Poll: Rank Changes

Written by The Salamander on June 15 2021

This is probably the sort of question that’s best asked after we’ve had all the bye rounds, but how have the byes treated you so far? Has your ranking gone up, or have you fallen back down to earth?

What's happened to your ranking over the last two weeks?

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7 thoughts on “Poll: Rank Changes”

  1. I like to plan for the Byes.

    No one can plan a change of game. R14 is going to be tough.

    Luckily enough I’ve started the Byes quite well.


    R11- 6780

    R12-scored 2020 moved up 1213 places to 5567

    R13-scored 1989 moved up 1303 places to 4264

    R14 15-16 warm bodies.

    12 Premo’s playing ( 9 Premo’s out )
    3-4 rookies depending on Reeves.

    I think 16 seems pretty standard. Most folks own at least two of Short Dusty or Bolton. Even before they changed the Tigers-Eagles game most of us would of been pushing it to field 18 anyway.

    Hoping to remain in the top 5K and push for top 2K by years end.


  2. I have tried harder than ever to plan for the byes this year as they have killed me in the past. Somehow I have managed to improve by 1500 but I am now at about 13k so nothing special. I have 12 playing this week, maybe 14 if Reeves (good trade that!) and Madden get a run. I would have had 16 if the Tigers/Eagles were playing so always going to be an issue. The two extra trades haven’t helped much, maybe if I use three trades this week I can have 15 or 16 playing which almost seems the norm. Trouble is I am trading in players just to get some warm bodies.

    It has obviously been a tough year and like most I have had to replace Rowell, Dangerfield, Dunkley, Duggan, Butters, Hayden Young, Howe and Neale. All reasonable initial choices I would have thought. Ironically now with only 8 remaining trades and four rookies on the field, maybe getting Rowell or Danger or Butters back will have a sense of déjà vu.

    And all of my careful planning and paying attention to the fantastic info on this site has seen me drop 4 of the last 5 league games to opponents below me on the ladder. This week my opposition smashed me with Highmore, Flynn, Tracey, Thilthorpe and Pendlebury. My premos were no match for these guns.

    Ah well, onwards and upwards – lookout #12877, I’m coming for you!


  3. Was 813, now 584.

    2 trades gets me 19 expected playing with 14 premos and 7 trades remaining…

    tempted to use another trade or 2 to get to 20-21 playing to try and get back into the top 200


  4. Always plan for the byes, usually shoot up a fair amount, however this year I started well off in the top 1k and have slowly been declining to around 2900 I believe I sit now. (Byes haven’t treated me well….)

    Looking at 16-17 this week.


  5. Honestly I don’t plan for byes and I just take the season week by week as league is my priority as I’ll never reach a good rank unless I become a deadset sweat.


  6. I look at byes at start of year, but nobody can plan for what this year brings. R13 was looking like my weakest, but I got away with 8/10 wins. This week is looking like 18/19 warm bodies so looking to continue my climb in the top 10k after a horror start.



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