Rare Gems – Round 2

Written by The Salamander on March 25 2021

Player Name (Other Position) (Club, Price, Round 1 Score, Ownership)


Callum Mills (SYD, $544,800, 154, 2.8%)

The 2.8 percent of coaches will Mills in their team will be loving his midfield role this year; if he keeps it up, you can expect that ownership to shoot right up over the coming weeks and months.

Jack Bowes (GCS, $451,300, 146, 0.3%)

Bowes’ 146 came about from 30 touches (28 kicks) at an incredible 100 percent disposal efficiency, reminding us all just how important good ball use is for SuperCoach scoring.


Travis Boak (PTA, $590,400, 160, 2.8%)

Can a player back up his best-ever SuperCoach season at the age of 32? History would suggest no, but Round 1 suggests a definite maybe.

Andrew McGrath (ESS, $510,000, 133, 1.6%)

Conveniently priced just $15K more than Matt Rowell, expect the former number #1 pick’s ownership to climb over the coming weeks.

Bailey Smith (WBD, $494,600, 123, 2.8%)

Conveniently priced lower than Rowell, and with plenty of upside, Smith could be a good option for the cash-strapped Rowell owner.

Honourable Mention: Tom Mitchell (HAW, $610,000, 135, 3.6%)

Coming in at just over the 3 percent Rare Gems cutoff, Mitchell finds himself in shockingly few teams for a player of his calibre.


Tom Hickey (SYD, $266,100, 123, 1.5%)

Not the most SuperCoach-relevant of names most of the time, but Hickey outscored both of the Big 2 quite comfortably on the weekend. Based on his scoring history, I wouldn’t expect that to last, but his handful of owners will no doubt enjoy it while it does.


Taylor Walker (ADE, $298,200, 146, 0.4%)

In what is has been a rare sort of performance for him over the last couple of years, Tex wound back the clock to kick five goals on the weekend. Don’t expect him to do it every week, though!


Got any Rare Gems in your side? Let us know in the comments below.



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6 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Round 2”

    1. Brayshaw – 2% ownership and essentially the same price and score to walsh who was all the hype and (rightly) applauded after his Rd 1 effort. Absolute definition of under the radar.


    1. I was tempted to have Lukosius in my original team, but couldn’t justify it in the end. Good call.


  1. Don’t have any but tossing up between two as Rowell replacements:
    TU: Proven scorer in Titch
    TD: Breakout contender McGrath (and +$100k)


  2. My rare gem of Nick Hind hasn’t featured in here after round 1 and it was because he was inefficient with the ball. He scored 100 AF but only 77 SC.
    I prefer that so he stays as a POD and doesn’t have 1000’s of coaches bringing him in.
    25 disposals as a half back but is a 330k FWD. Just needs to fix that 64% DE and he’ll be a perfect find for my team



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