Polls: Value Forwards & Never Agains

Written by The Salamander on May 19 2021

With the forward line and cash generation both proving problematic this season, it’s little wonder that coaches are looking for budget-friendly options in that part of the ground.

Randy wanted to know what the best options under $400K were, while Wighty was hoping for $500K. I was initially going to do two separate polls, but the pickings in the sub-$400K group were very slim, so instead I’ve gone for a compromise option that’s roughly halfway between the two.

LEGEND: Player Name (Club, Price, Average)

Who's are the best value forwards in the mid-$400K range or lower? Six choices.

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Meanwhile, Baz noted that a lot of players on coaches’ ‘Never Again’ lists are playing quite well at the moment, so, for a bit of fun…

Imagine you have to take a punt on two (2) of the following. Who's it going to be?

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15 thoughts on “Polls: Value Forwards & Never Agains”

    1. Relax, RB.

      Think Sal was working under the assumption that at 59% ownership everyone has him. If you don’t have him then, yes, he’s the obvious FWD to bring in.

      A big shout out to Jack though. Putting these polls together on the back end is arduous, tedious work.

      Hats off.


      1. Relax?? That’s weird.

        Just thought Dusty was probably more SC relevant than many on the list, say Buddy for example.


      2. Thanks, GD. As I said to Roo Bloke, I’m not really sure how I forgot to put him in the list – probably one to file under “it was late.” 😉


        1. Back when I did the SCT Cup my mistakes would always come when I was crunching numbers late at night. I feel ya Sal. Keep up the good work.


    2. Oops! I must have missed him when I was going down the list. Not sure how… it’s probably a bit late to put him in now, with most of the voting likely done. Sorry about that!


  1. Grabbed Hall last week, very happy with his debut performance and role.

    Didn’t like Heeney as a pick at the start of the season and still don’t like him now tbh (reliant on goals, injury, etc.) but at that price and given how buttery the Swans’ run is, I don’t think I can say no.

    Replacing RoMo with Heeney would net me 150k to then facilitate another upgrade this week…


    1. Aaron Hall $454,900

      Rd 2 – 6 (sub)
      Rd 3 – 81
      Rd 4 – 133
      Rd 5 – 37 (conc)
      Rd 6 – DNP (conc)
      Rd 7 – 106
      Rd 8 – 113
      Rd 9 – 112

      109 average & 30.8 disposal average in full games. 2nd highest average of all playing forwards.


      1. As a North supporter I hope he keeps it up as he’s been great to watch the last month and integral to our improved form. BUT, he’s got a track record of purple patches followed by going missing. He could make your season and cost you big time. Time will tell. I hope he keeps it up.


  2. Nice Poll Sal.

    I actually own B Crouch.
    He came in for an injured Heeney in R 5.
    I knew the risks, I also saw the potential to go 95+ priced at $450K
    I really didn’t want to spend money upgrading Heeney and at the time he seemed like a reasonable option.
    He’s a rollercoaster, with an injury affected 33 this year already. He also missed 20 mins if last weeks game with a fractured cheek- concussion test. He was given the “all clear” but is still a test this week. 🙁

    On the upside he has scored 99 . 109 . 116 the last three weeks.

    My plan was to keep him (hope he can get to $520K+) and then flip him at his R14 Bye, for a R13 Bye mid.
    I’m not sure I will have the trades, but he will probably force my hand anyway.

    I’m kinda glad Heeney has that horrible R14 Bye. His price is so tempting but……
    If he goes down you have a rookie on field. If its a Bye Round maybe a donut ?
    Also at his price there’s no one to trade him too, with out splashing cash. Cash, that is officially as rare as hens teeth this year.

    I won’t be going there. I already have risky covered with Brad Crouch !


  3. I’m taking Dusty and Hogan this week. If I had a third trade I would be bringing in Heeney as well, but better bye and at 75 breakeven versus Hogan’s 5 I will wait another week or two.

    If Hogan can keep it together he’s got value written all over him, but it’s a big if.

    Having said that at 310k he’s almost a straight swap with most of our cash cow rookies, so can be considered for loopholing in much the same way.

    Yes, Hogan is coming basically straight into a bye which is the biggest downside to him, but it’s a bye that I can easily manage being one player shorter on based on my team structure.



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