Round 8 Review

Written by Dane on May 6 2024

Adelaide (12.6.78) defeated Port Adelaide (5.18.48)

  1. Jake Soligo (146). Just getting better and better in that central midfield role, Soligo went and dropped a career high score on Thursday night, finding 28 touches (15 contested) with 6 clearances and 10 tackles, plus a B.O.G medal.
  2. Matt Crouch/Zak Butters (124). Crouch did his usual thing in the middle, finding 28 touches (11 contested) with 6 clearances and 7 tackles, while Butters led the game for disposals with 33 which included 16 contested with 7 clearances, 5 tackles and a game best, 624 metres gained.
  3. Miles Bergman (119). Career best for Bergman on Thursday, he found 20 touches with 8 marks, 5 tackles and 587 metres gained all while going at an impressive 90% DE.
  4. Ollie Wines (116). Another ton for Wines, his third in a month on games. 22 touches (14 contested) with 5 clearances plus a game best 10 tackles.
  5. Josh Worrell (100). Third ton in a row for Worrell who is averaging an impressive 90 this season over 8 games. 22 disposals, 7 marks and 413 metres gained for him.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Purely because it was his first time under triple figures for the year, it goes to Dan Houston (93).

Rookies: Sweet was a very popular option to bring in this week, his score of 74 was pretty solid but 5 clangers and 61% DE held him back slightly. Burgoyne (49) has been on a hot streak while Mead (10) was the sub once again. High draft pick Curtin (43) had 9 touches and 4 marks with no clangers before being subbed off.

Injuries: Adding insult to injury for the Power was a hamstring to Rozee (again) with Georgiades (knee) and Jones (leg) also being casualties. Curtin was subbed out for the Crows as mentioned.


Carlton (12.7.79) defeated by Collingwood (12.13.85)

  1. Nick Daicos (150). Went off under Friday night lights with a season best game. 32 disposals (15 contested) with 7 tackles, 7 clearances, 626 metres gained and 2 majors, the second one being the game sealer.
  2. Nic Newman (148). Ran around loosely at half-back, collecting 32 touches (26 kicks) with 10 marks and 6 tackles to round it out. Also a game best, 783 metres gained.
  3. Marc Pittonet (116). Second ton in a row for Pittonet. 15 disposals (12 contested) plus 6 clearances and 33 hitouts as he took the majority of the ruck time.
  4. Scott Pendlebury/Jack Crisp (106). Clean game from Pendlebury in the middle, finding 22 touches with 8 tackles and 1 goal, while Crisp had 23 touches (17 contested) with 10 clearances, 8 tackles and 543 metres gained.
  5. Adam Cerra/Patrick Lipinski (99). One of those rare games where a couple of double digit score make the top five. Cerra had 21 touches and no clangers, while Lipinski had 24, 5 tackles and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment: Cripps (68) well behind form. Walsh (91) couldn’t capitalise on 33 touches.

Rookies: Just Fantasia (28) for the Blues, still struggling to find a solid score, while for the Pies Harrison (83) was nice with it, finding 13 touches (7 contested) with 4 clearances and 1 goal. Sullivan (75) was on debut as the sub but got his chance early and finished with 10 touches, 5 tackles and 1 goal.

Injuries: Just McCreery with concussion for the Pies, Williams the sub for Carlton.


Sydney (14.14.98) defeated GWS (10.9.69)

  1. Will Hayward (145). Best score of Haywards career on Saturday afternoon. Was the most dangerous forward on the ground, finding 4 goals from his 16 touches (11 contested). Also paired it with 7 tackles for the game.
  2. Brodie Grundy (143). Payed me back after I traded him to Sweet with a monster game of 19 touches (16 contested) plus 11 tackles and 35 hitouts, adding to a really solid first year at the Swans.
  3. James Peatling (116). The sole Giant to make the top five, Peatling found 24 touches (10 contested) with 8 tackles, 1 goal and a team best 642 metres gained for the game.
  4. James Rowbotton/Dane Rampe (115). Plenty of midfield time for Rowbottom, he did his usual thing with 21 touches (13 contested) plus 5 clearances, 7 tackles and 2 goals, while Rampe held down the fort with 24 disposals and 7 marks with nearly 500 metres gained.
  5. Isaac Heeney (109). Rounds out the top five with another great performance of 26 touches (18 contested) plus 7 clearances, 6 tackles and 1 goal.

