Rookie Review – Rd 15, 2020

Written by Chillo on September 5 2020

Rookies were extremely relevant for the round just passed, which was undoubtedly the toughest for Supercoaches throughout this season. With six teams worth of premiums riding the pine, most if not all of us were forced to field a couple of freshers to make up the numbers. Fortunately a number of the young ‘uns came through with the goods, and in many cases outscored their alleged “premium” counterparts!

Here’s a review of the rookies from Round 15.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Trent RIVERS (MID)MEL$235 000 (+$28K)66 (55)7
Lachlan SHOLLADE$216 900 (+$11K)57 (54)13
Lachlan ASH (MID)GWS$289 500 (+$17K)93 (58)13
Matthew COTTRELLCAR$183 600 (+$22K)48 (45)25
Brandon STARCEVICH (MID)BRL$295 300 (+$39K)63 (57)35
Tom WILLIAMSONCAR$299 600 (+$6K)86 (59)44
Brandon ZERK-THATCHERESS$227 000 (+$3K)48 (49)47
Ben MCKAYNTH$283 100 (n/a)BYE (64)49
Jarrod BRANDER (FWD)WCE$266 500 (n/a)DNP (58)54
Will DAYHAW$315 900 (n/a)DNP (70)63
Stephen HILL (FWD)FRE$247 400 (-$20K)64 (57)64

CHEERS: For the handful of you out there who have held on to these guys, Ash and Williamson were both amazing. 15 possessions at 93% efficiency for Ash, while Williamson counted 6 intercepts amongst 15 touches of his own.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Harry SCHOENBERGADE$227 000 (+$37K)82 (59)-11
Justin MCINERNEYSYD$273 900 (+$29K)120 (69)2
Sam WICKSSYD$241 500 (+$29K)73 (63)4
Thomson DOWRIC$125 800 (+$9K)19 (34)7
Xavier O'NEILLWCE$178 700 (+$29K)44 (52)11
Jack BYTELSTK$190 500 (n/a)DNP (58)16
Oleg MARKOVRIC$267 900 (+$13K)81 (66)25
Tyler BROWNCOL$222 100 (-$4K)46 (51)35
Caleb SERONGFRE$374 300 (+$8K)96 (76)75
Marlion PICKETTRIC$364 700 (+$6K)96 (73)75
Noah ANDERSONGCS$393 600 (n/a)DNP (72)85

CHEERS: The midfield rooks were quite incredible in Round 15 and I had to abbreviate this section a bit to fit them all in! Schoenberg booted a couple of majors as the Crows’ finally broke their drought, while Pickett (19 possessions) and Serong (20 possessions, 5 tackles) continue to vie for the coveted title of Supercoach Rookie of the Year. Wicks was also pretty good with 11 touches and a goal, but it was the prodigal son McInerney who was the star performer of the round with 14 disposals at 86% and his first two goals in senior footy. Why the hell did you leave him out of the team for two months, Horse???? 

JEERS: Dow suffered a severe case of the second-game blues and only saw the Sherrin on four occasions, severely disappointing the 11,000 coaches who brought him in last week. Has the bye this week and it’s doubtful we’ll see him again this year as the Tigers head towards the finals.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Bailey J. WILLIAMS (DEF)WCE$138 700 (+$15K)46 (43)-2
Sam DRAPERESS$309 600 (+$38K)64 (79)0
Max LYNCHCOL$123 90022 (22)29
Tom DE KONINGCAR$189 400 (n/a)DNP (44)46

Draper came back in as the Bombers primary ruck and held his own against the formidable NicNat, recording five possessions and 17 hitouts. Lynch made his debut for the Pies but unfortunately was more notable for his hair than his footy (2 possessions, 2 hitouts, 58% TOG). 

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Jake RICCARDIGWS$235 300 (+$62K)68 (81)-21
Keidean COLEMAN (MID)BRL$117 30059 (59)-11
Minairo FREDERICKFRE$160 900 (+$19K)33 (34)-6
Darren MINCHINGTONHAW$194 900 (+$27K)77 (56)-3
Irving MOSQUITOESS$199 100 (+$46K)76 (65)1
Lachlan HOSIENTH$182 600 (n/a)DNP (48)9
Izak RANKINEGCS$337 600 (n/a)DNP (79)15
Cameron POLSONCAR$144 400 (+$6K)48 (36)16
Tom FULLARTONBRL$123 9006 (30)17
Nic REIDWCE$137 200 (n/a)DNP (37)22
Connor BUDARICK (MID)GCS$217 500 (n/a)DNP (49)23
Shane MCADAMADE$314 000 (+$21K)94 (61)27
Jake AARTSRIC$309 700 (+$17K)83 (63)29
Bradley CLOSE (MID)GEE$233 100 (n/a) DNP (56)31
James BELL (MID)SYD$243 400 (n/a)DNP (54)73
Max KINGSTK$317 000 (n/a)DNP (61)107

CHEERS: Crows young guns McAdam and Stengle each played big roles in the Crows’ first win of the year, each providing a scoring threat in the forward 50 and feeding off the work of a dominant midfield. Aarts continues to chug along (13 possessions, one goal) but will probably be traded by most this week as he has the bye. Mosquito is proving to be a nice pickup, often pushing up to the wing and using the ball nicely in his 10 possession effort against the Eagles. 

JEERS: Fullarton suffered a quad injury early on against the Pies and retired for the night with a single-digit score.

TRADE TARGETS: Coleman is the lone viable trade target this week after an enterprising debut last night. Disposal efficiency (41%) let him down a bit, but 12 touches and several displays of speed and intensity should make him a very popular downgrade option this week.


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