Poll – Projected Score Rd13

Written by Schwarzwalder on June 15 2019

So what does SC-Gold predict that your score will be for Rd13?  Head to ‘Gameday’on the SuperCoach website and let us know what it says about your team……



What is your projected score for Rd13?

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11 thoughts on “Poll – Projected Score Rd13”

  1. 1629 after placing non-playing players, eg Rocky, on the bench and the C on Fyfe. May yet change to Cripps which would make it 1627.

    After my brainfade gamble on MCrouch, who should get the C?

    TU: Fyfe – Mr Consistent, or
    TD: Cripps – 130’ll do!

    Thanks all!


  2. 1800

    Going Fyfe into Kelly
    Cripps popular option but only scored 110 earlier in year bs Dogs and like high risk high reward option.
    Fyfe at home should fire after week off to freshen body.


  3. Projected for 1732.

    17 playing due to Burgess and Young’s omission.
    R Laird, R Sloane, B Smith, Z Merrett and D Clarke have played with R Gray (new recruit), J Westhoff, X Duursma, N Fyfe, P Cripps, W Setterfield, R Gardner, J Macrae, C Daniel, T Goldstein, J Kelly and Z Williams still to come.

    N Fyfe as VC into J Kelly/P Cripps as C and hoping to manage a score above 1750.


  4. 1752 but can take 40 off that as they have counted Youngs score. 17 playing.

    Fyfe into Cripps.


  5. 1925 with 20 playing. Fyfe into Cripps. Considering Kelly though for C. Have used all 3 trades. Delighted with Naish’s 2nd game as went early.


    1. 1900+ is more than decent! I’d be thinking 1700-1800 would be par for the round? I’m projected 1680 with 17 playing. Cmon VC Fyfe…..130+.



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