Rookie Review – Rd 6, 2021

Written by Chillo on April 27 2021

For something a bit different, I’ve recorded a video version of the Rookie Review this week. All feedback welcome!

Although not as experienced as some site regulars, I’ve been playing Supercoach for a few years now. And if you don’t mind a deep, philosophical statement, then I have to say this year’s injury crisis is bad. The 3 D’s – Dunkley, Dusty and Danger – were supposed to be the nucleus of our forward lines in 2021, but as of this moment they are all inactive due to injury. Throw in the likes of Ridley, Butters, Howe, Rowell, Sloane, Adams, Coniglio, Shiel, Matt Crouch, Sicily, Anderson, Gunston and Yeo, and it’s a wonder we have any teams at all! Thankfully, there are a handful of decent rookies floating around that are at least capable of filling in the gaps until the big guns return.

Here’s a review of the rookie performances from Round 6. Players “on the bubble” are marked with an asterisk.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Jacob KOSCHITZKEHAW$200 700 (+$41.7K)104 (56)-48
Connor MENADUE*NTH$201 50092 (77)-35
Jaxon PRIORBRL$152 600 (+$28.7K)50 (46)-25
Lewis YOUNG*WBD$198 300DNP (69)-21
Rhyan MANSELLRIC$134 100 (+$31.7K)39 (44)-10
Jordon BUTTSADE$269 500 (+$6.9K)58 (60)20
Sam DE KONINGGEE$123 900DNP (27)23
Lachie YOUNG (MID)NTH$310 500 (+$16.9K) 64 (71)46
Heath CHAPMANFRE$269 200 (+$13.5K)36 (62)68
Nikolas COX (FWD)ESS$300 900 (+$11.2K)60 (61)78
Mark KEANECOL$158 000DNP (48)N/A
Zach REIDESS$166 800DNP (53)N/A
Liam STOCKERCAR$186 50029 (29)N/A
Martin FREDERICKPTA$123 90088 (88)N/A
Nathan MURPHYCOL$123 90047 (47)N/A
Darragh JOYCESTK$177 30035 (35)N/A

Goodbye for now: Jones

THE GOOD: It seems that Koschitzke really, really likes playing in Tassie. After booting six majors against the Roos at UTAS in the preseason, Jacob has struggled to make an impact right up until he boots 5 big ones against the Crows at – you guessed it – UTAS Stadium! Kosi’s maiden ton kick starts his cash gen and well done to you if you held onto him.  Menadue is a North defender and that means he has lots and lots of work to do. Expensive and job security is a bit hazy, but on the bubble this week and will score well if selected. In Adelaide, “Flash” Frederick made his debut and looked incredibly good – as most of the Power players did – in the big win over the Saints, racking up 23 touches and six marks off the halfback line.

THE BAD: Playing against a team that is not all that interested in scoring can be difficult for a defender, and so it proved for Chapman. A distinct lack of ball at his end of the field saw Heath manage only 11 touches, although he generally used it well and is worth holding onto for the time being.

THE UGLY: 29% of coaches went early on dynamic Port draftee Lachie Jones, only to see him suffer YET ANOTHER syndesmosis injury and miss a month of footy. Yuck.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
James JORDONMEL$241 600 (+$23.7K)82 (65)-16
Lachlan MCNEIL WBD$195 400 (+$11.4K)50 (45)20
Tom POWELLNTH$325 700 (+$47.4K)96 (75)22
Charlie LAZZARONTH$151 900 DNP (31)25
Will PHILLIPS*NTH$204 700 (+$2K)37 (41)42
Sam BERRYADE$213 200DNP (54)43
Tanner BRUHNGWS$155 700 (-$2.1K)8 (29)52
Errol GULDENSYD$309 500 (-$6.1K) 38 (87)78
Jay RANTALLCOL$123 90025 (25)N/A

THE GOOD: Patience was rewarded for Jordon owners, with the Dees number 23 shining with 18 touches and five tackles. Still only 56% TOG is a worry though, but he’s making the most of what time he does get. Powell continues to roll along in the besieged North midfield, finishing among the Roos best with 25 touches including 10 contested. McNeil was the pleasant surprise of the weekend, getting into the game early as the medical sub and booting a couple of goals to get himself to yet another 50.

THE BAD: The shine is officially off the apple for Gulden, who looks in need of a rest. 12 disposals at 58% efficiency is well down on his first few efforts, and the Horse may well give him a week off to recharge.

THE UGLY: The good news for the 22% of coaches still lumped with Bruhn is that he was named as the medical sub on Friday night and got an early entry into the game courtesy of a Nick Haynes hamstring. The bad news? 5 possessions in 63% game time.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Paul HUNTERSTK$134 300DNP (44)-9
Matt FLYNNGWS$273 000 (+$45.5K)70 (94)2
Tom CAMPBELL (FWD)NTH$164 000 (+$9.3K)50 (37)6
Josh TREACY (FWD)FRE$108 000 (+$5.6K)22 (24)26
Jordon SWEETWBD$123 900DNP (73)N/A
Riley THILTHORPE (FWD)ADE$202 80091 (91)N/A

Goodbye for now: Fullarton, Meek.