Other 100+ scores: Finn Callaghan (107), Jack Buckley (105), Chad Warner (100)

Disappointment: Whitfield (54) copped a very heavy tag which restricted his usually free scoring.

Rookies: Nothing special going on here. Roberts has had a fine month averging 90 so I can excuse his 50, while the usual Giants in Cadman (65), Wehr (61) and Thomas (43) all played once again. A popular pick this week though will be Jones (70), who found 14 touches and 1 goal to back up his debut score of 75 last week.

Injuries: The big SuperCoach news was Green being subbed out very early with an ankle injury, stay tuned for news. McCartin (head knock) on the report for Sydney.


St Kilda (15.13.103) defeated North Melbourne (10.5.65)

  1. Colby McKercher (135). Looked like a 200 gamer on Saturday, pairing his 30 touches with great composure. 90% DE without a clanger and a team best 579 metres gained which will pump up his cash generation. 
  2. Jack Sinclair (134). Played plenty of midfield time with a game best 33 touches (13 contested) to pair with 9 marks, 7 tackles, 8 clearances, 2 goals and a game best 642 metres gained.
  3. Tristan Xerri (133). No need to trade him, prefect as an R2 with this current form. 19 disposals (16 contested) with 8 clearances, 40 hitouts and great follow up work with 11 tackles.
  4. Daniel Wilson (126). Followed up last weeks career high score with this monster. 21 touches (11 contested) plus 8 marks and 3 goals for the game, smashing his BE and now on his way to 350K.
  5. George Wardlaw (123). Rounds out the top fie with a career score thanks to 22 touches (10 contested) with 4 tackles and 1 major for the day.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Hayes/Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera (115), Jack Steele (112), Marcus Windhager (111), Rowan Marshall (107), Seb Ross (102)

Disappointment: Sheezel (73) also lost his ton run on the weekend, much quieter than usual.

Rookies: Wilson and McKercher have had their time, but bar that there wasn’t anything fantastic. Garcia (56) was the next best thanks to 6 touches and 7 tackles, while fellow Saint Hastie (45) was subbed out after he slotted 1 goal from 4 touches. Hardeman (37) led Drury (34), Duursma (29), Archer (12) and Pink (9).

Injuries: Clean reports, Hastie and Hardeman those subbed out.


Melbourne (10.14.74) defeated Geelong (9.12.66)

  1. Clayton Oliver (141). Going the early crow, he seemed back to his best. 31 touches (17 contested) with 80% DE plus 7 marks and 4 tackles, he is heavily discounted from what we know he can produce.
  2. Steven May (131). Season best score for May who is averging 107 if you omit his concussion score of 12. Solid all night for 25 touches and 13 marks while having a team best 544 metres gained with just 2 clangers and 95% DE.
  3. Zach Guthrie (119). His stocks keep rising. Season best after a consistent month, he found 24 touches with 9 marks, 4 tackles and 1 goal for the game.
  4. Caleb Windsor/Jake Lever (118). Windsor repaid the faith for those that kept him with a well rounded game of 18 touches, 6 marks, 6 tackles and 1 goal, while Lever dropped his second ton in a row from 24 touches and 8 marks with 510 metres gained.
  5. Max Holmes/Tom Atkins (113). Couple of really solid games to finish up here. Holmes found 31 touches with 9 marks and had a game best 695 metres gained, while Atkins had 22 touches (16 contested) with a game high 11 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Max Gawn (111), Tom Stewart (104)

Disappointment: Giving it to Petracca (94) who hasn’t toned up since round 4 in a quiet month by his standards.

