Nudelsuppe Explained

Written by Schwarzwalder on May 25 2019

Last year I needed an extra ‘Admin Team’ to keep an eye on some certain Leagues that SCT was running (mainly Standard Leagues & our Ladies League)……….so ‘Nudelsuppe@SCT’ was born.  ‘Coached by my wife Alexandra’ whose favorite meal is ‘Nudelsuppe’ (noodle soup), I basically chose a similar line-up to my own last season.

With the busy pre-season that we had this year, and real life bobbing its face up and down, I didn’t find the time to manufacture a ‘2nd team’……… Nudelsuppe started with the same line-up as THE TEAM.  Now, as you can see from the summary below, you’ll see why I’m a little disappointed in the TEAM this year………..


I’ll admit…….I’ve nailed all the good Captains till now with Nudelsuppe and managed to have all the right rookies on the ground in the opening Rounds (pure luck).  I’ve only used a couple extra trades than the TEAM, and that was taking a chance on some cash generation with Shai Bolton & Sydney Stack (plus holding Balta).  I could’ve been accused of looking through my yellow&black eyeballs but there’s no denying that it was the correct move.

While the TEAM has dropped down to about 15k overall, Nudelsuppe is sitting in a very respectable spot at #1654 and is through to the last 64 in our SCT Cup (any prizemoney won will be put in a ‘jackpot’ for next year).



I guess the point to this all is that we might need to be a little less ‘conservative’ in future with the TEAM, especially early in the season.  That doesn’t necessarily mean bringing in more ‘left-of-field’ moves/PODs.  Maybe just getting a little more creative with upgrading early on in the year?  Especially when we had a fairly decent starting line-up with the TEAM.……


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3 thoughts on “Nudelsuppe Explained”

  1. Great stuff Schwarz and well done!
    This seems very interesting from a behaviour perspective but I’m no psychologist.
    Despite The TEAM not being our very own team, people tend to be risk-averse in the main, whilst the community also seems to take a ‘collective responsibility’ if you like.
    I agree, the original line-up seemed particularly strong this year, apart from Laird! 😉
    But again, that majorative decision would have been founded on conservatism, history and risk aversion.

    Running polls to make decisions, all changes/trades will necessarily err on the side of caution, inevitably leading to the most popular (by # of votes) and ‘safest’ solution. A risky trade suggestion will likely never get the most votes. It’s as Chillo rightly pointed out with his piece on herd mentality. No one is to blame, it’s simply human nature.
    Thanks again Schwarz, for sharing this.
    Anyone got ideas on how we overcome these inherent traits?!


  2. Agree Schwartz, I’m currently sitting around the 1500s but I have been aggressive with trading this year, I never trade out premiums , except this year I did for cash generation in the first 2 rounds, more analysis is needed but on the service the trades looked ordinary. I’ve been currently working on my bye plan, and it looks as though I’ll have a fully premium team by Round 15 with about 8 trades left.



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