MRO – Round 16

Written by Chaos Theory on July 3 2023



Jacob Weitering was reported for striking Lloyd Meek.

The report was assessed, but the Match Review Officer found “any high contact made was negligible” with no further action taken.



Cody Weightman has been fined $1,500 after being charged with misconduct against Brendan Cox in the second quarter, he is able to accept a $1,000 fine with an early plea.

Josh Worrell was charged with engaging in a melee/wrestle in the first quarter. Worrell can accept a $1,000 fine (reduced from $1,500) with an early plea

Taylor Walker was charged with rough conduct charge involving Tarryn Thomas in the third quarter. The MRO graded Walker’s actions as intentional conduct, body contact and low impact, resulting in a financial sanction rather than a suspension.

Walker can accept a $2,000 (reduced from $3,000) for an early plea.

Noah Anderson can accept a reduced $1,000 fine (from $1500) with an early plea for engaging in a melee/wrestle during the second quarter

Jarrod Witts was charged with rough conduct against Taylor Adams in the third quarter. The incident has been graded as careless conduct, low impact and high contact, with Witts avoiding a suspension through the rough conduct charge.

Jarrod Witts was fined$3000 with an early plea reduced to $2000.



Brad Close 

In the opening quarter of Friday night’s game at the SCG, Close pinned the Aaron Francis’s right arm and took him to ground.

Francis’ head hit the turf and he took some time to get to his feet, but played out the match.

The AFL confirmed Match Review Officer Michael Christian had assessed the incident but determined Close had no case to answer.

“Francis gains possession of the ball with momentum in the Sydney Swans’ back pocket and is tackled by Close,”

“It was the view of the MRO that despite having Francis in a vulnerable position, Close attempted to slow momentum in taking him to ground and that in the circumstances he was not careless in tackling in that manner.

“No further action was taken.”



Lincoln McCarthy can accept a one game suspension after being charged by the Match Review Officer for striking Kamdyn McIntosh in the first quarter.

The actions were graded as intentional conduct, low impact and high contact. That assessment sees McCarthy handed a one game suspension

# Brisbane has accepted the one game suspension.


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