Round 7 Review

Written by Dane on April 29 2024

Richmond (5.12.42) defeated by Melbourne (13.7.85)

  1. Max Gawn (162). Massive score as a popular VC option on Wednesday. Found 23 disposals (16 contested) with 10 marks, 1 goal, 26 hitouts and 5 clearances, still the clear R1.
  2. Jake Lever (121). Actually led the game with 26 disposals for the night, pairing it with 10 marks and plenty of intercepts.
  3. Toby Nankervis (120). Did what he could vs Gawn and not a bad stat line. 18 touches (11 contested) @ 94% DE with 7 marks and 15 hitouts.
  4. Steven May (116). Similar to Lever, his intercept possessions helped him along, but clean use (95% DE) with 23 touches and 12 marks was a great return.
  5. Thomson Dow (110). Career best score for Dow who had plenty of time in the middle, rounding out the top 5 thanks to 22 touches (10 contested) as well as 8 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Daniel Turner (101)

Disappointment: Shai Bolton takes it here. Led the team for metres gained but also had 8 clangers in his 18 touches for just 67.

Rookies: Daniel Turner (101) the story here as a 191K defender, but it was his work up forward with 3 goals plus 8 marks and 13 touches that stand out. Howes (87) not far behind with 17 disposals and 8 marks, while Windsor was unlucky to be subbed out on 69. Woewodin (57) did some nice things while Laurie (19) kicked 2 late goals. 96 was a really nice return from Maurice Rioli who has quietly made 100K, while other for Richmond included Lefau (63), Brown (55) and Campbell (38). Ralphsmith (82) is now on the bubble while Naismith (44) made his club debut.

Injuries: Hopper is on the injury report with a hamstring, while it was Windsor being the tactical sub for the Dees.

Essendon (12.13.85) drew with Collingwood (12.13.85)

  1. Andrew McGrath (146). Career high score for McGrath on the traditional ANZAC day clash. Found 31 touches and 8 marks @ 80% DE.
  2. Nick Daicos (128). Team best 27 touches in the middle of the ground, pairing it with 1 goal and a game best 625 metres gained.
  3. Zach Merrett (127). Kept the ton run going with a B.O.G performance of 31 touches (10 contested) with 6 clearances, 9 tackles and 522 metres gained.
  4. Darcy Parish (125). A return to form on the big stage, Parish collected 25 touches (10 contested) with 6 marks, 5 tackles, 5 clearances, 1 goal and a team best 549 metres gained.
  5. Nic Martin (124). Another ton for Martin who was apparently elite when the game got tight. 1 goal from his 30 touches to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Dyson Heppell (107), Scott Pendlebury/Kyle Langford (106), Darcy Moore (104), Jye Caldwell (100)

Disappointment: Tough one to hand out, maybe De Goey (75) or Cameron (54), both below expectations.

Rookies: Only one to cover here is Harvey Harrison (48) who had his first game for the year, 7 touches at 100% DE and 1 goal to boost his score in just a quarter of football.

Injuries: Harry Jones with a nose concern, and Mitchell was the sub for the Pies.


GWS (17.11.113) defeated Brisbane (8.11.59)

  1. Tom Green (159). Back to the monster scores after a quiet few weeks. 35 touches (17 contested) with 7 clearances, 5 marks, 5 tackles and 1 goal for the game.
  2. Josh Kelly (130). Second massive week in a row. Found 25 touches with nearly 500 metres gained attached to that. 1 goal, 10 marks and 5 tackles as well.
  3. Lachie Whitfield (125). Accumulated 31 touches across the half back line and paired it with 7 marks. Fingers crossed the body stays good.
  4. Josh Dunkley (120). The sole Lion to reach triple figures, Dunkley was strong on the inside as per usual with 20 touches and 9 tackles.
  5. Harry Himmelberg (116). Rounds out the top five with a clean outing at half back, amassing 27 touches and 12 marks with 569 metres plus  no clangers and 85% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Finn Callaghan (110)

Disappointment: The usual safe bets in Zorko (56) and Neale (71) struggled here as the Giants midfield took control. McCluggage (74) not any better either.

Rookies: Answerth provided another solid score of 75 to keep his cash rising, while Lohmann (46) and Gardiner (45) were quiet. Tunstill (13) was the sub and saw a half of football. Harvey Thomas kept his impressive debut season going with another 2 goals, 14 touches, 6 tackles and 76 points, while others in Cadman (56) and Wehr (49) are near their peak price. Aleer (61) would be a nice downgrade option but Taylor will be back soon, while debutant Darcy Jones showed spark with 2 majors from 15 touches for 75 points.

Injuries: Ah Chee has a hamstring injury from Friday which saw him subbed out at half time. No sub used for the Giants.

