Poll: Rookie Loopholing

Written by The Salamander on March 19 2021

On a line where you have on-field rookies, how much does a bench rookie have to score for you to loophole them onto the field?

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7 thoughts on “Poll: Rookie Loopholing”

  1. It will depend on what the average is for each section of rookies. For the defense it may be only 60 but then the midfield it may be more 70-75. Just have to wait and see come rounds 3/4 as I shouldn’t be loopholing as I want all my rookies playing


  2. Im reasonably new to SC and was put onto this site by a friend. Loving it.
    Can I ask for some help….
    Can someone direct me to where I can see the pre-season scores for players?

    All this cool info re: the rookies making their debuts but no-way of knowing whether they are SC worthy. Was there a recent post with rookie reports after the pre-season matches?



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