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Written by Freo Tragic on November 24 2023

G’day folks, I just thought I’d do a quick post to update you on potential position changes for the upcoming SuperCoach season. These are based on Champion data stats gathered from the 2023 season. These are not finalised, but will hopefully give you a guide to who’s most likey available in various positions next year.

Firstly some stats. Currently there are 776 players eligible for selection in the 2024 season, This will of course increase as rookies are added from the recent AFL drafts. I will endeavour to update Rookie positions as soon as they drop. The break down ( at this time ) is there will be 225 available as Defenders, 228 as Midfielders, 70 as Rucks and 310 able to be picked as Forwards. Last year (2023) there were 149 DPP players to start the season. This coming year (2024) that number will be significantly decreased to possibly as low as 87. This does exclude rookies and potential potion changes in round 6/12 and 18. Having a significantly lower number of DPP players makes me feel any SuperCoach relevant player, that manages to get that prized DPP status will be extra valuable in 2024.

Ok what do we expect from each line ? There’s always a heap of midfield and Ruck options so I wont delve to0 deep into them in this post. I will instead focus on the Defence and Forward lines, as thats where most of the changes have occurred.


Bad news..

Jordan Dawson, Will Day and Sam Docherty all spent too much time in the middle and wont be available as defenders in 2024.

Good news. 

Nick Daicos, should just hold onto Defender / Mid status. His late season injury may have just saved him here.  Jack Sinclair, James Sicily, Tom Stewart, should all be popular defenders in 2024. Some more speculative picks in defence include Harry Sheezel, Hayden Young, Dan Houston, Luke Ryan, Nic Newman and my burn man Lachie Whitfield.


Bad news.

This is where most of the carnage happened and it ain’t great news ! Firstly the rumours of Christian Petracca gaining Forward status were unfounded. The Oliver injury meant he spent too much time in the middle and wont get Forward stats in 2024 🙁 Most of the top Forwards from last year have gone the way of the Dodo and will be Mid only next season. they include, Josh Dunkley, Tim Taranto, Zac Butters, Connor Rozee, Stephen Coniglio and possibly the best forward pick from last year Errol Gulden. This tends to happen every year, but this level of talent leaving our Forward lines will certainly add spice to our potential midfields next year, as you could argue that Butters , Dunkley, Rozee and Gulden could all average enough to be out and out midfield selections in 2024.

Good News.

There’s really not a heap to see here, as Bevo may seriously put a spanner in the works, as we look to select with Forward status for the 2024 season. Bailey Smith, Jack Macrae and Calab Daniels had  horrible roles in 2023, but that see’s them with Mid / Forward status in 2024. Will they get the mid minutes ? Who knows how they line up, but all of them will most likely have the potentially to be popular selections in our Forward lines next year. Stupid Sexy Sam Flanders has also retained Forward status and will be high on our radar heading into next year. Others of note that are most likely to be available Forward are Tarryn Thomas, Luke Jackson ( Ruck / Forward) and Ben Keys. With the lack of depth in the forwards..Some more speculative picks are , Dylan Moore, Shai Bolton, Toby Greene and maybe even Dusty Martin could have one last Hurrah.

Lastly I would like to point out that Harley Reid the will be available as a Mid Forward next year and I’m sure that we will all most likely select him somewhere from F3-5. Dan Curtin will be a popular rookie selection in Defence, Adelaide moved up the draft so I think they plan on playing him straight away. Colby McKercher is a must have Midfield rookie if he gets early  games for North.

So I hope that gives you some insight into possible selections for next year.

Happy planning

Cheers FT.