Port Adelaide (11.16.82) defeated St Kilda (11.6.72)

  1. Jordon Sweet (136). Marshall had a bit of a knock but you can’t take that away from Sweet’s performance on Friday. 11 disposals with 6 tackles, 36 hitouts and 90% DE led to a career high score.
  2. Jase Burgoyne (117). Caps off a ripping three weeks for Burgoyne who seemed doomed to the sub vest in the early rounds. A career best score here from 27 touches (11 contested) with 5 clearances, 8 marks and 451 metres gained.
  3. Williem Drew (114). Did his usual work in the middle of the ground, finding 23 touches (11 contested) with 7 marks and 7 tackles for his fourth ton of the year.
  4. Jack Sinclair (113). One of two Saints to hit triple figures, Sinclair led the game with 665 metres gained from 28 touches (11 contested) plus 1 goal.
  5. Ollie Wines (110). Best score of the season for Wines, rounding out the top five from 23 touches with 9 tackles and 1 goal for the game.

Other 100+ scores: Dan Houston (107)

Disappointment: Plenty to cover here with most premiums underperforming. Butters (82) and Steele (70) the main culprits.

Rookies: The Saints had Hastie played his second game as the starting sub, but he found the ball with 8 touches in the last quarter for 26 points. Garcia was a popular trade in this week and had low TOG but found 7 touches and 6 tackles for 40 points, while Wilson was one of the Saints best, finding 21 touches and 6 marks with 538 metres gained for a solid 88. Two Port rookies have already had their time but there was also Mead (48) who had 12 disposals and 4 tackles after starting as the sub.

Injuries: Horrid news for Port even with the win. All of Aliir, Powell-Pepper and skipper Rozee finishing the game prior to 3QT for their respective injuries. The Saints emerged unscathed, subbing out Sharman in the final term.

North Melbourne (12.9.81) defeated by Adelaide (20.18.138)

  1. Rory Laird (149). Massive effort from Laird after a few down weeks, he popped off for a season best score on the back of 34 touches (20 contested) with 13 clearances, 6 tackles, 1 goal and just 1 clanger.
  2. Jordan Dawson (127). It’s taken some time but Dawson is back. His start to the season was riddled with disposal errors rather than lack of stats. 27 touches this week with 9 marks, 769 metres gained and 1 goal.
  3. Izak Rankine (113). A ton for Rankine, his second in three games. 4 majors this week with the majority of his time up forward, pairing it with 17 disposals and 5 marks.
  4. Luke Davies-Uniacke (112). I missed putting in his ton last week but not this time. The sole North player to break into the top five thanks to 29 touches (13 contested) with 6 clearances and 1 goal.
  5. Lachlan Sholl (109). Has a knack for big scores here and there, providing one here thanks to 29 touches, 1 goal and over 500 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Harry Sheezel (108), Brayden Cook (104), Tristan Xerri (103), Colby McKercher/Taylor Walker (102), Josh Worrell (101)

Disappointment: Tom Powell early season form is now a distant memory, just 10 touches and 49 points for him.

Rookies: McKercher had a lean few weeks but with 32 touches, 7 marks, 573 metres gained and just 1 clanger, his score of 102 will bring his cash generation right back over the next few weeks, even if he did lose a small amount in round 7. Duursma (80) had his best game so far with 9 touches and 2 goals, while others included Drury (50), Nyuon (46) and Lazzaro (42). The Kangaroos also had a debutant in Hardeman (50) who found 12 touches and 4 marks across the backline. The Crows only had Hamill who played his third game for 7 touches and 36 points.

Injuries: None for the Roos, just Phillips being subbed out, while the Crows lost Pedlar to a shoulder injury.

Geelong (18.10.118) defeated Carlton (15.15.105)

  1. Blake Acres (129). Best score of this one came from Acres who had 28 touches (11 contested) with 2 goals and just the 1 clanger next to his name.
  2. Jeremy Cameron (126). Slotted 5 majors to be the most damaging forward on the ground, pairing it with 17 disposals and 9 marks for the game.
  3. Gryan Miers (125). His usual linkman self here, doing a bit of everything to finish up with 22 touches, 2 goals, 5 clearances, 6 tackles and his third ton of the year.
  4. Patrick Cripps (116). In and under as per usual, finding 29 touches (14 contested) with 8 clearances, 6 tackles and 2 goals to round it all out.
  5. Marc Pittonet (112). Solid work and led the game for hitouts (28), contested professions (16) and clearances (11) while finding 19 touches overall.

Other 100+ scores: Max Holmes (109), Tanner Bruhn/Jacob Weitering/Sam Walsh (104), Charlie Curnow (103)

Disappointment: Really tough one to hand out here. Maybe purely for draft leagues hoping for a big score, Hawkins (27) was nearly unsighted for the game.

Rookies: Just Dempsey (49) for Geelong who lost 8K this week, while Carroll (29) lost money after a quiet game of just 7 touches. Bins (8) was on debut as the sub and had 2 disposals.

Injuries: Owies the sub for the Blues, purely tactical, but the Cats lost their skipper Dangerfield to a hamstring injury in the third quarter.

