Round 5 Review

Written by Dane on April 15 2024

Melbourne (8.12.60) defeated Brisbane (12.10.82)

  1. Max Gawn (138). Dominant on the night and would’ve scored more had his midfield been on point. Led the team for disposals (23), contested touches (15) and clearances (8) while also adding 5 marks, 5 tackles, 51 hitouts and 1 goal.
  2. Cam Rayner (137). Damaging forward of centre and clean all night, just 1 clanger from his 25 touches (14 contested) plus 9 clearances and 4 tackles.
  3. Josh Dunkley (122). 30 touches for Dunks with DE of 76% and just 1 clanger, he also clutched 9 marks.
  4. Dayne Zorko (116). Third ton of the season for the former skipper, he collected 29 touches, 6 marks and 5 tackles while having a team best 507 metres gained.
  5. Hugh McCluggage (113). Classy on the outside, finishing off the top 5 with 23 touches (11 contested) and 2 goals.

Other 100+ scores: Lachie Neale (109), Harris Andrews (108), Jarrod Berry (106), Trent Rivers (101), Charlie Cameron (100)

Disappointment: Far out what was that from Oliver (65) and even worse, Petracca (59).

Rookies: Starting with the good, the Lions rookies were solid, all of Gardiner (63), Answerth (77) and Lohmann (81) providing pass marks on Thursday night. Howes (62) gets the same, but Windsor (38) and Woewodin (43) don’t. Debutant Tholstrup (34) had 7 touches and 4 tackles on debut.

Injuries: Salem had a hamstring pretty early on, while the Lions never used their sub.


Western Bulldogs (9.13.67) defeated by Essendon (15.6.96)

  1. Zach Merrett (108). Led the game with a fairly low ton, but it was his fifth in a row thanks to 27 touches and 4 tackles.
  2. Mason Redman (105). 21 touches and 553 metres gained for Redman, while running at a very nice 90% DE.
  3. Jason Johannisen (103). Similar to Redman, had 22 touches and nice metres gained, but it was the 1 clanger and 86% DE that helped him.
  4. Sam Durham/Xavier Durrsma/Tom Liberatore (101). 21 touches (12 contested) plus 6 clearances and 1 goal for Durham, while Duursma ran the wing for 20 touches, 13 marks and 2 goals. Libba had a big hit late but was his usual self with 25 touches (17 contested) plus 10 clearances and 6 tackles.
  5. Kyle Langford/Nic Martin (100). Langford was damaging on the night, kicking 3 goals from 13 touches and 5 marks, while Martin kept his hot form going with 25 touches, 1 goal and a game high 579 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: What the hell was that from Bontempelli (73) and English (58).

Rookies: Darcy (82) leading the pack here with 13 touches, 8 marks, 5 tackles and 1 goal, while Khamis (64) was solid down back. Sanders was running well with 100% DE and 5 tackles, but got subbed out for 46, while Gallagher (19) couldn’t get involved. Nothing else to really cover in this one.

Injuries: Nothing on the report. As mentioned Sanders was subbed out, as was Menzie.


GWS (11.14.80) defeated St Kilda (12.7.79)

1. Jack Steele (143). The Saints skipper has been stellar to start the year and that kept going here as he pushed a late Saints comeback with 29 touches (13 contested), 6 marks, 6 tackles, 1 goal and over 500 metres gained. One to target.

2. Brad Hill (132). Monster numbers on the outside. 805 metres gained from 33 touches and 13 marks plus 1 major running loose on the wing.

3. Lachie Ash (122). The best of the Giants thanks to 26 touches @ 88% DE and just 1 clanger next to his name. Also had 9 marks.

4. Rowan Marshall (120). 28 disposals (18 contested) with a huge 16 of those being clearances, Marshall also paired it with 7 marks and 25 hitouts.

5. Lachie Whitfield (109). Saw him come into a few teams last round and they were richly rewarded with a 34 disposal game that went @ 85% DE. 9 marks and a team best 565 metres gained as well.

Other 100+ scores: Connor Idun (105), Josh Kelly (104)

Disappointment: Saw him as a few VC/C options so the 72 point performance from Tom Green would’ve stung.

Rookies: The Saints had Garcia here, not a debut I dont think but he is 117K. He was subbed on and had 11 touches and 7 tackles for 43 points in just 34% game time, while Wilson got busy late to finish on 61 from 19 touches and 1 goal. All three Giant rookies in Wehr (60), Cadman (64) and Thomas (86) kept their cash generation flowing nicely.

