MRO – Round 3

Written by Chaos Theory on April 2 2023

Saturday April 1

Griffin Logue rough contact on Will Day in third quarter. Careless contact, Medium impact and High contact. One match suspension.

Jai Newcombe misconduct against Griffin Logue in third quarter. Fined$1500. Early plea $1000.

Darcy Parish striking Hunter Clark second quarter $2500 early plea $1500

Blake Acres rough contact against Brent Daniels second quarter. Careless contact, medium impact and high contact. One match suspension.

Luke Pedlar rough contact against Daniel Houston second quarter. Careless contact, medium impact and high contact. One match suspension.

Ben Keays Careless contact with an umpire. Keays pushed Port’s Connor Rozee into an umpire during the fourth quarter.$2500 fine, down to $1500 with an early plea

Connor Rozee also was fined $2500, down to $1500 with an early plea, for the same charge.


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8 thoughts on “MRO – Round 3”

  1. Adelaide Update:

    We have accepted Luke Pedlar’s ban and the forward will not line up against Fremantle this Saturday.


  2. Carlton update: Blake Acres

    the Club will contest the rough conduct charge at the AFL Tribunal.


    1. why contest it – front on bump – looks bad – give him a week. And yes I’m a blues supporter – we can’t keep making a mockery of these kinds of contests – we don’t like it but these kinds of bumps are dead


  3. Geelong: Isaac Smith charged with striking Elijah Hollands in fourth quarter. Intentional conduct, low impact and body contact $3,000 fine reduced to $2,000 with early plea.


      1. Tribunal chair Jeff Gleeson dismissed his arguments and said he’d made a specific decision to bump.

        “After initially preparing to bend low to pick up the ball, (Logue) changed his intention, did not attempt to pick up the ball but instead chose to bump,” he said.

        “He could and should have gone lower and closer to the ball with his hands in an attempt to pick up the ball rather than choosing to bump.”



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