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Written by The Salamander on June 11 2021

Willy’s Guns wants to know which of the more successful rookies are worth keeping around long-term as bench cover, rather than trading in for the cash.

Who is worth keeping around? 4 choices.

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My apologies if I’ve missed anybody. I’ve included Jiath in the list because although he’s not technically a rookie, he’s been scoring a lot like one lately, so many coaches are no doubt considering their options at the moment.


What makes a good rookie keeper in your book? Job security? Scoring potential? Scoring consistency? Let us know in the comments below!


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14 thoughts on “Poll: Rookie Keepers”

  1. After the byes, I will end up with no rookies on field. For the bench I will have

    Def. Jones Chugg
    Mid. Bianco, Newcombe, Brockman
    Ruck. Reeves
    Fwd. Waterman, Madden

    I feel I have one decent rookie on each line. I was hoping Madden could also cover Fwd and Def (via Chugg). But his JS is not so good.

    I feel like I might still have a little cash generation left if I want to upgrade later (trades allowing). Thinking Impey to Dangerfield, or Cerra to Steele type trade.


  2. IMO there hasn’t really been any good keeper rookies pop up ala Sam Walsh or someone along those lines. Flynn maybe but the emergence of Reeves makes a Flynn to Reeves trade a no brainer for cash gen.

    I guess for those low on trades you could do worse than keeping Flynn or even Jordon.


  3. Thanks for the poll idea Willys Guns.

    The one not on this list I would love to keep is Poulter.

    He seems a perfect fit for M9-F7 for the rest of the year.

    His Bye and price make him an easy upgrade target.

    After trades this week my rookies are.

    M/F Saunders Loop.

    D: Jones** / Highmore / Bianco.

    M: Brockman / Newcombe / Berry*

    R: Reeves

    F: Weightman** / Poulter * / CCJ.

    * With a $400k bank, Berry and Poulter make way next week, for two Premo’s

    ** Weightman and Jones will be used to get my last Premo. Maybe Danger R15-16.

    Bianco – Newcombe – Reeves and CCJ will most likely stay as cover.

    Best laid plans eh?


  4. For me once i set my team i will have a few keepers

    Ruc/FWD Riley Thilthorpe

    Has been a decent to scorer and the crows have a very soft schedule down the stretch. plus dual Ruck/Fwd status provides cover in case there is an injury or if Reeves is worth cashing out in 4 weeks for a 102k R/F

    Nic Cox Def/Forward

    Can cover both Forward and Defensive lines. not overly consistent but has a regular role with high scoring potential.

    Bianco is a good enough Mid/Def Cover especially with being able to move laird and cox across lines plus being stuck with brockman as a Mid/Fwd switch


  5. As Maximus said, I think Poulter and Bianco are the ones worth keeping due to DPP and scoring. But for me they will be used to upgrade from players like Jiath, Cerra and Phillips to uber premos like Steele, Danger and Lloyd.
    I’m at full ‘premo’ now with these rookies:
    DEF- Jones, Sharp
    MID- Bianco, Downie, Newcombe
    RUC- Reeves
    FWD- Poulter, Coleman-Jones


    1. Nice one Alza.

      Congrats to “finishing” your team so early. I like the sub premo upgrade idea. It lets you pick and choose who goes first, based on up coming oppo , BE and which Fallen Premo’s are available.

      I see you have Newcombe. I guess you have also gone early ?

      Everything I’ve researched ( AFL Draft expert Youtube ) point’s to good scoring ability and hopefully that leads to good JS.

      As the overlord of the Reserves Rookie’s do you share my
      confidence ? I really need him playing next week.


      1. Thanks FT, one benefit of not having the big dogs like Guthrie, Steele, Bont and Lyons is a team with no rookies on field early

        Yeah I brought Newcombe in early. I feel like everything points towards a pretty safe pick. He was playing at Box Hill and scoring well, seems to be a bigger body, he changed his draft criteria so that the Hawks would be the main suitors which to me means they were keen on him, Hawks need to get games into young blokes, basement price, lots of coaches are getting him early and he has good scoring ability.

        He could get injured or dropped but I think with decent games he should remain in the side. Going early allowed me to make my final upgrade in Boak as well and I feel like I have decent bench cover with Bianco and Poulter if he is dropped


        1. Thanks Alza.

          I’ve gone early too. He helps get me J Kelly this week.

          Rowe – Newcombe
          RCD – Kelly

          I’m also going Warner – CCJ to help fund a double up next week.

          What are the chances Doggies pick Garcia R14 ? He could be another downgrade option if we need one next week.

          I’m also eyeing Worrell the week after 😉

          Thanks for your response and best of luck this weekend !


          1. That all sounds good. I’m unsure on Garcia, he has averaged 85 in the VFL which is decent but with the Dogs line up it’s hard to see him being picked consistently


  6. There one option missing from the choices (other than those mentioned in Poulter etc)

    “What you talking about having the luxury of holding decent rookies”

    I’m all over that one as my vote!!!!


  7. A good rookie keeper to me is someone who sits around 200k
    Not worth up or downgrading but gets the odd 90 or sits out games
    Good for a bench loop or capt loophole like highmore kosi or even Rowe
    Or otherwise Powell or Jordan if you need solid scores on field



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