Poll: Trades Remaining

Written by The Salamander on April 20 2021

With all the carnage we’ve had to deal with in the opening five rounds of the season, Lisa would like to know how many trades you’ve got left… as would I.

Has everyone else been using two each week so far, or is my team in even more trouble than I originally thought?

Be honest... how many trades do you have left BEFORE you make any this week?

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Before the team sheets drop and all hell breaks loose, how many do you plan/expect to use this week?

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21 thoughts on “Poll: Trades Remaining”

      1. Picking Bombers players don’t count as “injured or suspended” Wighty!!

        Oops, should I have posted this in the Sledgers League?? … *wink*


  1. 27 used, depending on available downgrades and rookie selection will try to hold again this week. All trades so far have been rookie downgrades.
    Kosi > Chapman
    Dow > Jones
    Brockman > Waterman


    1. Thats the play of the week- i just had riddles go down to join every other bludger that has been injured or suspended in my team, plus i am still stuck with Draper on the bench hoping Flynn gets a job this week but it dont really matter as i am screwed anyways


  2. Yep, I’m the one that thinks we’re playing fantasy and gets 2 per week lol.
    I think I need to go to tradeaholics anonymous.
    22 left and might do 2 more depends on Cerra’s outcome. If he’s only a couple of weeks I’ll hold, if it’s syndemosis and looking like an extended time away, then him and Phillips turn into the MacRae brothers.
    While I’m at it, anyone think that Petracca will be a top 10 mid?
    TU Yes
    TD no


    1. Shhhh on Petracca!

      He comes in either this week or next for me. Gone under the radar because of his DE, but looking the goods this year again.


  3. 25 left.

    Keen to avoid trading this week. Just depends on whether I ultimately think Jones is a must-have and decide to trade him in for Clark for the cash grab.

    TU – trade Clark-Jones
    TD – hold trade


  4. Great Poll.

    I’m down to 23 before any this week.
    Three injuries, four correction / upgrades.

    I think we also need a poll on how many rookies are we running on field.

    This has a direct bearing on how many trades / upgrades we still need to make. I have gone pretty hard ( trading out Neale before after R2)
    This has allowed me to fund a couple of early upgrades.

    I’m currently running 15 keepers with 7 on field rookies.

    Rookies on Field..

    D: l Jones.
    M: Gulden . Jordan . Powell.
    F: Warner . Campbell . Rowe ( or Scott.)

    D: kosi . Highmore.
    Mid: Clark . Berry . Brockman.
    R: Flynn
    F: Scott . Saunders ( loop )

    I’m unsure of trades this week.If Clark is named I will probably hold and wait for Macrea on the Bubble. All the Swans boys should go alright V GC this week.

    I do have $101k so can go Clark and Gulden to Mc Creery and Neale.

    This would leave no bank and only 21 trades.
    I would have just the six upgrades ( 1 Def 2 Mid 3 For ) to make.

    So how many rookies are you folks running on field ?


    1. 9
      Daniher, warner,campbell,Rowe
      Maybe trade Campbell to Jones this week through dpp which would put Bergman probably on in forward and either Jones or burgess in defense ,probably keep rest on field at the mo
      Bench laurie (loop) Highmore
      Scott, Brockman, sharp
      Draper (maybe hold for the Gawndy bye)
      Bergman, waterman
      Got 2380 last week even though I took Dunkley vc in steady of Gawn c
      Only 22 trades left
      Not really sure to use a trade on Jones or just keep campbell
      No upgrades this week for me


  5. Good point FT
    7 for me as well.
    B. Chapman
    M.Gulden , Powell
    F.Daniher,Rowe, Campbell, Bergman.
    B. Kosi Highmore
    R Flynn
    C Scott Sharp Fyfe
    F MacRae Saunders


  6. 9 onfield rookies at the moment (with Ridley on the bench so otherwise 8) so no wonder I’ve been going shite! Also down to 23 trades (3 to injuries – Danger, Powell & H Young, and 4 corrective – T Phillips, Brockman, Fullarton & J Clark)

    Plans for this week vary from doing nothing (as long as either Kos or Highmore play, I cover Ridley on the bench) but that still means running 9 onfield rookies which concerns me greatly OR doing 2 trades to get in J Macrae & probably McCreery on the bubble (or jumping a week early on F Macrae).

    Will wait till later in the week to see what carnage there is when teams are announced. Had a plan for last week that went out the window when i needed to trade out Clark to avoid a backline donut by going a week early on L Jones. Managed to win 8/10 league games for the first time this season so don’t regret it.


  7. Used four, Danger, Caldwell and Young forced and Tyson to Tex deemed necessary.

    Have enough to trade Clark to anyone but Macrae, and will pull the trigger if he’s not named, probably to Satan? If named, may not trade this week as I already have Jones.


  8. Have used 5 trades so far .

    Out H Young , J Clark , H Sharp , J Caldwell , P Dow .
    In J Jordon , L Jones , J Ridley , A Waterman , T walker
    Will make a further 2 this week with one premium upgrade and one rookie .
    Slow start to continue with Ridley not playing this week and sub score from him this week , Daniel sub score abs not playing last week , Fyfe out one week with concussion .
    I know some coaches have had worst luck so not complaining


  9. I’m on 23 at the moment and am carrying Heeney and Ridley on the bench.

    Outs so far: Rowell, Danger, H. Young, Neale, Sharp, Hunter, and Brockman.
    Ins so far: Mitchell, Heeney, Jiath, Impey, Walker, Cumming, and Chapman.

    At a bare minimum, I have 7 upgrades remaining and will probably have to touch up a couple of my ‘lower-end keepers’ if they can’t sustain their scoring post-byes (e.g., Jiath, Cumming, Impey, Walker, Ziebell).


  10. 23 b4 trades this week. used 4 x injuries ,2 x corrections & Neal out .
    Have Ridley, Houston, Cerra, Hickey & Butters on the bench but if they were on field , would have 5 playing rookies + Clarke.
    playing in $ league so figure I’ll try & ride out a few of the injuries to save the trades But !.. How long is a piece of string ????
    Thinking Hickey & Clarke for Neal & Jones this week, though 21 trades left come round 7 doesn’t bode well for the season’s end !


  11. 22 left
    Jones and Highmore on my defence bench
    Ridley concussed and J Clark needs to go
    Jones covers 1, if Nomore plays no trades needed this week – though I think I really need to trade Clark anyway



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