Round 18 Review

Written by Dane on July 18 2022

Western Bulldogs (13.6.84) defeated St Kilda (7.14.56)

1. Marcus Bontempelli (181). Vintage game from Bont who had a fair few VC’s on him this round, pairing his 34 touches and 11 marks with 2 goals, 17 contested touches and 546 metres gained.

2. Callum Wilkie (134). Honestly, should’ve scored more from his career high 27 touches and 16 marks which included 8-9 intercept marks while running at a very good 88% DE in the Saints back half. 


3. Jack Steele/Jack Sinclair (133). Great games from a couple of Jacks. Steele had 26 touches (14 contested), 5 clearances, 9 tackles, 1 goal and ran at 80% DE. Sinclair found 36 touches, a team best 639 metres gained, 1 goal and 11 marks in his distributing role. 

4. Tom Liberatore (131). Kept his great scores going with another superb game in the middle that finished with 31 touches (16 contested), 11 clearances and just the one clanger.


5. Jack Macrae (128). Typical Macrae game in the middle as he found the usual 31 touches while also having 6 tackles for his fourteenth ton of the year.


Other 100+ scores: Bailey Dale (118), Ed Richards/Josh Battle (114), Jack Billings (105)

Disappointment: Poor score from English in this one, as he only registered 51 points from 8 touches and 26 hitouts. 

Rookies: Nothing to see here.

Injuries: A calf injury ended the night of Paddy Ryder in the third term.

Adelaide (13.8.86) defeated by Collingwood (14.7.91)

1. Nick Daicos (163). Ridiculously good game from Daicos who is pushing his average into the mid 90’s now. Had 40 touches at 82% DE in the wet weather, while also gaining 747 metres, laying 5 tackles and slotting 3 goals, 2 of them in a tense final quarter. 

2. Rory Laird (154). Set a all-time record with 20 tackles for the game for a great VC/C score, but also found 31 touches (17 contested) with 9 clearances and 558 metres gained.


3. Sam Berry (121). Wasn’t far off Laird with a huge 17 tackles of his own but also did find 21 touches (13 contested) with 5 clearances as well for the best score of his career. 


4. Taylor Walker (118). Was the most dangerous forward on the ground, slotting 5 goals from his 13 touches and 5 marks for triple figure score number seven of the year.


5. Patrick Lipinksi (116). First ton since round 12 for one of the recruits of the season. He rounded out the top 5 thanks to 28 touches and 13 tackles for the game.


Other 100+ scores: Scott Pendlebury (110), Brayden Maynard (109), Brodie Smith (100)

Disappointment: Really rough score for Ben Keays who couldn’t add much to his score in the second half, finishing on a season low 61. Dawson (92) and Cameron (78) also down on their usual output. 

Rookies: Great debut from Ash Johnson in this game as he found 11 touches as well as 2 goals and 4 tackles for a first up 67, while Carmichael (56) was held back by 10 clangers and 25%, but was impressive as he found 24 touches (all kicks), 1 goal, 440 metres gained and 8 tackles in game number 2.

Injuries: No injuries from this contest it seems. 

GWS (9.5.59) defeated by Brisbane (15.9.99)

1. Hugh McCluggage (150). Second 150 score of the season for the Lions wingman who found 29 touches and 542 metres gained in this game, as well as snagging 4 goals in the Lions win.

2. Sam Taylor (134). Best game of Taylors season as he found 20 touches (14 contested) at 85% DE while also adding 6 marks and 6 tackles. 


3. Harry Hummelberg (132). Another massive score from Himmelberg who played a variety of roles in this one, finding 29 touches to gain 664 metres and slotted 1 goal.

4. Rhys Mathieson (122). First real game of the season for the Barometer and it was a splendid one, as he found 23 touches (17 contested), 10 clearances and 6 tackles on Saturday afternoon.

5. Lachie Neale (121). Good game from Neale who rounded out the top 5 with a 26 touch (12 contested), 495 metres gained game for ton fifteen of the year. 

Other 100+ scores: Keidean Coleman (119), Darcy Fort (112), Isaac Cumming (109), Cam Rayner (106), Daniel McStay (105), Toby Greene (101)

Disappointment: Worst score of Josh Kelly’s (62) season in this one, as the usual midfield jet only found 14 touches for the game. Tom Green (49) has dropped off.

Rookies: None to speak of here as Callum Brown didn’t get onto the field in his third game.

Injuries: No injuries from this one either it seems.

North Melbourne (14.8.92) defeated Richmond (11.22.88)

1. Nick Vlastuin (141). Another big score from the Tigers backman who found 22 touches, 9 marks and 6 tackles across the game, while also running at 90% DE with no clangers. 