Rookies: Windsor has had his time, so the next best was Clark (78) who had his best game with 14 touches (10 contested) plus 1 goal. Dempsey (66) went for 14 touches and 6 marks plus 1 goal, while Howes and Woewodin couldn’t be split, both finishing on 48. Turner (20) only had 5 touches while Laurie (2) was subbed on late and only found 1 handball.

Injuries: Bruhn is listed for a shoulder injury, while Billings was the late tactical sub for the Dees.


West Coast (11.5.71) defeated by Essendon (11.11.77)

  1. Darcy Parish (148). Bottomed out at 493K last week but backed up his 125 with this season best score. 36 touches (11 marks) with 5 tackles and 499 metres gained, looking a solid discounted M8-9.
  2. Tim Kelly (128). Bounced back from a season worst last week, finishing this game with 29 touches (14 contested) plus 9 clearances and 548 metres gained.
  3. Nic Martin (122). Six tons in a row and nearly 600K now, Martin led the Bombers with 630 metres gained from his 32 touches and 8 marks from the half-back line. 
  4. Zach Merrett/Tom Barrass (121). Merrett kept his ton run going with 3 majors from 29 touches, while Barrass had a really solid game down back, finding 22 touches with 8 marks.
  5. Xavier Duursma (111). Third ton for Duursma in 2024, he had just 1 clanger in his 22 touch game that also had 5 marks, 4 tackles and 1 goal attached to it.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Williams (108), Jeremy McGovern (101)

Disappointment: Really tough one to give out but due to the form he is in, it’ll go to Reid (59).

Rookies: Reid wasn’t really all that bad, but no one else of SuperCoach relevancy was underwhelming here. Chesser (54) had 12 touches and 1 goal, while Davey Jnr (8) only had 4 touches. A debut here to Johnston (11) who came on as the sub.

Injuries: Report states that Yeo (groin), Long (knee) and Caldwell (calf tightness) all finished the game on the bench.


Richmond (6.13.49) defeated by Fremantle (15.13.103)

  1. Luke Ryan (197). Was set free to do his own thing and returned the highest score of the season so far. 39 disposals with just 2 clangers and 87% DE to pair it with. 15 marks and a game best 628 metres gained.
  2. Caleb Serong (137). Another super game from Serong, his 38 touches (12 contested) with 6 clearances, 8 marks, 5 tackles and over 600 metres gained led him to his seventh ton of the year.
  3. Hayden Young (130). 30 touches for Young who led the game for contested touches (14) and clearances (8) while also adding 7 marks, 5 tackles and 2 goals.
  4. Jayden Short (115). Very cheap for his capabilties currently, Short led the Tigers with 28 touches and 8 marks plus 609 metres gained for the game.
  5. Nick Vlastuin (110). Averaging a healthy 106 across 8 games so far, the defender finished Sunday with 22 touches (10 contested) plus 8 marks.

Other 100+ scores: Matt Johnson (108), Andrew Brayshaw (107), Jordan Clark (105),  Josh Treacy (100)

Disappointment: The usual quiet achiever Nankervis (69) didn’t get a heap done, while Bolton (36) was very, very quiet.

Rookies: Plenty to cover here. Sharp led the Dockers side of things with 18 disposals, 10 marks and 1 goal, coming in ahead of Draper (49), Emmett (43) and second gamer Simpson (17). For the Tigers, Sonsie (81) led the charge thanks to 18 touches and 1 goal, while silver and bronze went to Brown (72) and Ralphsmith (68). The others included Lefau (59), Naismith (45), Campbell (27) and Rioli Jnr (25).

Injuries: Just Darcy listed on the report with a tight calf, good news in a way for Jackson owners. Naismith subbed out for the Tigers.


