Punters Club – Haysie

Written by Motts on October 23 2021

Moonee Valley Friday Night
Just Jake – $10W, $30P @ tote (nil return)

Cox Plate
Anamoe – $35W @ tote (BB’s)
TSNW’s bets have so many legs, I’m just going to cut and paste the pics he sent me:
Good luck to us all!!

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6 thoughts on “Punters Club – Haysie”

  1. Nil return for TSNW and we’ve got a $25 bonus bet for Anamoe that Haysie needs to deploy. “Why’s it not a $35 BB?” I hear you cry. Here’s the story: midway through last week I put a bet on Zaaki through my TAB account. When it got scratched, I used my TAB account to put Haysie’s bet on and then when Anamoe came second, I expected to see a $35 bonus bet turn up. By Sunday morning when it hadn’t, I called the TAB and was told that the promotion applies to the FIRST bet you place on the race REGARDLESS OF WHETHER IT RUNS OR NOT. Unbelievable.

    Anyway, the guy I spoke to agreed with me that it was pretty rough as a policy so I asked if he could give me a $35 bonus bet as a gesture of goodwill. He said he could give me a $25 bonus bet and that was the best he could do.


    1. Send a copy of your/this email to politicians (state and fed) who handle gambling, copy in ACA and gamblers help, and see what happens next……


  2. Up this week is PC23’s last punter: Stewy.

    I’m planning on using some of PC23’s winnings to put a few bets on the Melbourne Cup. Will email all our punters directly with a poll for their first 3 past the post the results of which I’ll use to put these bets on. The email will be in your inbox soon after the final Cup field is announced.



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