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Written by The Salamander on March 12 2021

Ben wants to know what you’re planning to do about Zac Williams’ one-week suspension.

What to do with Zac Williams? (DEF, $468,600, and suspended)

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If you’re starting him anyway, do you have a plan in place to mitigate the impact? If you’re not, are you trying to think up ways to get him in early? And who are you starting instead? Let us know in the comments below!


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12 thoughts on “Poll: Zac Williams”

  1. I’m going to burn a trade and use Brodie Smith in his place.
    Smith is preferred kickin taker and ave in high 80’s in 2019 Only crow to score 100 in aammi
    IMO he’s 10pts better than harmes and I want to watch Williams for 2 weeks before I commit so score is important


      1. I don’t see him as a keeper D6 though whereas Williams maybe will be a keeper.
        If Williams doesn’t get at least 1 ton and 2×80+in his first 2 games I’ll probably keep smith for 5 weeks and turn him into one of the top 3 defenders


  2. Firstly, thanks Salamander for putting the poll up.

    I’m leaning towards starting with Williams and having my round 1 defence as Laird, Daniel, Young (Freo), Clark, Jones and Highmore (or Kosi form Hawks).

    My two main reasons for starting Williams are as follows:
    1. I think he is in for a good season and a very strong chance to finish as a top 6 defender.

    2.If i was to replace him i would need to find significant coin to upgrade him to a Stewart or Ridley, as these are the only two defenders i have not got that i see as worthwhile replacements (Not including Lloyd).


  3. I could see many coaches try and start with someone like Duggan/Lukosius and trade them out after round 2-3 if they fail for Williams.
    I’m personally not starting him


    1. Yep that’s a much better option than Smith. I’m a big fan of giving luck the opportunity to Blossom and luck loves a good Mullett.
      I’m going for tinker with the team, thanks Nato


    1. Surely we all start playing for rankings and then reassess and aim at leagues as the realization that you’re team stinks.


  4. I would love to start him on the bench, but with Carlton playing 1st on the weekend, there’s no guarantee that you’re gonna get good rookie coverage.

    Maybe if they played late in the week, and you already had a decent D7 rookie score to lock in, it would have worked out. Alas, not to be.


    1. Never thought about that, definitely swaying my decision to start him. Looking at other options, what are people’s thoughts on Hunter Clark for similar money?

      TU: Good replacement
      TD: Look elsewhere



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