Punters Club – Haysie

Written by Motts on October 5 2018

MV R3 #4 Miss Coolangatta W TT+ into FLEM R5 #2 Winx Fixed $1.16 $20
(Omen pick as I am opening up a restaurant in Coolangatta in December (St.Helens)
FLEM R7 #1 Avilius TT+ into FLEM R8 #5 Amphitrite TT+ $15
FLEM R5 #2 Winx Fixed $1.16 into R6 #8 Quilista TT+ $15
Multi Flemington $10
R5 #2 Winx          Win Fixed
R6 #8 Quilista      Place TT+
R7 #1 Avillus       Win TT+
R8 #5 Amphritite Win TT+
Good luck to us all!

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14 thoughts on “Punters Club – Haysie”

  1. Good one mate. I’ve been putting a fivea on nearly all of Winx’s racers. Got the tickets behind a framed glass picture. Someone will be happy in 50 years time.


  2. And so Haysie cashes his tickets in to the tune of $170.88. Fantastic stuff boy! We’ll bank $120.88 and he’ll be back next week with $50. Joining him will be Deano. And I might get Yiorgi in as well to win us some round ball dough.


  3. Great job Haysie. I should have run with your tips! I’m still licking my wounds after Bowman screwed me on Ranier in Race 2.



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