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11 thoughts on “Position Changes SuperCoach 2024”

  1. Some that caught my eye were Jordon and Adams both as forwards. I was bullish on Jordon until Adams was also recruited. I am keen on Himmelberg as a forward if he is going to play in defence. The young lad Tsatas from Essendon looked good towards the end of the season and he might be a forward option. I think that kid Watson for the Hawks might get a game – as much as I hate picking small forwards at high end prices. I can see Cadman improving next year, so he’s basically a number one pick who is now a 123k rookie with a year under his belt. Drury for North is another. Sam Reid ? Who knows?
    My early planning is Flanders and Himmelberg Tsatas and Jordon might be there. Then Reid and Watson for the new rookies. Cadman and Drury on the bench.


      1. That plan fell apart pretty quick. And it’s not even December! I need to put this away. I won’t get through Christmas if Jordon is my slated F2.


  2. Sounds like Forwards are going to be brutal, which I don’t mind actually – room for more different approaches in terms of structure. Shame we don’t have an equivalent lock to Dunks this year to start with though.

    Interesting to note that on the AFL website, Dan Curtin is listed as a DEF/MID in Fantasy…

    Toby Pink as a mature age DEF for North looks an early cheapie, their other key backs are clearly the worst stocks in the league imo.

    I can see Tom Fullarton playing a handful for the Dees as their second ruck/FWD, could be a decent F7/8.


    1. Hey Bozza.

      Some great points here. News is Tarryn Tomas is likey to only be a mid only next year, this has put even more interest in who we select in our forward lines. I do think this will bring some real strategy top how we structure up and I actually look forward to the challenge.

      Some initial thoughts are..

      There is a world where we may need to re think the no key forwards mantra that has been a long term strategy or SC. There’s certainly a possibility that someone like Charlie Curnow or Jeremy Cameron could start 2024 on fire with a decent fixture. Tex Walker exploded a few years ago early, and I will be doing some research into Key Forwards and early Fixtures to see if we can look at who could outscore their price over the first 6-8 weeks. This could work as not only an early points boost, but also a stepping stone to another more consistent Forward option.

      This leads to my next thought,that is we are likey to get some more Forward DPP’s at Round 6. With Oliver back, Petracca could get Forward DPP and become a must have . Looking at early Stepping stone / Mid Pricers that can gain cash and give us access to players like Petracca, or other DPP recipients is definitely something worth looking into.

      On rookie priced Defenders.. Joel Hambling could become Paddy Mac 2.0.
      He is likely to get games and should easily outscore his rookie price tag. He may just be a bench option, though depending on structure he pair up with someone like Dan Curtin as our D5-D6

      Plenty of things to keep an eye on going into next year anyway.

      Cheers FT.


    1. Full list of DPPs – Arranged by clubs.

      Billy Dowling Adelaide Crows Mid/Fwd
      Charlie Edwards Adelaide Crows Def/Mid
      Daniel Curtin Adelaide Crows Def/Mid
      Chayce Jones Adelaide Crows Def/Mid

      Henry Smith Brisbane Lions Ruck/Fwd
      Darcy Fort Brisbane Lions Ruck/Fwd
      Bruce Reville Brisbane Lions Mid/Fwd
      Zac Bailey Brisbane Lions Mid/Fwd
      Deven Robertson Brisbane Lions Mid/Fwd
      Dayne Zorko Brisbane Lions Mid/Fwd
      Zane Zakostelsky Brisbane Lions Def/Ruck

      Matthew Cottrell Carlton Mid/Fwd
      Billy Wilson Carlton Def/Mid

      Oscar Steene Collingwood Ruck/Fwd
      Nathan Kreuger Collingwood Ruck/Fwd
      Mason Cox Collingwood Ruck/Fwd
      Nick Daicos Collingwood Def/Mid

      Jye Caldwell Essendon Mid/Fwd
      Elijah Tsatas Essendon Mid/Fwd
      Nik Cox Essendon Def/Mid

      Luke Jackson Fremantle Ruck/Fwd
      Cooper Simpson Fremantle Mid/Fwd
      Nat Fyfe Fremantle Mid/Fwd
      Conrad Williams Fremantle Mid/Fwd

