Game Chat – Carlton v Sydney

Written by Father Dougal on September 8 2020

Where and when: Tuesday 8th September 8:10pm at  Metricon Stadium

What it means for the Blues: It is a win-win for the Blues!  Either they get a win and some self respect or they get a better draft pick. Can’t go wrong.

What it means for the Swans: It is a win-win for the Swans!  Either they get a win and some self respect or they get a better draft pick. Can’t go wrong.

Supercoach Watch:

Carlton: Cripps and  Docherty.  Martin  and Walsh.

Sydney: Lloyd and Parker. Naismith and Heeny, anyone paying attention. Jolting Jackson Thurlow of course.

Father Dougal’s Watch: JPK! The big punt for many, although really not that much of a punt. His new owners, like me, so want to see him work out and not be yet another tragic mistake.

Father Dougal’s Tip:  The Blues are now in a place where they should be confidant about beating the Swans. At least the current Swans. I think Carlton win, and maybe issue a pounding. Blues by 16.


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44 thoughts on “Game Chat – Carlton v Sydney”

  1. Methinks the boys will want to make a statement after what’s happened in the last couple of weeks. Blues by 50.


  2. After a decent outing last week against the D’s, Swans will come out fighting tonight. Kills me to say they want a ‘confidence boosting win against Carlton??? (Wow)’, but that’s what will happen. Swans by 4 goals, heading to the upset of the season next round.

    Boom. You heard it here on SCtalk first.


      1. He definitely was at the start, Macca. They then went to the bench at different times and Doch got loose at the end.


    1. Not looking good so far, seems to be tagging Cripps at stoppages. Hopefully he fires up those old legs in the second half!


  3. Jon Ralph just said Kelly missed with a facial fracture. Ummm, did I miss something or was Kelly listed as concussion? And why wait until the last minute to see if he will play or not, facial fractures don’t heal overnight.

    I think I will boycott the Giants in SC next season…


  4. cottrell on 32 points … lets see what he goes to!!

    edit – boosted to 59 points

    now 62 – been off field since he kicked the goal


  5. Wicks was less than useless that game … didn’t look to even get anywhere near it … needed him to generate some cash …


  6. Playing for a crack at the Granny ……. enter Walsh , at the last minute !
    Sometimes you can conjure up good a decision out of thin air 🙂



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