Injuries: Starting with the Saints, King was subbed out with a knee, while the Giants reported all of Taylor, Coniglio, Kelly and Briggs on their injury report, souring the loss.


Carlton (14.14.98) defeated by Adelaide (16.4.100)

1. Sam Walsh (166). Clearly didnt miss a beat. Led the game for disposals (34), tackles (13), metres gained (611), clearances (8) and tied for contested possessions (15). 

2. Izak Rankine (121). Probably best on for the Crows first win of the season. Slotted 3 goals from 23 touches and 6 marks with a team best 453 metres gained attached to those disposals.

3. Blake Acres (116). 25 touches and 10 marks for Acres, 1 goal and nearly 500 metres gained his other stats to standout.

4. Patrick Cripps (110). Second fiddle to Walsh on return but the Carlton skipper played his part with 22 touches, 7 clearances, 8 tackles and 1 goal.

5. Charlie Curnow (109). Started slow but the reigning Coleman medallist did his thing with 4 majors from 14 disposals for his second ton of the year.

Other 100+ scores: George Hewett/Mitch Hinge (105), Chayce Jones (100)

Disappointment: Avoiding the obvious this week, so it’ll instead go to his partner in crime Rory Laird, just 22 touches and limited tackles which resulted in just 80 points.

Rookies: The Crows had 144k defender Will Hamill (36) make a season debut here, will have to see more before downgrading, while it was the usual suspects Fantasia (32) and the subbed on Carroll (26) for the Blues, both probably worth moving on after those scores.

Injuries: Both Saad and McGovern were listed on the Blues report with hamstring issues, while Gollant was subbed out for the Crows tactically.


Gold Coast (16.13.109) defeated Hawthorn (8.8.56)

1. Noah Anderson (155). Best of the year for Anderson who is averaging 118 across 5 games. 36 touches (11 contested) plus 8 marks, 8 tackles, 6 clearances, 604 metres gained and 1 goal.

2. Matt Rowell (135). On complete fire right now, his 5 games read 137, 155, 99, 129 and now this 22 touch (15 contested), 8 tackle, 1 goal game.

3. Touk Miller (133). The Suns midfield trio took over in this. Miller rounded it out with 28 touches (12 contested) with 5 clearances, 8 marks and just 1 clanger.

4. Sam Clohesy (124). Massive ownership spike incoming. Another great score from 18 touches, 8 marks, 2 goals, no clangers and 88% DE.

5. Sam Flanders (116). Apparently had a tag but 34 touches, 9 marks and a team best 625 metres gained doesn’t really match up. Rounded out an all Suns top five.

Other 100+ scores: Jarrod Witt’s (112), Karl Amon (106), Ben Ainsworth (101)

Disappointment: 63 and 61 from Worpel and Newcombe were not welcome scores as the Hawks were dominated in the middle of the ground.

Rookies: Clohesy has had his time, so some love to Will Graham (91) who had as many tackles (14) as he had touches, which will see him as a super popular downgrade this week. Read as well in his second game here, didnt do a great amount but 54 from 2 goals and 5 touches could see him make some cash on the ruck bench. Nothing to scoff at either from Berry (88) and Uwland (80) in the Suns win, while Walter (38) had a first up 2k price rise. The Hawks had Hurstwaite (30) who was subbed on for 12 touches, and Ramsden (25) in his second game for the season.

Injuries: Mackenzie was subbed out at half-time, but Rosas didnt make it that far due to a hamstring injury for the Suns. 

Port Adelaide (9.12.66) defeated Fremantle (9.9.63)

1. Luke Ryan (145). The must have defender for 2024 it seems. You’ll have to pay top $$$ currently but he wont soon lose cash if he keeps up 24 touch, 11 mark games that run @ 95% DE and gain 645 metres.

2. Josh Treacy (135). Slotted 3 majors from 16 touches and 9 marks up forward to pair with 4 tackles and 100% DE, resulting in this career high score.

3. Zak Butters (130). Did Butters things with 24 touches (10 contested) with 512 metres gained plus 1 goal and 9 tackles. Was massive when the game was on the line.

4. Connor Rozee (125). Same as Butters, did good things when the game was on the line which boosted his score. 26 touches and 6 tackles for his fourth ton of the year.

5. Dan Houston (121). Yet to drop below triple figures but this was a season best thanks to 27 touches and 6 marks plus a game best 740 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Kane Farrell (115), Hayden Young (114), Andrew Brayshaw (111), Caleb Serong (110), Ollie Wines (109), Miles Bergman (101)

Disappointment: 21 touches (10 contested), 7 clearances and 21 hitouts would usually result in a solid score, but with all the other big ones here Luke Jackson only went with 72. 

