Poll: VC Cutoff

Written by The Salamander on March 19 2021

What is the cutoff below which you prefer to roll the dice rather than take a VC score?

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9 thoughts on “Poll: VC Cutoff”

    1. Yeah he does. Last year iirc I took him as VC and kept the 126.

      The problem with Dusty and why I dopped him from the team though is now that he’s had his big feast against Carlton you’re going to see 3 or 4 weeks of ordinary scores until he shows enthusiasm again.

      In 2020 he took until round 7 to post another hundred. In 2019 he only had two hundreds until round 9.

      He does really seem to fire up against the blues though. I think you have to go back to 2016 for him not to get a hundred against them.

      Big win if you’ve got the VC on him this time around.


  1. Depends on pending options. ie Who’s playing who and lineups.
    IMO average score for me is 120ish.


  2. I ticked 130

    I would probably take any thing over 125. 250+ locked is hard to pass up. If you don’t take it and something happens to your new Captain eg: Injury / tag or just an off game. (It does happen) and its one of the worst feelings in SC.

    All said and done though…..

    If Grundy goes 128 tonight. Would you take it ( 256) or roll the dice on Gawn v first gamer Leek ?

    Horses for Coarse’s I guess.


  3. Normally last year with Neale and Gawn on fire I’d set the limit at 130.

    I suspect that number is going to be a lot lower this year, so at this stage I’ve got it at 125. It might become 120 depending on how much the injury sub gets abused.


  4. I think with the game opening up the new norm will be north of 130. Big scores last night, so much so that 3300 total points were reached at almost the beginning of last quarter.



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