The big news of the rookie world in Round 6 was Thilthorpe. The number 2 draft pick debuted with 16 possessions and five memorable goals during the Crows’ mid-match burst of unprecedented accuracy in front of the sticks. Adelaide have already flagged that the big man will be managed this year, but based on his debut he is definitely a downgrade option, with DPP status thrown in as an added bonus. Flynn was solid enough again and continues to gather value, but the Giants without Mummy lost again which is a bit worrying. Treacy will hopefully become a useful loophole option later in the year – and that’s all I have to say about that.

PlayerClubPriceScore (avg)BE
Jy FARRAR*GCS$184 30059 (71)-34
Atu BOSENAVULAGI*NTH$175 50062 (67)-31
Beau MCCREERYCOL$158 000 (+$40.7K)47 (54)-12
Mitchell LEWISHAW$254 100 (+$54.6K)83 (80)-8
Anthony SCOTT (MID)WBD$201 800 (+$20.5K)66 (50)-8
Finlay MACRAE* (MID)COL$126 30037 (39)-4
Miles BERGMANPTA$192 900 (+$34.3K)51 (51)1
Deven ROBERTSON (MID)BRL$225 800 (+$49K)97 (72)1
Conor STONEGWS$162 000 (+$17.7K)34 (42)2
Alec WATERMANESS$148 400DNP (55)4
Archie PERKINS (MID)ESS$209 400 (+$19.6K)50 (48)17
Michael FREDERICKFRE$249 900 (+$14.8K)54 (59)24
Sam FLANDERS*GCS$192 30062 (42)30
James ROWEADE$232 600 (+$21.6K)27 (56)31
Harrison JONESESS$174 800 (+$1.2K)34 (37)39
Jamaine JONESWCE$179 600 (-$6.9K)46 (41)41
Trey RUSCOECOL$179 600 (-$27.2K)22 (20)59
Braeden CAMPBELL (MID)SYD$235 800 (-$8.2K)35 (55)65
Chad WARNERSYD$337 300 (+$6.2K)73 (81)76
Logan MCDONALDSYD$251 300DNP (57)94
Will KELLYCOL$135 40026 (26)N/A

Goodbye for now: Brockman

THE GOOD: Robertson was drafted into the league with a promising pedigree for fantasy footy, and his 18 possession, two goal effort against the Blues is exactly what we were talking about. With Lachie Neale missing for the next two months, is it too late to bring Dev in as a high-priced cash cow? Lewis was terrific again at full forward for the Hawks, looking threatening whenever the pill was kicked in his direction and managing a couple of goals for his efforts. Warner struggled his way through the Suns match – as many of his teammates did – but managed to scrape together some junk late in the game to reach his BE, so he gets an honourable mention for that.

THE BAD: Campbell was yet another medical sub who was forced into the game early, but he still spent an awful lot of time sitting down (55% TOG) and he is now officially a bust as far as Supercoach is concerned. Macrae was a popular pick, mainly based on name recognition it must be said, but forward pocket for a midfielder is usually the death knell for Supercoach. Only one kick on the night for the younger Macrae, and unless a role change is imminent there may be better cash gen options elsewhere.

THE UGLY: Rowe was still on zero at halftime in Launceston. Maybe he should be banned from playing outside Adelaide?


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14 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Rd 6, 2021”

  1. I’d like to bring a forward rookie in. Who do I go out of Robertson, Farrar, Atu? Does anyone have any idea of Atu’s js? I like the look of Farrar and Robertson. Although Robertson might be too expensive…


  2. Robertson for Gulden??

    Was gonna use the cash to upgrade Cripps but now I need to look for a Dunkley replacement instead!


    1. Hi Cocoa, put Farrar in the forward line and get your premium in the mids. Pick whoever you like. At this stage cash generation is king, so be miserly with your trade-ins and lavish with your premium buys. At this stage Farrar should be ripe come byes. I know that your forward line will be 1 premo lighter, but whose isn’t? Everyone who has a good team would have had Dunkley. You have lost nothing mate. As Mick Molloy would say, “Go Big” and “Put your house on it”! Look at ‘The Bont’or Walsh, or a slightly different tack, take Brayshaw, who will leave enough cash left over for a one trade upgrade to another premium next week. It is prudent to note that apart from the 2 matches where he was tagged this year he is averaging 120pts! Will Bont or Wlash be attracting tags? In the end it is all a gut feel, hunch and a punt, Good Luck, Snarfy.


  3. Great job Chillo!
    Loved the video too!
    Could be the start of a new SCT tradition.
    Great content and effort.


    1. agreed – yet more work put in by another site stalwart – where you all find the time??????
      F0r constructive criticism as requested – maybe combine your slides – top 5 results for week with an up arrow (price rise expected) down arrow (price drop) and maybe their breakeven score as well – so 3 columns of numbers / symbols per player – not too busy?
      That leads on to your bubble boy slide of ‘best options’…..
      Obviously, that is if you keep doing it – and maybe want to save some time.
      Loved what you did – thank you


      1. Thanks Cuz! I actually had fun making that, so I will keep posting once a week – time permitting, of course. Appreciate the suggestions and will try to incorporate them into the next one


        1. So what do you reckon Chillo – any value in bringing Kosi back in … given the other options are quite poor???

          Nice effort on all of the content you do mate as always … and nice new slant on this article!! Love it!


          1. Thanks Macca!

            Re Kosi, I think I would try to find the extra 25K to get Deven Robertson instead. Kosi is just as likely to throw in a 30 next week and short circuit his cash generation.


    1. heya champ how are you doing?? Hope you and the family are doing well and staying safe over there mate??!!



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