2. Todd Goldstein (135). Was awesome all game and set up the go-ahead goal with exquisite ruck work. Had 15 touches (12 contested) with 4 tackles, 25 hitouts, 1 goal and 93% DE.


3. Cam Zurharr (120). Snagged the sealer from Goldys ruckwork but was brilliant all day to kick 6 goals from 12 touches for a season best score.

4. Jy Simpkin (119). Best game of the year for Simpkin who found 34 touches (18 contested), 9 clearances, 6 tackles, 1 goal and 502 metres gained in a great display.

5. Luke Davies-Uniakce (110). Continues to score really, really well and rounded out the top 5 here thanks to 28 touches, 7 marks, 5 tackles and 560 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Jaidyn Stephenson (104), Hugh Greenwood (102), Noah Cumberland (101), Jayden Short (100)

Disappointment: Electric Tiger Shai Bolton has seen an uptick in ownership after some standout performances but that came to a halt with this weeks score of 55.

Rookies: Ripping second game from Noah Cumberland who had 14 touches that resulted in 3.4 to his name in the scorebook and 101 Supercoach points, while debutant Tyler Sonsie looked composed playing an outside game to finish with 19 touches at 84% DE and 59 points. Shoutout to Paul Curtis too for his well timed 83 from 14 touches and 3 goals.

Injuries: Nick Larkey looked ginger all game and was hence, subbed out in the fourth, just after Josh Gibcus was subbed off due to his own shoulder injury. 

Carlton (8.7.55) defeated by Geelong (12.13.85)

1. Sam Walsh (126). Fought through a tag from Atkins to finish with 33 touches (12 contested) plus 8 clearances, 6 marks and 4 tackles while running at 87% DE.

2. Joel Selwood (115). Still playing elite footy and led his team in the middle this round with 25 touches and 9 marks for his fourth ton of the year.


3. Nic Newman (109). Third ton of 2022 for Newman in this game as he found 26 touches plus 5 marks and 5 tackles plus 417 metres gained in his usual backline role.

4. Adam Cerra/Zach Tuohy (103). Back to back tons for Cerra who now has six of them in 2022, this one coming from 23 touches (10 contested) plus 4 tackles, while Tuohy is enjoying a career best average of 92 this year thanks to his eighth ton on the back of 24 touches, 6 tackles and a game high 471 metres gained

5. Mark Blicavs (102). Eleventh ton for Blicavs in 2022 here thanks to a variety of stats as per usual. This week it was 20 touches (11 contested), 4 marks, 5 tackles, 8 hitouts, 5 clearances and 85% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Just overall some very “meh” scores from the popular picks here. Hewett (93) redeemed himself in the second half to finish on the same as Docherty, while Cripps (84) and Saad (71) weren’t crazy flash. Guthrie (84) dropped under triple figures for the first time in months.

Rookies: Former Bulldog Will Hayes was pretty good playing an outside game for the Blues, contributing 23 touches and 5 marks that resulted in 74 points.

Injuries: Concussion got the better of Sam Menegola pretty early in the game.

Fremantle (9.11.65) defeated by Sydney (11.16.82)

1. Chad Warner (148). Continues to push for that 100 point average with a strong finish to the season, this week getting to his score from 35 touches (15 contested), 7 clearances, 1 goal and 800 metres gained.

2. Robbie Fox (135). Set a career high score in this one from a career best 24 touches, as well as having 18 kicks (career high) and 13 marks (career high as well)

3. Luke Ryan (128).
Was the only Docker to reach triple figures thanks to his 24 touches that ran at 87% DE and gained 709 metres, his sixth ton of the year.

4. Callum Mills (116). Quietly went about his business in the middle of the ground to find 26 touches, 9 marks and 9 tackles for his twelfth ton of the year.


5. Errol Gulden (113). Rounded out the top five with his fourth ton of the season which came on the back of 23 touches, 8 marks and 2 goals.


Other 100+ scores: Tom Papley (106), Isaac Heeney (104)

Disappointment: Similar to the other game on Saturday evening, a lot of “meh” scores from the popular picks of Brayshaw/Lloyd (96), Darcy (94), Parker (92) and Brodie (84)

Rookies: Nothing to see here.

Injuries: Also nothing to see here.

Hawthorn (15.12.102) defeated West Coast (12.5.77)

 1. Tom Barrass (149). What a game from the Eagles defender. Had 30 touches at 93% DE plus 18 marks in 100% TOG, with pretty much all those stats being career bests.

2. Alex Witherden (116). Was elite to start the season but filtered off pretty quickly, with this being his first ton since round 11. Had 23 touches at 91% DE with 8 marks and 6 tackles down back.


