Rookie Review – Rd 13, 2020

Written by Chillo on August 26 2020

Bye rounds are back again…in August? The weirdness continues in 2020 but as we keep words like “agile” and “flexible” in the forefront of our Super-coach-obsessed minds, it’s important to keep focus on cash gen while also not forgetting the importance of rookie scores during these rounds of best 18 scoring. We would normally be winding down at this time of year, but instead we still have FIVE rounds to go – that’s a lot of footy and a lot of Supercoach! Good luck to everyone whose teams are starting their league finals this week, I hope your teams remain healthy and potato-free.

Here’s a recap of all the rookies from round 13.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Brandon STARCEVICH (MID)BRL$256 800 (+$20K)79 (57)-23
Matthew COTTRELLCAR$162 100 (+$20K)37 (44)0
Tom MURPHYNTH$179 500 (+$20K)61 (47)1
Jordon BUTTSADE$123 90040 (40)12
Jarrod BRANDER (FWD)WCE$264 000 (+$11K)70 (62)31
Lachlan SHOLLADE$205 500 (+$23K)60 (54)32
Trey RUSCOE (MID)COL$161 100 (+$8K)38 (39)41
Tom WILLIAMSONCAR$295 000 (+$20K)54 (58)53
Ben MCKAYNTH$284 300 (+$7K)67 (66)57
Will DAYHAW$313 400 (+$15K)60 (70)61
Stephen HILL (FWD)FRE$286 600 (-$1K)31 (61)63
Brandon ZERK-THATCHERESS$240 000 (n/a)DNP (50)77
Lachlan ASH (MID)GWS$276 400 (n/a)DNP (53)77

CHEERS: Starcevich continues to punish those who traded him out a couple of weeks ago, going at 100% disposal efficiency for the second consecutive game and more than capably filling his role in the Lions defensive line. Brander is also experiencing a late season revival on the wing for the Eagles, racking up 16 touches (14 kicks) at 75%. His job security looks decent now and he could be very valuable bench cover as a swingman for the run home.

JEERS: Not sure what Hill was doing while the rest of the Dockers were laying the smackdown on the Swans, but 6 possessions is not going to cut it at this time of year. Goodbye!

TRADE TARGETS: All puns based on Butts have already been used this week, so I’ll stick to discussing his Supercoach relevance. He has the bye this week, his scoring potential is low, his job security isn’t great either. It’s a pass.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Xavier O'HALLORANGWS$154 100 (n/a)DNP (61)-28
Xavier O'NEILLWCE$123 90059 (59)-7
Harry SCHOENBERGADE$190 400 (+$24K)65 (53)0
Jack BYTELSTK$190 500 (+$36K)51 (58)17
Sam WICKSSYD$187 100 (+$36K)59 (58)20
Dylan STEPHENSSYD$275 800 (+$30K)74 (60)20
Marlion PICKETTRIC$354 800 (+$5K)85 (73)39
Noah ANDERSONGCS$369 900 (+$7K)35 (69)63
Jye CALDWELLGWS$283 100 (-$7K)61 (63)65
Caleb SERONGFRE$382 700 (-$6K)88 (77)91

CHEERS: Pickett and Serong may not make much more cash for you this year, but each man continues to post very respectable scores for those who chose (or were forced) to keep them this far into the season. Pickett had 18 disposals in the Dreamtime in Darwin, while Serong managed 20 in the Dockers’ big win over the Swans.

JEERS: Anderson followed up his best score of his season with his worst, as the young Suns battle their way through a brutal fixture. Only 5 touches has undone all his good work from last week and instantly transformed him from potential keeper to must-trade.

TRADE TARGETS: Forcing your way into the red-hot Eagles midfield is no mean feat and O’Neill took his opportunity with 10 disposals and a memorable first goal in senior footy. Intense competition for spots in the West means his job security is a real issue, and there are better downgrade options to be found elsewhere this week.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Sam DRAPERESS$271 500 (+$57K)122 (83)-21
Tom DE KONINGCAR$174 500 (+$26K)39 (49)-5
Tristan XERRI (FWD)NTH$188 300 (+$18K)53 (50)12
Darcy CAMERON (FWD)COL$286 200 (+$0K)26 (60)102

Draper handsomely rewarded those who were playing him in place of the injured Gawn, smashing out the first of what is sure to be many Supercoach tons throughout his career with 13 possessions and 14 hitouts. Most impressive was his ability to drop back into defence and take intercept marks to diffuse a number of Richmond attacks. Cameron is done and you can either cash him in, or hold for bench cover – your choice.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Jake RICCARDIGWS$117 30082 (82)-33
Irving MOSQUITOESS$123 90077 (77)-25
Nic REIDWCE$119 600 (+$17K)30 (41)-10
Minairo FREDERICKFRE$142 000 (+$25K)70 (34)-9
Zac FOOT (MID)SYD$141 100 (+$17K)30 (46)-6
Ben CAVARRAWBD$165 600 (+$22K)38 (45)-4
Tom FULLARTONBRL$123 90054 (54)-2
Boyd WOODCOCKPTA$231 000 (+$44K)62 (64)8
Bradley CLOSE (MID)GEE$211 200 (+$14K) 52 (56)8
Lachlan HOSIENTH$166 600 (+$26K)54 (48)11
James BELL (MID)SYD$238 600 (+$13K)38 (57)24
Liam HENRY (MID)FRE$171 30038 (38)34
Sam FLANDERS (MID)GCS$181 300 (+$9K)34 (42)36
Max KINGSTK$322 700 (+$3K)57 (63)39
Shane MCADAMADE$292 600 (+$6K)67 (58)47
Connor BUDARICK (MID)GCS$215 300 (-$13K)47 (48)56
Jake AARTSRIC$289 000 (-$4K)57 (59)66
Mitchell GEORGIADESPTA$248 300 (-$12K)48 (59)77
Izak RANKINEGCS$315 900 (+$3K)58 (73)81

JEERS: Foot was by far the most traded-in player this week but really struggled in what was a fairly dismal team effort from the Swans. Just four possessions for the game, so hopefully you didn’t have to play him on your field!

TRADE TARGETS: The forward line is where it’s at for freshmen recently, and so it is once again this week. Mosquito made his debut in the Dreamtime clash and slotted two great goals from his eight touches, which normally would have made him the hot trade target this week. However Riccardi followed that up on Sunday night with 16 possessions, 10 marks and two goals of his own, and was one of the Giants’ best players in their loss to the Eagles. Fullarton runs a distant third this week in the trade-in stakes, but by no means disgraced himself in his debut match. The Lions’ beanpole played full forward and kicked 1.2, presenting well as a marking target inside 50.


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    1. I am surprised that people trust the Giants to play rookies – they do this every year, give a rookie a game or two and then they go unsighted for 2 months (or the rest of the season).


        1. I don’t think we’d be so complacent as to rest Nic Nat v Tigers. Thinking Allen may not get up, so Williams comes in for him instead.



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