Rookie Review – Round 1, 2021

Written by Chillo on March 23 2021

The early rounds are a true test of your Supercoach mettle. Not only do you have to pick the right rookies for your initial squad, you’ve also got to find the right ones to put on the field. Leaving a ton sitting idle on the bench is one of the most notorious frustrations in the game!

Fortunately there were plenty of amazing newbies churning out big scores to start the season, which helped compensate for some off-colour premiums. Here’s a review of the rookies from Round 1. Note that since price changes don’t kick in until after round 3, break evens don’t have any relevance as yet.

Lachie YOUNG (MID)NTH$202 00085
Neville JETTAMEL$186 30063
Connor MENADUENTH$201 50062
Tom HIGHMORESTK$117 30060
Jordon BUTTSADE$176 80056
Jacob KOSCHITZKEHAW$123 90053
Zach GUTHRIE (MID)GEE$180 50051
Harry SHARP (MID)BRL$117 30051
Nik COX (FWD)ESS$175 80033

CHEERS: Roos recruit Young belied his POD status to post the best number of the much-maligned defensive rookies, running at 85% efficiency for his 14 disposals. The remaining candidates were a reasonably consistent bunch, with late replacement Menadue giving a good account of himself with 16 possessions.

JEERS: It’s hard to be critical of someone as inexperienced as Cox, but based on his pre-season form and debut game it looks like 30s will be par for him. A rookie swap may be on the cards for the 22% of teams that have him.

Errol GULDENSYD$117 300139
James JORDONMEL$123 90078
Sam BERRYADE$117 30059
Tom POWELLNTH$153 30053
Lochie O'BRIENCAR$180 50050
Tanner BRUHNGWS$157 80048
Stefan GIROFRE$123 90027
Lachlan MCNEILWBD$102 40026
Charlie LAZZARONTH$117 3003

CHEERS: One of the main differences between a good score and a great score this week was whether you had Gulden on the field. 19 disposals (17 of them being pinpoint left-foot kicks) and three majors on debut was an eye-catching effort from the 32nd pick in last year’s draft. Jordon slotted nicely into the star-studded Demons midfield with 15 touches and a goal, hopefully extending his lease on that spot.
It’s worth mentioning that Powell did most of his scoring late in the game when he was moved from the forward line into the middle – hopefully a trend that will continue.

JEERS: McNeil and Bruhn spent most of their respective debuts bogged down in that forward pocket role that is Supercoach poison for so many rookies, although Tanner showed some good signs in the second half against the Saints. Both players may be worth another look before you decide whether to make any corrective trades.

Matt FLYNNGWS$123 900140
Paul HUNTERSTK$102 40044
Lloyd MEEKFRE$123 90043
Tom FULLARTON (FWD)BRL$128 90038

We were deprived of a pre-season showing for Flynn, but he repaid the faith for those who took him on sight unseen. 18 possessions and 34 hitouts – including 10 to advantage – is a mammoth effort , especially considering he played through a twisted ankle sustained in the third quarter. The other fashionable rookie rucks were serviceable, but hopefully they weren’t on your field! 

James ROWEADE$117 300104
Logan MCDONALDSYD$193 80088
Chad WARNERSYD$144 00070
Paddy DOW (MID)CAR$202 40060
Braeden CAMPBELL (MID)SYD$189 30056
Anthony SCOTT (MID)WBD$102 40056
Harrison JONESESS$123 90048
Ned CAHILLESS$161 20037
Liam HENRYFRE$184 50036
Miles BERGMANPTA$123 90031
Tyler BROCKMAN (MID)HAW$117 30022
Trey RUSCOECOL$206 80013
Oliver HENRYCOL$135 3009

CHEERS: The other must-have rookie this week is Rowe, who was a key cog in the Crows’ massive upset win on Saturday. Looked like he’s been in the league for years, and loves a goal or two! McDonald belied his KPF status to guide the Swans home with three majors on debut, and he was ably supported by the industrious Warner, who had 19 touches in a roaming role. 

JEERS: OHenry was well off the pace for the second straight game, while Brockman managed a couple of fantastic goals but also threw in 5 clangers to kill his scoring. Bergman will be flat out holding his spot this week after a nervous, error-riddled debut.


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9 thoughts on “Rookie Review – Round 1, 2021”

  1. Thanks Chillo. Need to move Henry on this week, the main options are Jordan or Warner. Both had a similar number of touches. Is it a coin flip or does anyone have some insight on JS etc. Jordan slightly cheaper so leaning that way.

    TU Jordan
    TD Warner


    1. Same here Simo, and also had Rowe on the bench!!! A 2015 score could have been a 2200 plus change! That’s SC!


    1. As a power fan I think Bergman will be a player for us for years to come, looks ready made (physically at least) and will get games this season. Last week however he only got a game because Hartlett was out, as soon as he’s fit he’s back in. Having said that the injury to Bonner may keep him in.


        1. He’s a tough one. A foot injury post 2019 sanfl gf and no footy 2020 due to no port maggies in the sanfl thanks to covid. I personally rate him for what it’s worth (and I think internally he’s well thought of), but honestly sc wise your guess is as good as mine.



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