Poll: Top 8 Midfielders

Written by The Salamander on February 8 2021

Who is likely to be in the top eight midfielders for the year? Eight choices.

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10 thoughts on “Poll: Top 8 Midfielders”

  1. I actually think rockliff may do really well.
    Not selecting him, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if he did.


  2. The midfield is the hardest line to pick premiums for this year, in my opinion. Neale and Satan are the only two absolute locks. The others in the top tier are over-priced due to their huge season last year (Steele, Zerrett, Petracca etc), and who knows whats going to happen in the Dogs midfield. Fyfe and Titch have injury concerns currently, and Jelly is a “never again” for me and many others. Cripps, Walsh and Rowell are the only “value” options out of the list. I’m looking at taking a punt on Adams, although I’m not ecstatic about it.


    1. Yeah. Perfectly said, bAps.

      I’ve got Neale and Satan at M1/2 not going anywhere and Cripps and Rowell set at M4/5 (provided they’re good to go), just debating that M3 spot.

      Considering Bont, Racca or Zerrett rn.


  3. anyone else keen on taking a punt on Jed Anderson?

    last 10 matches, 7 were 100+, 3 of them 140+ & 1 at 174.
    Avg 86 in 2019, 104 last year, 2021 115 maybe


    1. Not with Cunnington returning, another year under Simpkin’s belt and the drafting of two midfielders in Phillips and Powell.

      Could still have a good season, but not worth the risk at $562k imo.


  4. Taylor Adams will be sidelined for an extended period as he has injured his hamstring at training.
    Collingwood stated ‘the medical department will monitor his progress over the coming weeks’.



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