Poll : Ziebell and Sheezel

Written by Chaos Theory on June 8 2023

Lisa has requested a quick poll on what are we doing with the two North players, Ziebell and Sheezel?


Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.





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12 thoughts on “Poll : Ziebell and Sheezel”

  1. Trading Ziebell to Lloyd and watching it backfire when Lloyd is played on the wing for 3 quarters for 8 disposals…….


    1. What on paper looked the right decision turned badly due to a coach’s whim.

      Tough luck Natopotato, hopefully Lloyd regains his optimum position for you.

      Good luck for the rest of the round.


      1. Was quite frustrating when I had the VC on him too because what Ryan/Ziebell/Sicily against the Saints. He got 11 disposals in the final term when he was back playing half back. That helped reduced the pain of his score but caused frustration on what that score could of been if he did that every quarter


    2. Flip-flopped all week on Sheezel to Lloyd, thankfully I dodged that particular disaster. Trying to work out now how I can get from Sheezel to Neale by moving the magnets around but without any cheap playing rookies it’s almost impossible.


  2. I was trading both but was never sold on keays holding CBAs.. then saw the himmelberg news so will give that a week or two to watch the role with Haynes back.. Tarryn Thomas pre season was training for the HB role before he started sending nudes.. now 2nd game back his named at HB he’s a big watch for me at 280k. So keays doesn’t get a gig this week I’m happy to pass. So just ziebell gone for me now as Sheez is named in the guts.


  3. Traded in the Lizard for Ziebell, was looking unreal until a *dangerous* tackle ruled him out.


  4. Ziebel down to Yeo allows me to go up to Brayshaw in the mids… wait… what? Yeo? Guess I’ll be discussing Yeo trade out next week after he’s injured.


    1. Just quiety, just between you and me. Everyone else look away.

      I am thinking about doing the same trade!

      It could end in tears but cash will finance a topliner.

      Fingers crossed and praying to the Supercoach Gods.
      Good luck Catostomybag


  5. Ziebell and Sheezel are both heavily traded out this week.

    2nd Ziebell 8.5%
    3 rd Sheezel 5.5%

    DeGoey the number one trade out with 10.8%.

    For interest The top 5 trade ins (so far)
    Neale 10.5%
    Brayshaw 4.5%
    Fyfe 4.4%
    Mullins 4.5%
    Maric 4.2%
    and for Natopotato the 6th was Lloyd 3.8%


  6. I’m holding at least Sheezel because you cannot trust Hall to stay healthy. His legs are held together with wet tissues instead of proper ligaments.

    Even if/when Hall drops out Ziebel/Sheezel don’t walk back into sweet SC-cheese roles because Maverick pointed out above that T.Thomas has been lined up to be North’s version of Saad. Even if he’s only trialed there for a handful of games that’s enough to tank Ziebel and Sheezels value so you almost have to trade out one of the two this week and it’s Wait n Watch for the other over the next round. Most likely will end up getting rid of both unless Sheezel ends up being a damaging wing player.



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