. I didn’t start playing until around 2012/13 so not sure on the tactics here but feel like only starting 2 guys that average 100 seems low. Were the averages a bit lower then or was it more common to take a bit of a risk to try and get the under priced blokes that should average 100.
    Rookies were worse back then also I guess



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