Western Bulldogs (14.7.91) defeated by Hawthorn (14.14.98)

  1. Marcus Bontempelli (142). Best return of the year for Bont, he found 26 touches (16 contested) with 7 clearances, 5 tackles and 2 goals to try and will his team towards a win.
  2. Dylan Moore (140). Back to his absolute best form over the past fortnight, Moore led the Hawks to a win with 24 touches, 8 marks, 5 tackles and 1 goal.
  3. Jarmen Impey (138). Plenty of ball across the backline for Impey, he collected 27 touches and 12 marks but importantly ran at 92% DE to get to this career high score.
  4. Tim English (135). Second best return of the year for English. 2 goals paired with 18 touches, 9 marks and 31 hitouts plus 100% DE for the game.
  5. Bailey Dale (116). Another ton for Dale, 29 disposals with 8 marks for him but as usual, the metres gained stood out, a game high 691 of them.

Other 100+ scores: James Sicily/Conor Nash (109), Adam Treloar (107), Lloyd Meek (106), Blake Hardwick (105)

Disappointment: D’Ambrosio needs to go, once again stuck on the bench with just 62% game time and 44 points.

Rookies: The best of them here came from third gamer Garcia, who had 13 touches (8 contested) plus 5 tackles for his 66. Khamis (54), Darcy (49) and Gallagher (45) prices stagnated with these scores. Clarke was on debut and had 6 touches but 5 clangers meant he scored 0, while another debut went to Dear (56) who had 2 goals from 8 touches plus a win. Watson returned but had the sub vest, going on to score 26.

Injuries:Nothing on the Dogs report, but the Hawks skipper Sicily had a shoulder that he played through. Debutant Clarke was the initial sub, while it was Mackenzie for the Hawks. Liberatore had another head clash plus a boot to the face and finished the game on the bench, so monitor him.


Brisbane (10.19.79) defeated Gold Coast (6.9.45)

  1. Lachie Neale (168). Was well over a ton before half-time and finished with a monster score thanks to 34 disposals (13 contested) plus 9 marks and 8 tackles for a season best.
  2. Josh Dunkley (163). Another season best score. Dunkley was part of a dominant midfield, finishing with 27 touches (13 contested) with 11 marks, 8 tackles and 6 clearances plus 1 goal and 533 metres gained for the game. 
  3. Dayne Zorko (160). Took home the B.O.G medal after a massive performance of halfback. 40 disposals (35 kicks) with 16 marks and 852 metres gained, that 56 from last week hopefully an outlier.
  4. Hugh McCluggage (139). Finished off the quartet of the Brisbane midfield with 32 touches (14 contested) plus 9 clearances, 7 marks and 611 metres gained for the game.
  5. Sam Flanders (128). Started at half-back but finished in the middle of the ground, all up leading the Suns with 30 touches (11 contested) plus nearly 500 metres gained. Just him and Merrett left in the 2024 ton run.

Other 100+ scores: Harris Andrews (114), Will Powell (106)

Disappointment: Has to go to the Suns Matt Rowell, well down on his usual output with just 4 tackles and 65 points.

Rookies: Ripping game from Lohmann (98) who did a little of everything, finishing up with 13 touches, 6 marks, 6 tackles and 1 goal for the game. Reville was on debut and had 13 disposals, all kicks, to have 492 metres gained and a score of 59. Morris also got a debut as a late inclusion and then sub, but he made the most of it with 37 points thanks to 1 goal and 5 disposals. Gardiner (43) kicked 2 goals but then had a knee injury, while Answerth (0) got concussed. The Suns had their usual plethora of rookies, the best being Graham (59) who came in ahead of Clohesy (43), Berry (35), Read (32), Walter (31) and Rogers (21).

Injuries: The injuries stacked up for the Lions in the win. It started with Starcevich being a late out, then it was McCarthy (knee), Answerth (concussion) and Gardiner (knee) all on top of it. No such news for the Suns, just Read being subbed at half-time.


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