3. James Sicily (114). Another ton for Sicily who had 24 touches (12 contested) with 6 marks and 542 metres gained in his usual role.

4. Dylan Moore (113). Another really good game from Moore who split his time between forward and midfield to find 25 touches (12 contested), 7 clearances, 7 marks, 6 tackles and 1 goal.


5. Luke Bruest (112). Showed his class all day, snagging six goals to be the differnce in the game. Had 15 touches (11 contested) to go on with that for his first ton since round 14 last year.


 Other 100+ scores: Shannon Hurn (102)

Disappointment: Nothing really bad from this game with a couple of non-Supercoach relevant teams going head to head, and for that reason, I’ve got to give it to a rookie in Brady Hough (28).

Rookies: How good was that debut score from Jai Culley? The mid-season pick up had a great game with 12 touches (11 contested), 7 clearances and 11 tackles for a first up 90. Shoutout to one of the popular rookies to start the year in Ward who had numerous career bests within his 34 touches that resulted in 99 points. 

Injuries: Nothing to cover here it seems, but still keep an eye on teams and injury reports.

Melbourne (12.11.83) defeated Port Adelaide (10.9.69)

1. Christian Petracca (141). Had a ripping game in the middle with his usual running mate Oliver out, finding 30 touches (17 contested) with 10 clearances and 586 metres gained to lead this games scoring. 

2. Connor Rozee (116). Another ton for Rozee who keeps up his incredible form, this week finding triple figures again from 33 touches (11 contested) plus 1 goal in the middle.


3. Karl Amon (115). Did his usual thing running on the outside this week to find 25 touches and 8 marks while gaining 501 metres on Sunday afternoon.

4. Kysaiah Pickett (110). Much like Bruest in the other Sunday afternoon fixture, was the difference as he snagged 6 goals for the game from 14 touches in the forward line.

5. Dan Houston (109). Rounded out the top five with his eighth ton of the season which came complement of 28 touches and 11 marks while coming off a wing.

Other 100+ scores: Williem Drew (107), Bayley Fritsch (101)

Disappointment: Pretty much only one guy who could’ve had it here and thats Max Gawn, who only scored 50 from 16 touches and 18 hitouts. Jack Viney (71) had a season worst. 

Rookies: Nothing to consider here. Jase Burgoyne technically played game three but didn’t take the ground as the medi-sub.

Injuries: No subs used in this game either.

Essendon (14.19.103) defeated Gold Coast (8.7.55)

1. Mason Redman (152). Came back into the team with a bang as he found 34 touches and 10 marks across half back while driving the Bombers forward with 643 metres gained for the game. Career best score here as his season average leaps to 96. 

2. Dylan Shiel (145). Huge game from Shiel for his fourth ton since the bye. Had 29 touches (14 contested) plus 7 clearances in this one.


3. Zach Merrett (136). His rich vein of form continued as he found 36 touches of the ball which ran at a very good 86% DE. Also had 8 marks and 5 tackles.

4. Sam Draper (117). Second ton of the year for Draper who had a very good game against one of the premier rucks of the comp in Witts. Finished with 13 touches, 2 goals and 23 hitouts.

5. Touk Miller (110). Was the only Sun to reach triple figures after breaking through a tag from Caudwell, finishing with 28 touches (15 contested) plus 7 tackles, 8 clearacnes and 619 metres gained.


Other 100+ scores: Nick Hind (107), Jordan Ridley (101), Andrew McGrath (100)

Disappointment: For not the first time in recent history, it goes to Witts (78), who just isnt pumping out the big scores like he did earlier in the year.

Rookies: Nic Martin continues his outstanding debut season with another fine game of 25 touches and 2 goals resulting in 97 points, so he gets a shoutout, while Oea played his third game and scored 31 largely due to his six tackles. 

Injuries: Once again, no subs used in this game, pretty good round overall on the injury front.



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  1. Another great review Dane

    Thanks heaps for this 🙂

    @ Pumba is spot on – great morning read with a coffee!!


  2. Thanks for that Dane, essential reading. Gee there are some decent rookies filtering through at the wrong time of year, with only 4 trades left I’m tempted to bring in a few, but one’s looking likely. Cumberland, Culley, Carmichael and was so impressed with Ash Johnson on debut, that guy oozes class.
    Probably Cumberland gets the nod here as his on the bubble.


    1. @ Joestar – agree with your thoughts about some decent rookies coming through late in the year.

      Think Carmichael from Collingwood is also on the bubble this week.

      He had a stack of footy that was mostly contested, but unfortunately he butchered the ball a bit.

      Should get a heap of tackles each week.

      He looked quite good though – so it will be hard to choose between him and Cumberland (who is more a mid sized forward)?

      Richmond probably have the better run home.



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