SC Finals Wk 2 Update

Written by MJ on September 15 2013

Lets have a look at how we all fared after the two games this weekend.

Deano is currently under investigation by ASADA after allegations arose that his club may be taking banned substances. His score of 1,338 shot him to the top of the leaderboard this week and 45th overall if you don’t mind!

Matthew is his closest competitor with his side Victorious Secret sitting comfortably in 54th position in the overall standings and 2nd in the SCT League.

One of SCT’s favourite sons Don Cottagers was one of the big movers for the week with a massive score of 1,347 placing him just outside the top 500 for the round and into 33rd in the SCT League. A unique ploy of fielding an all Sydney midfield of JPK (112), ROK (136) , Hannebery (111) and Biggs (58) paid dividends.

Well done to those who are placed in the top 20 coaches on the site:Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 7.45.42 PM


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10 thoughts on “SC Finals Wk 2 Update”

  1. Don’t anyone tell Motts, but for me the all-Sydney midfield was because I expected Sydney to win and win well.

    I just thought that being the champion side that they are, they would have too much class and experience not to bounce back after what happened in the second half against the Hawks.

    ROK is one of my favourite finals performers and wore the C with distinction. Went with Stevie J for the VC duties as I thought he may want to atone for being dominated by Crowley for three quarters last week and he was good without being great.

    Biggs playing was a decent cheap option and when Tippett went down, while bad for him, was a nice bonus as it guaranteed a full game for Biggs.

    Looking to next week, selections could be really interesting, as there are a number of players going up against an opponent that they love to play, including:

    Selwood: He has averaged 122 in his career vs Hawthorn (11 games and includes a 185).

    Bartel: He averages 114 on the Hawks and that includes three 150+ scores which would be pretty nice if tripled.

    Chappy: He was back to something near his brilliant best against the Power. Add to that the fact that he appears to be one of the guys at the Cattery who took the “we are never ever going to lose to these guys again” thing really seriously and he looks too tasty to ignore this week. He has a 112 average on the Hawks since the ’08 final and has only gone sub-100 once. Six of the nine have been 120 or more.

    Mitchell: Despite having to deal with the Major of Geelong’s tag a lot, he has averaged 111 on the Cats in his career and five of his last 13 have been 127 or more.

    In the other game:

    JPK: Kennedy has averaged 128 on the Dockers in the last three years and is coming off scores of 132 and 151 against them. Also had two good finals so far. Is making a pretty good case to be included in your 2014 SC side at the moment as he looks interested again. His body is built for a Ross Lyon finals game too.

    Jack: Against the Dockers, he has seen four of his past five over 113.

    Other things that I think are of note:

    – Crowley usually goes to Hannebery and when he has gone to a guy before, he tends to go there again, so despite being wonderful on the weekend, I’d avoid him.

    – I reckon De Boer has to go to McVeigh after his most-disposals-in-a-quarter-EVER display on the weekend. As an aside, how interesting would it have been to have been a fly on the wall at that half time address from Mick. 20 in a quarter, how did they let that happen?! Even Ablett hasn’t done that!

    – Buddy’s had a ‘rest’ but with back-to-back 60’s against the Cats, I’d avoid.

    – Same with the Coleman medalist. He has only ever had two hundreds on the Cats. Taylor and Lonergan seem to have their measures.


  2. Seems the most ‘on thread’ spot to post this. Thoughts on Chappy and Richards?

    For me Chappy’s in a lot more trouble than Richards is. Greater effect on the player, seemed a more physical act and greater likelihood of hurting the player. I don’t for a minute want to suggest i understand the current system but i would think that Chappy is GONE for one and Richards might be lucky and just get a reprimand with a whole lot of points to carry over.

    Anyone else got an opinion on these? Huge impacts on both teams chances this coming weekend.


  3. tell me would shane Kerstin be worth putting in the team I reckon hawk might pull out or the cats might put Kerstin in for chapmen got 142000 left so if Kerstin dosent play I will just do a quick swap for varcoe



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