Rare Gems – Round 4

Written by The Salamander on April 8 2021

Player Name (Club, Price, Average, Ownership)


Shannon Hurn (WCE, $505,500, 114, 1.5%)

The balding Eagle continues to defy age on the football field, having not scored under 108 in the opening three rounds of the year. Hurn started breaking out from a SuperCoach standpoint around the age you would normally expect him to start slowing down, so who knows how long he can keep this up?

This is not what a normal age/output curve looks like…


Cam Guthrie (GEE, $583,700, 130, 1.4%)

A career-high average of 103 at the age of 27 last year was never going to see Guthrie start in many SuperCoach teams this season, and suggests that he is very unlikely to keep this sort of form up, but anyone who took a punt on him (or picked him in Draft) has done very well so far.


Tom Hickey (SYD, $322,200, 105, 6.1%)

A little higher than the normal Rare Gems cutoff of three percent ownership, but Hickey has been such a successful pick for his owners thus far that I thought it was worth making an exception. Currently the third-highest averaging ruck in the league, he has already made $71K, and with a BE of 4 and a Peter Wright as a likely Round 4 opponent, there’s bound to be plenty more where that came from. Well done to anyone who started him.


Lachie Fogarty (CAR, $382,600, 110, 0.4%)

The surprise packet of the Blues’ three off-season trade aquisitions, the 22-year-old ex-Cat has seen plenty of midfield time this season, and is unlikely to suddenly start receiving less, especially after his 163 point effort against the Dockers on the weekend. With a BE of -29, and Sunday’s big score to stay in his price cycle for three weeks, he has plenty of money to make, and with his role, could well end up as a keeper. The risk lies in the fact that we only have a sample size of three matches to go on. Anyone game?


Got any rare gems in your own team? Let us know in the comments below!


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18 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Round 4”

  1. I’m liking Houston alot ATM still only 5% of teams..

    Which move?
    TU : dow & clark -> cj & impey
    TD : Phillips & clark -> Impey & ridley


    1. I’m with you on Houston WillyO !
      He was all the pre-season Breakout hype last year….but this year, no one wants to know him.
      Copped a two game suspension last year due to a covid breach, other than that hasn’t missed a game since 2017 . Was 3rd in his clubs B&F in 2019 &
      has a 1st round Bye this year.
      Running through his wrap sheet, there’s alot to like and comes with a BE of 48


      1. He’s in my “other” footy team. Was a close run thing between him and Daniel for my last defensive spot.

        I think most people got turned off him this year because of midfield time, but for 2021 defensive time could outscore midfield time anyway.


  2. Definitely got me thinking on Fogarty, currently have 650k ITB
    Option 1 underperforming mids for Premiums
    T/U Out Dow and Philips >Dunkley and Walsh $122k left
    Option 2
    Underperforming rookies for possible keepers
    T/D Out Kosi and Rowe > Warner and Fogarty.350k in the bank

    I feel option 1 is the safer bet but Option 2 gives me more on field depth and I can still grab Walsh and Dunkley the following week.


  3. Bit off topic but so torn up on what to do with Neale. How do we think he will track on with this back issue he has??
    Thinking of going neale > Ridley but don’t want to burn too many trades, also worried Neale comes good. What to do :/


    1. As someone who’s had a back issue for over a decade (bulged disc when I was 27) I reckon it’s a huge worry given the way those types of injuries can flare up and effect your entire body. Even though you might have periods of time when you can function relatively normally with good treatment, it just takes one wrong move and you’re cooked.

      I’m not remotely close to a professional athlete these days but look at what happened to Ben Cunnington. He hardly looks like the same player now, and I feel like the coverage of his back injury was similarly vague last season. Not to mention career altering back injuries for athletes from different sports like Tiger Woods and a number of NBA players.

      I jumped off Neale last week, and would this week given the “bad scan”. Of course the lack of a definitive report on the injury could also mean it’s not that serious. I’m a worrier though.


      1. It’s bloody hard without any info coming out of the club isn’t it. There’s no mention at all on the Injury List nor any comments from the club/coach/player since Friday.

        That tells me he’s fine to play but of course what impact will it have on his performance. Mind you, I’m buoyed by the fact he scored 73 by HT last week showing he hasn’t lost the ability to score well. He’ll also have a 9 day break whereas last week it was only 6 days.


      2. Lying flat on my back trying to stretch myself out to make it to work in a couple of hours.

        This is a daily ritual. Sometimes it’s roll out of bed and crawl to a hot bath or shower.

        I feel ya.

        It’s got a huge impact on your performance and your life.


        1. Yeah I’m the same with a 5min stretch ritual each morning. What I’d give for on-tap access to physios/massages/etc.


  4. Thanks Jack! Some other notable PODs:

    Sloane 4.3% ownership, averaging 119
    Mills 6.6%, 119
    Bowes 3.8%, 118
    Lyons 1.0%, 114
    Rich 1.9%, 102


  5. Not quite ‘rare’, but some other interesting options, particularly in defense (% owned, average, price). Not sure any of these are on my radar, but worth a look:

    Mills (6.6%, 119, $561k)
    Houston (5.6%, 111, $510k)
    Rich (1.9%, 102, $494k)
    Bowes (3.8%, 118, $491k)

    Lyons (1.0%, 114, $599k)

    Greene (8.7%, 99, $463k)

    In the MID, I’d also keep an eye on Duncan (0.3%, 117, $557k). He was definitely on my radar in the pre-season, and he’s technically under-priced (scored 13 in R6 last year – injury).


  6. What do you guys think of Pickett. He’s had some CBA’s and tends to get clearances when he’s there. Everyone knows hes a genuine goal kicker. I think with the spurts of midfield time he has he can be a risky but good option up forward


    1. Try posting on Table for Two.

      You should get more traction.

      I’d go Impey for what its worth.



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