Rare Gems – Round 3

Written by The Salamander on June 25 2020

Player (Other Position) (Club, Price, Average, Ownership)



Brayden Maynard (COLL, $487,500, 111.3, 1.3%)

The man dubbed by SCT’s PieFan as “the best player in the AFL” is currently the second-highest averaging defender in SuperCoach. At 23, he’s in prime breakout territory, and is still quite cheap. Definitely one to consider if you’re in the market for a backman.


Mitch Duncan (GEEL, $584,300, 119, 0.5%)

The ever-consistent Duncan is a bit of a Rare Gems regular: he goes well each year, tends to reliably score within a small range, and is always in very few teams. This year is no exception. His 820 owners have no doubt enjoyed the 120, 113, and 123 he’s posted this year.

Zach Merrett (ESS, $597,300, 135, 3.5%)

Now, technically I’m cheating here, because the normal cutoff for Rare Gems is 3 percent ownership, but Merrett is just too hard to ignore, so here he is anyway.


Scott Lycett (PTA, $556,100, 114.3, 0.7%)

You can pretty much throw a blanket over the rucks this year when it comes to gemminess, but Lycett is by far the rarest of the nine rucks currently averaging 100+. He showed in the back half of last year what he could do as a solo ruck; Ken Hinkley then demoted him to the SANFL for some reason, but he seems to be back in the coach’s good books again this year.

Honourable mention: Todd Goldstein

At 4.5 percent he’s well beyond the usual rarity cutoff, but it’s still extraordinarily rare for a guy averaging 150 – currently the highest-averaging ruck and second-highest averaging player overall.


Brad Ebert (PTA, $489,100, 116, 0.4%)

Don’t expect this kind of scoring to continue for the whole season, but his handful of owners would be thrilled with what he’s produced so far.

Honourable mention: Bailey Smith

At 4.6 percent ownership, he’s not all that rare, but he most definitely is a gem. While there’s always the risk of Magnets being Magnets, I don’t personally expect that to happen this time around. He’s coming into my team.


Got any rare gems in your team? Or any that you’re currently eyeing off? Let us know in the comments below!


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8 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Round 3”

  1. Why Bailey Smith over simpkin salamander?

    I can’t split them and only have an hour to do so….


    1. I haven’t seen enough of Simpkin to have a firm opinion on him, though by all accounts his role is very SC-friendly this year. Smith is someone who has been on my radar for a while, so I feel very comfortable picking him.


      1. Thanks salamander .
        I had Bailey Smith in and out all preseason just his debut year and built for the game… But then I’m a north supporter


  2. Wasn’t Maynard awarded some of Maynes points last week as an error from champion data? Maynard 85 ave max for the season


  3. Thanks Jack.

    Another “Rare Gem” is J Short DEF $ 400 500 BE 25

    He is also just outside the cut off point at %4 ownership.
    I started him as a Midpricer when I thought Houli was out for 6/8 weeks. COVID messed with all that but he has averaged 96.7 and is on track to make over $100k.

    I’m not sure if he is worthy of Keeper status yet, but he hasn’t really put a foot wrong. In this “Short”end ( sorry 😉 ) season he will probably end up a solid D6

    Thanks again Jack.

    Love me a rare Gem.



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