      Mark Blicavs Geelong Cats Ruck/Mid
      Oliver Wiltshire Geelong Cats Mid/Fwd
      Shaun Mannagh Geelong Cats Mid/Fwd
      Lawson Humphries Geelong Cats Def/Mid
      Mark O’Connor Geelong Cats Def/Mid

      Jack Mahoney Gold Coast Suns Mid/Fwd
      William Rowlands Gold Coast Suns Mid/Fwd
      Sam Flanders Gold Coast Suns Mid/Fwd
      Oskar Faulkhead Gold Coast Suns Mid/Fwd
      Hewago Oea Gold Coast Suns Mid/Fwd
      Alex Davies Gold Coast Suns Mid/Fwd
      Will Graham Gold Coast Suns Def/Mid
      Joel Jeffrey Gold Coast Suns Def/Fwd

      Harvey Thomas GWS Giants Mid/Fwd
      Isaac Cumming GWS Giants Def/Mid
      Adam Kennedy GWS Giants Def/Fwd

      Denver Grainger-Barras Hawthorn Def/Fwd

      Kynan Brown Melbourne Mid/Fwd
      Caleb Windsor Melbourne Mid/Fwd
      Angus Brayshaw Melbourne Def/Mid
      Harrison Petty Melbourne Def/Fwd

      Finnbar Maley North Melbourne Ruck/Fwd
      Zane Duursma North Melbourne Mid/Fwd
      Curtis Taylor North Melbourne Mid/Fwd
      Charlie Lazzaro North Melbourne Mid/Fwd
      Wil Dawson North Melbourne Def/Fwd

      Will Lorenz Port Adelaide Mid/Fwd
      Lachlan Charleson Port Adelaide Mid/Fwd
      Jackson Mead Port Adelaide Mid/Fwd

      Samson Ryan Richmond Ruck/Fwd
      Mate Colina Richmond Ruck/Fwd
      Ben Miller Richmond Ruck/Fwd
      Shai Bolton Richmond Mid/Fwd
      Marlion Pickett Richmond Mid/Fwd
      Liam Baker Richmond Def/Fwd

      Max Heath St Kilda Ruck/Fwd
      Hugo Garcia St Kilda Mid/Fwd
      Darcy Wilson St Kilda Mid/Fwd
      Olli Hotton St Kilda Mid/Fwd
      Bradley Hill St Kilda Mid/Fwd
      Marcus Windhager St Kilda Def/Mid
      Zaine Cordy St Kilda Def/Fwd

      Hayden McLean Sydney Swans Ruck/Fwd
      Taylor Adams Sydney Swans Mid/Fwd
      James Jordon Sydney Swans Mid/Fwd
      Caleb Mitchell Sydney Swans Def/Mid
      Braeden Campbell Sydney Swans Def/Mid
      Patrick Snell Sydney Swans Def/Fwd

      Coen Livingstone West Coast Eagles Ruck/Fwd
      Archer Reid West Coast Eagles Ruck/Fwd
      Harry Barnett West Coast Eagles Ruck/Fwd
      Loch Rawlinson West Coast Eagles Mid/Fwd
      Harvey Johnston West Coast Eagles Mid/Fwd
      Harley Reid West Coast Eagles Mid/Fwd
      Jai Culley West Coast Eagles Mid/Fwd
      Elijah Hewett West Coast Eagles Mid/Fwd
      Elliot Yeo West Coast Eagles Def/Mid

      Joel Freijah Western Bulldogs Mid/Fwd
      James Harmes Western Bulldogs Mid/Fwd
      Jack Macrae Western Bulldogs Mid/Fwd
      Caleb Daniel Western Bulldogs Mid/Fwd
      Bailey Smith Western Bulldogs Mid/Fwd
      Anthony Scott Western Bulldogs Mid/Fwd


  3. Gee slim pickings in the dual position players this year. I lot of thought will have to go into that one.



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