Fremantle (14.11.95) defeated Western Bulldogs (10.11.71

  1. Caleb Serong (140). Monster game from Serong in the middle, finding 37 touches with a huge 20 contested and 17 clearances, all without recording a single clanger.
  2. Tim English (134). Back to his best with 23 disposals (11 contested) plus 7 marks, 6 tackles, 6 clearances, 28 hitouts and 1 goal against the Fremantle ruck duo.
  3. Bailey Dale (132). Second big week in a row for Dale who just patrolled loosely off half-back, eventually finding 32 touches, 9 marks and 2 goals with a team best 588 metres gained.
  4. James Aish (122).  Third ton of the year for Aish, this being a season best though thanks to 28 touches, 12 marks and DE of 85%.
  5. Nat Fyfe (119). Best score of the year for Fyfe who was and continues to be a solid starting pick with an average of 90 so far. 37 disposals (18 contested) with 7 clearances and 1 goal, all within 74% game time.

Other 100+ scores: Sean Darcy (107), Luke Ryan (106), Bailey Banfield (104), Andrew Brayshaw (103), Marcus Bontempelli (102)

Disappointment: The return of Sean Darcy has taken a massive hit the Luke Jacksons scoring potential, and fast. Just 76 for him this week and best to move on before he drops even further in price.

Rookies: Sharp (44) lost money and needs a big score soon to maintain his price, while Emmett (34) isn’t moving anywhere quick. Debuts for Voss (59) and Simpson (57) for Fremantle, ones to keep an eye on over the next few weekends. Darcy (88) was dangerous up forward with 3 goals from 13 touches and 7 marks, while the others for the Dogs included second gamer Garcia (64), Khamis (45) and Gallagher (26). Fremantle rookie backman Draper (11) was injured very early.

Injuries: Draper was already mentioned and Weightman had an elbow issue. Liberatore was a late out for anyone that missed that.

Gold Coast (17.10.112) defeated West Coast (12.3.75)

  1. Jorrod Witts (155). A completely dominant display from Witts. 18 disposals (12 contested) with 10 clearances, 1 goal, 46 hitouts and 8 tackles as the Suns midfield completely dominated the Eagles engine room.
  2. Noah Anderson (151). Near on as good as Witts, Anderson had 33 touches (19 contested) with 12 clearances, 2 goals and a team best 508 metres gained, his second 150+ this year.
  3. Touk Miller (149). Another great week for Touk with 27 touches (14 contested) plus 10 tackles and 6 clearances.
  4. Elliot Yeo (138). Elite game from Yeo who is in great form. Had 19 touches and 18 of those were contested, pairing it with 8 tackles, 8 clearances and 1 goal.
  5. Matt Rowell (136). Caps off a high scoring top five thanks to 22 touches (18 contested) with 9 clearances, 13 tackles and 2 goals, a really dominant performance from all the Suns midfield group.

Other 100+ scores: Liam Duggan (119), Jake Waterman (116), Sam Flanders (105), Will Powell (103)

Disappointment: Very quiet game from Tim Kelly (53) in the middle, well down on his usual output.

Rookies: Nothing wrong at all with the scores of Graham (87) and Clohsey (65), both increasing by over 60K. Sam Day (153K) had a great return game of 7 touches, 17 hitouts and 1 goal for 71 points, while Rogers (98) found 22 touches (13 contested) with 1 goal and will be highly traded in this week. Berry (45) and Walter (42) rounded out the Suns while the Eagles had Chesser (32) and the returning Harry Edwards (83) who is just under 200K.

Injuries: Humphrey and Chesser were the subs, but Clohesy is listed on the injury report for a shoulder, but I believe he played out the game.

Hawthorn (5.12.42) defeated by Sydney (18.10.118)

  1. Ollie Florent (140). Florent capped off the weekend with a career high score, courtesy of 28 touches (10 marks), 1 goal, 697 metres gained, which was a game high plus DE of 89%.
  2. Dylan Moore (136). Great game from Moore, provided great connection and finishing with 25 touches, 8 marks, 5 tackles, 1 goal and just 1 clanger for a season best return.
  3. Chad Warner (135). Season best from Chad, he collected 22 touches (14 contested) with 6 clearances, 8 tackles and 1 goal to be one of the Swans best.
  4. Isaac Heeney (120). Took a knock to the leg but played on to register another great score thanks to 3 majors from 21 touches and DE of 90%.
  5. Errol Gulden (114). Caps off a dominant Swans midfield with 25 touches, 12 marks and 1 goal while having an elite 583 metres gained for the day.

Other 100+ scores: Lloyd Meek (106), James Sicily (105), Justin McInerney (102)

Disappointment: Grundy (83) really slowed after a solid start. Newcombe (67) can’t get on a roll this year.

Rookies: Roberts (80) had 21 touches and 9 marks at 90% DE and is currently the last upgrade for many teams with his consistent on field returns. The Hawks only really had Ramsden (6) who was subbed on for Serong (16) in his first game of the year.

Injuries: Nothing on the report, just McInerney and Serong those subbed out.


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