Poll: Top 6 Defenders

Written by The Salamander on February 7 2021

Who is most likely to be in the top six defenders for the year (total points)? Six choices.

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12 thoughts on “Poll: Top 6 Defenders”

  1. Very tricky. For me, the only certainties are Lloyd and Stewart at this stage.

    Questions marks over the other big names:

    – Whitfield and Ridley under injury clouds
    – Issue of whether Laird and McDonald retain their respective roles
    – Not sure how Maynard and Howe’s scoring will go in longer quarters playing together
    – Ryan’s feasting as the last line of defense will surely be affected by the return of Hamling and Pearce


      1. Yeah, if Laird’s in the middle, absolutely. Question is whether it was just an experiment last year or he stays there. Hoping it’s the latter.


        1. Even if he plays back Laird is still gonna go close as a top 6 defender. With no Sicily and Whitfield underprepared.


  2. It’d be interesting to see where Williams sits. Priced as a keeper, but not sure he’s top 6 for total points based on this list. Might need a rethink.


    1. He’s priced awkwardly. He needs to be a keeper and play enough games. As a mid he was only just scraping in the averages that a lot of these guys can do as defenders.

      And if he goes back to play more defensive given the Carlton list he’s probably struggling to pull more than 85.

      He’s too big a risk with too little upside for me.


      1. Recruited as a mid, training as a mid, and the midfield is where we lack his dynamic run.

        Backline unit will be pretty settled with Weiters, Jones and Plowman taking the key forwards and third tall respectively, Doc, Saad, SPS and Williamson taking the smalls and generating the rebound play. Then there’s potentially Newman and Marchbank returning to the side.

        The midfield, on the other hand, will have Cripps (bulking back up after a somewhat failed experiment to have him add run & carry to his repertoire) as the only player immediately ahead of Williams. It’ll be Crippa, Curnow and Setterfield looking to feed the ball out to Williams and Walsh, with Williams also capable of winning the contested ball himself too.

        Zac is a lock for me at this stage, and the only thing that’ll change that is structure (ie. a lack of rookies elsewhere) or injury.


    1. I’ll be happy if he plays a Ryan role, considering he’s the second highest scoring defender last year.



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