Poll: How Many Players Have You Got?

Written by The Salamander on September 2 2020

How many players do you expect to be able to field this week?

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How many of them are premiums?

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13 thoughts on “Poll: How Many Players Have You Got?”

  1. who do people think would be the best hidden gems under <$450k . Maybe 2 from each def, mid & fwd?

    A happy but humble Crow


    1. Not sure there are too many gems in that bracket fellow Crow. I have Doc, JPK and young Toby on my list to sneak in as a mid pricer this week.

      PS was nice to sneak above Fitzroy though!!


    2. Hey EHC,

      I’m currently wondering the same thing as I need to go for a cheaper D6 & F6 to round off my team.

      As defenders, I have always been a fan of Harris Andrews despite his low floor. Outside of his 2 40’s (one being against Geelong), he’s had one score below 80 and has a favourable run home (in my opinion). Salem is also a player who looks like he’s hitting some form as well.

      For midfielders, I’d probably look at JPK and Taranto as players around the 450k mark. They’re proven SC scorers and probably the most reliable in that bracket.

      The forwards are a lot more tricky, however I think Dixon could be a POD after this week. Averaging 92 and has North, Dons and Pies to finish the season. He’s got a great ceiling, but like many others in this price bracket, he also has a really low floor (evidenced by 29 vs Geelong). Toby Greene is also a decent option as this price range, however I’m concerned about his durability this season.

      It’d be great to hear other suggestions and opinions!


    3. Def:
      Daniel Rich is worth keeping an eye on
      Brad Shephard / Hurn

      Tim Kelly

      Jezza Cameron (easy ride home)


  2. Currently got 19 with a bit of cash in the bank, looking at trading Georgiadis for
    TU Petracca (High BE 160 with a tougher draw)
    TD Walters (Lower BE 111 with seemingly easier draw and 130k cheaper)

    5 Trades left before the above.


  3. Have sixteen in classic and will probably trade in one rook (Dow only one available at this stage) and one $450k type to make up the 18. Hopefully next week for the knockout I can bring back Gawn and Neale (can but dream)!

    Only thirteen in the Tech League which would normally be a worry but with Mrs Burger leading by nearly 800, will look at bolstering for next week’s knockout with two trades and save the last half dozen in the hope I progress.


  4. Subject to selection I have 23 players available. 18 premos, providing I can make my upgrade for another premium today. Fingers crossed Ryan is not out or late change.


  5. Subject to selection 18 prems and on the park 21 bodies but, can feel it in my water that nicnat will join grundy ( bye) on the grouter next week and i am preparing for it.



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