Rookies: Mead (19) was subbed on which meant his price dropped, but it was a super return for Burgoyne (93) who didnt have a single clanger from 23 touches that went at 93% DE. Sharp (54) led the Dockers rookies that included Draper (42), Emmett (42) and Taberner (16).

Injuries: McEntee and O’Meara the ones subbed out, but Zerk-Thatcher is listed on the injury report due to a shoulder concern.


Geelong (21.13.139) defeated North Melbourne (10.4.64)

1. Harry Sheezel (159). Massive. 38 disposals, 15 marks, 1 goal, 525 metres gained. A clear target in the backline.

2. Jeremy Cameron (140). Was always going to have these sorts of games. 6 majors from 21 touches and 8 marks without a single clanger for the game.

3. Tom Stewart (108). Back to the triple figure scores as Stewart did his usual thing down back with 24 touches, just 1 clanger and nearly 500 metres gained.

4. Rhys Stanley (106). Pops up for a couple of tons per year, this one coming from 12 touches (8 contested) and 21 hitouts.

5. Jack Bowes (104). Played a fair bit of central midfield to round out the top five with 23 touches (12 contested) and 8 clearances. 

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: A game high 9 clangers held Luke Davies-Uniacke to just 87 points, his third consecutive sub ton.

Rookies: Plenty to cover in this fixture. Nyuon was the best for the Roos on season debut, scoring 89 from 19 touches and 7 marks, while Drury (78) wasn’t far behind thanks to 17 touches, 11 marks and 2 goals, both are priced at 123K in the forward line. Lazzaro (52) made cash but Duursma (32) and McKercher (5) didn’t, the latter due to an injury. Clark (2) is in the same boat as the other two, the fun of the sub. Dempsey (56) had 13 touches, 6 marks and 1 goal, while late in Neale (88) had 3 majors plus 7 disposals and 6 tackles, falling in at just under Harley Reid’s price at 201K. There was also two debuts here, in O’Sullivan (46) and Sellers (3).

Injuries: As mentioned, McKercher had a rib concern that ruled him out early, while it was Blicavs who got the red vest for Geelong late in the game.


West Coast (16.13.109) defeated Richmond (10.10.70)

1. Jake Waterman (176). Career best score from Waterman, being the dominant forward on the day with 6 majors from 18 touches and 13 marks, 8 of those being contested.

2. Elliot Yeo (157). There was a time when Yeo was one of the most damaging midfielders in the competition, and this 27 touch (19 contested), 15 clearance, 2 goal game gave flashbacks of that.

3. Tim Kelly/Shai Bolton (129). Kelly had a great game of 29 touches, the most on the ground, to pair with 6 tackles and 8 clearances, while Bolton kept his hot form going with 21 touches, 8 marks and 3 goals.

4. Daniel Rioli (116). 19 touches and 6 tackles with just the 1 clanger for Rioli, his 3rd ton from the last 4 games, the other being a 98.

5. Nick Vlastuin (111). Hauled in an early mark of the year contender but was at his composed best all day with 24 touches, 9 marks, 91% DE and a team best 415 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Harley Reid/Mykelti Lefau (108), Ben Miller (103)

Disappointment: Hard one to give out with two largely irrelevant SuperCoach teams, so maybe Dustin Martin (56) for those running with a POD?

Rookies: Lets start with the big scores. Harley Reid (108) cracked his first ton with a great game of 27 touches (12 contested) with 7 clearances, 531 metres gained and 1 goal, while Lefau scored the exact same from 12 disposals, 8 marks, 5 tackles and 3 majors, great for both of their cash generation. Elsewhere, Chesser (73) had his best game of the season, while Campbell (43) came in ahead of Rioli (39), Sonsie (35) and Brown (29). In other news, McAuliffe (58) will be on the bubble next week and had a solid return of 12 disposals on a flank.

Injuries: Edwards (concussion) and Short (calf) the early subs in this contest.


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  1. Great write up… how good has Sheezel & Ryan been down back!
    Hmmm, what to do with Jackson, last two weeks should have been big… but nope!


  2. If you had to speculate on the basis of a single performance (and many will), who’s more appealing on the usual factors (CG, JS, scoring potential):

    TU: Biggie
    TD: Drury


  3. What has happened to Short this year?

    Absolutely filthy I sold Young instead of him on the advice of a coin toss, but thought he had bottomed out and not worth selling.

    Seems I was wrong…



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