Polling Station – Round 13

Written by The Salamander on June 7 2021

Got a poll you’d like to see on SCT? Just suggest your poll in the comments below, and if the community deems it worthwhile, we’ll have that poll. Easy!

Unlike our more usual TU/TD threads, the thumbs here are for indicating whether or not you think a particular proposed poll is worth having, not voting in said poll.

So, what polls would you like to see this week? Let us know in the comments below!


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24 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 13”

  1. Coleman-Jones and Bianco.

    Most SC traditionalists wouldn’t consider trading in a bubble boy a week before their bye, let alone two of them, but without many alternate downgrade options many coaches will be considering chancing their luck. Could still be worthy of a poll though.


      1. Since returning from his week off, he’s played six games and only tonned twice.

        87, 84, 105, 104, 64, 80 – he’s definitely not the same since he’s returned. His first four games pre injury were all 120+.

        Essendon supporters might be able to give greater insight.

        Having said that, most of us have much greater problems than an underperforming Ridley.


        1. Not that I have seen that much of him lately but I think he’s been playing more of a lock down role since he’s been back, with Redman being free’d up a bit more now. Hopefully after a week off he can bounce back


          1. This. Ridley is playing a lockdown role and Heppell is playing the rebounding Def role that Ridley started the season in


    1. Zorko. He’s officially not contesting his suspension, so he’s ANOTHER that we won’t have in R14.


      1. He’s gone for me.

        I know everyone says don’t sideways Premo’s but…

        I can’t have him and Grundy missing both Bye weeks. That 1.2 mil sitting on the side lines.

        I think he is at close to his top price, I sideways him to Hall and I have an extra Premo for 2 weeks and $100K. This will allow me to get another Premo a week earlier.

        I also think with Neale back his midfield time will be reduced, This will see him leak cash and points for the rest of the year.

        Time to jump off the Zorko train.


        1. Have to disagree FT – there isn’t 6 better Forward scorers for the year I think – he has to stay on that basis alone I think


          1. Yeah.

            He may punish me down the road.

            I do think Hall will ave similar going forward and the cash gets me the Midfield upgrade I want ( Jelly over Titch) without having to use an extra trade. Effectively paying for its self.

            It could backfire but I’m willing to take the risk.

            I totally get those holding. Its probably the right move, I’m sitting just outside the top 5k so feel its time to try something different.


  2. Whether to give up on trying to field 18 Players in round 14 and instead look at the bigger picture of getting your team to maximum premiums for the remainder of the season and building a strong R13.


    1. I like this lisa.

      I think playing the long game may be the way to go.

      We will almost all be hurting in R14. Burning those extra trades on side ways trading rookies for next to no cash, seems a silly idea. Best case you get to field another 40-60 points per rookie for the round.

      I think its much better cop a small hit R14, and set up your team for the rest of the year.


  3. Is wingard a viable forward premo option?
    If not what are the best forward options


    1. You aren’t being asked to vote on an answer to the question.
      You are being asked to vote on whether or not to hold a poll on the question.


  4. A poll to determine which of the current rookies need to be kept to provide backup for the remainder of the yr.
    IE Berry, Kosy, Jordon all are best 22


  5. TU- trade Jordan to touk Miller this week
    TD- wait until next week and upgrade Jordan to a bont/lyons/parish


  6. With these extra trades I think im gonna luxury trade paddy cripps.

    I feel like he’s playing well, but he gets seriously underscored imo

    I swear Bont would do the same thing and get double points, but anyway….

    T/U – Zerrett
    T/D – Jelly

    Comment – Boak

    Cheers legends


  7. Is P Ladhams (R/F) a viable F6 and the answer to our Rd 14 bye prayers? Ladhams is 377k and has a break even of 0 for Rd 13

    TU yes
    TD no

    Comment: is he worth it as a pod cash cow to survive the buys if you are flush with trades?



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