Movers and Shakers – Round 2

Written by The Salamander on June 18 2020

Player, Club, (Second position), Average, Price



Brayden Maynard, COLL, 104.5, $454,000

In what will no doubt make PieFan’s day, his perennial Brownlow tip has been terrific over the first couple of rounds. It’s only two games, but at 23, he’s in the right age bracket where you might expect to see a breakout, so watch this space.

Dan Houston, PTA, (MID), 69.5, $464,600
One of the biggest disappointments for many coaches over the first two rounds, Houston is being traded out of a lot of teams this week. Personally, I’m holding – he has the right role, and he had a couple of poor back-to-back scores during his good run last year, so I see no reason to think he won’t bounce back.


Lachie Neale, BL, 164, $693,800
Big scores. Big big scores. Two weeks in a row. This will make his owners happy!

Marcus Bontempelli, WB, 85, $593,200
Bodgie scores. Again two weeks in a row. This will not make his owners happy! Personally, I’m holding – although Magnets could pull something at any time, until that happens I just think Bontempelli’s past record should speak for itself.


Sam Jacobs, GWS, 95, $374,500
In an unusual twist, we have the same player as both our mover and shaker in the ruck division this week. Big in round one, small in round 2. A big game against Tim English this week should see his BE shoot right back down, so there’s no reason to trade him out just yet.


Bailey Smith, WB, (MID), 116, $449,400
The man with the best mullet in the AFL may also be the best second-year player in the AFL. The main risk he faces is that there’s nothing to stop Magnets from being Magnets and moving around his magnets. But to be honest, on current form he strikes me as the person least likely to be banished from the midfield.

Darcy MacPherson, GCFC, (MID), 60.5, $422,500
The popular pre-season pick’s much hoped-for breakout has not (yet) eventuated this year, leaving his owners with some decisions to make.


Has your team been moving on up or shaking on down? Let us know in the comments below!


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One thought on “Movers and Shakers – Round 2”

  1. Thanks The Salamander, insightful and sage advice.
    I need Houston and Jacobs to bounce back and I also expect them too.



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