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Written by Schwarzwalder on June 11 2019

Father Dougal is under the weather at the moment and struggling to get Cow Talk going for this week.  He’s offered to crunch the numbers for a handful of rookies ahead of Rd13 as a result.  It’s up to you, Coaches………which Rookies would you like to see on the modified Cow Talk this week?


Which Rookies would you like to see on Cow Talk this week? (five choices)

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8 thoughts on “Poll – Cow Talk”

  1. I agree. Don’t worry about it this week FD.

    For most people it will be about getting 18 onfield, with Cows’ future prices secondary to both adhering to the Josh Glenn advisory panel and whether their imminent picks will even get a game!

    Have a rest. You’ve earned it 🙂


    1. Yep bye week for FD too. We should know our cows for keepin and cows to abattoir from recent Cow Talk reports, and our own bye planning/team structure.

      Get well FD


  2. Whats a safer bet:
    TU Naish
    TD Clarke (Worried not only about his job security but could move to the forward pocket with stars coming back for the bombers and be sc irrelevant)


  3. I’ll echo everyone else’s sentiments and say you might as well take the week off.

    However, if you do decide to go ahead anyway, then of those not listed in the survey, Gibbons could be an interesting one, given his big score on the weekend (I don’t have him, but I’m sure lots of people still do).


    1. Gibbons – BE is 7, so he’ll make money for the next couple of rounds. He’d be due for slaughter after that (unless he tonnes up again), either at his bye (if you need the cash) or just after.


  4. Yep – agree as above FD! Take a rest mate and don’t stress it – more important things to worry about – your health and … hampster care!!


  5. Hi All,

    Thanks so much for understanding. You’re right this is a week where price changes take a back seat. I’m going to take a bye as well, and try to be back next week. I can tell I am not braining very well now, so might just end up messing up my spreadsheet.



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