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Written by The Salamander on April 1 2021

At just $202,400 and coming into his fourth season at AFL level, Carlton youngster Paddy Dow (MID/FWD) became a very popular SuperCoach pick after an explosive practice match performance against Essendon. Two rounds into the real thing, he hasn’t delivered on the hype so far, posting scores of 60 and 53 over the opening fortnight.

He has the midfield role we were expecting, but just isn’t finding much of the ball: just the 13 touches last week, and 18 the week before, and, importantly, only 11 effective disposals in both of those two games.

What should we do with Paddy? Will he come good, or is it time to move him on?

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12 thoughts on “Poll: Paddy Dow”

  1. Since Jack Martin and Zac Fisher are out for 6 weeks with injury this should hopefully give him more time on the ground.
    Also round 1 he had 18 disposals at 61% efficiency with 6 turnovers and 5 clangers with only 69% TOG. So it shows he can score better with last week only 1 turnover and 0 clangers with 85% DE just only getting 13 disposals however.
    Just match the 2 together and a lot better scores should come in


  2. If you have the cash and all the right rookies i’d recommend upgrading him to Impey if you don’t I’d be holding.


    1. Thanks. Dow and Daniher are my only concerns, other than those players I don’t have such. I’ve 29 trades and sitting in Top 0.2%.


  3. Made 2 forced corrective trades last week (Danger and Rowell).

    Have all the top 8 rookies except James Jordan.

    Thinking about trading Dow to Jordan, but Father D’s mantra of needing a 2 step jump is giving me pause. I am sure that Jordan sits in the ‘good’ category for now given b/e and job security. Is Dow ‘bad’ or ‘medium’ is the money question. Was leaning towards bad given his displays so far but the Carlton injuries bring this up to a bad/medium which I am not sure is worth using a trade for.

    I’m steering clear of Tex and keeping Neale and Sharp for now so this will be my only trade if I pull the trigger. Any wisdom appreciated


    1. I’d categorize him as bad at this stage considering his price /average. At 200k his cash gen will be much below Jordan, plus the trade nets you ~80k… Would probs be an easy decision if he didn’t have 4 years in the system. Imo it’s primarily a matter of whether you’re comfortable backing him to increase his average. For reference I have him and probably keeping him with no trades made yet (though I do already have Jordan and all ‘good’ rookies)


    2. 50 to 60 points each week would put him in the medium category if he were cheaper, but probably slides him slightly towards bad at his price. Jordan is good at any (rookie) price; at his actual price he’s very good. Personally, I’m in the “Paddy will come good” camp, so I’m holding, but if you expect him to stay around his current level then by all means get Jordan in.


  4. He gets another week in my side. I will loop him with Powell.

    If Powell goes 60+

    He will ride the pine.

    His BE next week decides if he stays another week.



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