Scoring Anomalies – Round 1

Written by The Salamander on March 26 2021

SuperCoach scores can seem like a bit of a mystery sometimes. So, back in 2019, I started a project called SyntheticCoach to try and see if I could piece together what each player’s SuperCoach score ought to be, based on a) what is known publicly about the scoring system, and b) the player stats that are publicly available.

It went AWOL last year (sorry about that), but it’s back for 2021.

It’s been rewritten from the ground up this year, in part because it was due for an overhaul anyway, but also because the original version was on a computer that died at the end of last year, and I can’t find the hard drive that it was backed up on. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing – the new version already does some nice things that the old one never did, like outputting the scoring breakdown as a table.

The system is currently using the following scoring formula:

Effective Kicks: 4 points
Clangers: -4 points (includes clanger kicks and handballs, frees-against, and other clangers).
Effective Handballs: 1.5 points
Ground Ball Gets: 4.5 points
Goals: 8 points
Behinds: 1 points
Marks: 2 points, plus an extra 2 points if contested, 4 points if from an opposition kick, and 1 point if it’s on a lead.
Tackles: 4 points
Spoils: 2 points
Other One Percenters: 1.5 points
Frees For: 4 points
Hitouts To Advantage: 5 points
Bounces: 2 points
Goal Assists: 3.5 points
Gathers From Hitouts: 2 points
Marks On Lead: 1 points
Other Uncontested Possessions: 1.5 points

We know from various sources that smothers are worth 1.5 points each; in order to get this in when it’s not an isolated stat in the available data, the system makes the assumption that all non-spoil one-percenters are scored this way (which, for what it’s worth, they probably are). It also makes the assumption that non-marked uncontested possessions are worth 1.5 points in order to get handball receives (1.5 points) in. This stat can also include things like gathers from knock-ons and kicks to space, and we don’t know how they’re scored, but 1.5 points is probably a safe enough assumption.

The only other major thing I know of that it’s missing is behind assists. Score assists are worth 3.5 points, but right now, we only have access to the goal assists stat. There are probably about 20 behind assists per game, or about 70 points out of 3300, so it’s not like it’s going to put things massively out of whack, but it is something to keep in mind.

Finally, the gathers from hitouts stat is an estimate, based on the player’s total contested possessions, minus contested marks, ground ball gets, and frees for.

If you know of any other publicly available stats that are included in the scoring formula that are not listed above, or if you happen to know the point-value of a particular stat is outdated, please let me know in the comments so I can update the formula.

After it calculates the raw scores, the system scales them so that the total points in each game sum to 3300, just like Champion Data does. Unlike Champion Data’s, this scaling is linear, meaning it affects all players in the same match by the same proportion. The difference between this linear-scaled score and the player’s actual score will, in most cases, be the result of Champion Data’s scaling formula, which is kept secret. As SyntheticCoach becomes more and more complete in its ability to piece together the raw scores, the focus of Scoring Anomalies is bound to become scaling anomalies. So the goal for this season is to reverse-engineer the SuperCoach scaling formula. It’s a big and complex job, so I’m not going to put any timeline on it at this point, but I’ll keep you posted.

A more immediate improvement that needs to be made, however, is getting players’ actual SuperCoach scores into the breakdowns, as well as the SyntheticCoach estimates. I’ll aim to have that implemented by this time next week.

I had been hoping to put the score breakdowns inside the nice tables we have here on SCT, but on my screen at least, I can see all the data in the table, but only some of the headers – it seems the table has too many columns for it to display nicely on my laptop’s 13-inch screen. Mobile users might have some luck turning their device on its side. Those of you reading on large monitors: let me know how much of the table you can see!

Anyway, that’s a little bit of a bummer, but it’s a problem I can try and solve over the next week or two. In the meantime, I’ve also attached the full breakdown table as a spreadsheet for you to peruse at your leisure.


Effective Kicks: EK
Clangers: CG
Effective Handballs: EHB
Ground Ball Gets: GBG
Goals: G
Behinds: Bh
Intercept Marks: IM
Marks: M
Contested Marks: CM
Tackles: T
Spoils: Sp
Other One Percenters: 1%
Frees For: FF
Hitouts To Advantage: HTA
Bounces: Bo
Goal Assists: GA
Gathers From Hitouts: GFH
Marks On Lead: ML
Other Uncontested Possessions: OUP

The values in the cells are raw, un-scaled points from each stat, not the number of times a player was awarded with that stat.

NameClubRawLinear-ScaledEK (4)CG (-4)EHB (1.5)GBG (4.5)G (8)Bh (1)IM (2)M (2)CM (4)T (4)Sp (2)1% (1.5)FF (4)HTA (5)Bo (2)GA (3.5)GFH (2)ML (1)OUP (1.5)
John NobleCOLL123.09556.0-12.04.527.
Liam BakerRICH51.54112.0-
Lachie SchultzFRE71.56420.0-20.01.518.
Tom DoedeeADEL105.08924.0-0.04.522.
Harry McKayCARL73.55912.0-
Harry MorrisonHAW114.58732.0-16.010.531.516.
Willem DrewPORT98.5828.0-
Hugh McCluggageBL95.58032.0-
Lloyd MeekFRE49.0440.0-
Daniel RioliRICH56.54512.0-
Lachlan MurphyADEL57.0494.0-16.04.518.
Nick LarkeyNMFC53.04416.0-
Jordan RidleyESS137.510560.0-
Jack SilvagniCARL45.53720.0-
Oliver HanrahanHAW68.55212.0-
Izak RankineGCFC51.0408.0-8.010.513.
Isaac CummingGWS103.08736.0-
Bayley FritschMELB65.55820.0-
Ben McKayNMFC87.07216.0-
James WorpelHAW78.06028.0-
Jack HigginsSTK86.07312.0-8.04.518.
Lachie FogartyCARL100.58128.0-
Andrew BrayshawFRE143.512828.0-8.019.536.
Adam CerraFRE142.512740.0-8.013.531.
Jaidyn StephensonNMFC152.012640.0-16.019.527.
Charlie ConstableGEEL27.5238.0-
Noah BaltaRICH91.07328.0-
Kane FarrellPORT37.5318.0-
Paddy DowCARL82.56616.0-20.010.527.
Lochie O'BrienCARL66.55420.0-
Hunter ClarkSTK137.011644.0-
Luke Davies-UniackeNMFC119.59928.0-12.010.536.
Charlie SpargoMELB111.59928.0-8.010.522.
Zac BaileyBL89.07528.0-
Jack PayneBL66.05620.0-
Stefan GiroFRE28.02512.0-
Brandon StarcevichBL57.54820.0-4.04.513.
Aaron NaughtonWB76.05924.0-
Callum L. BrownCOLL0.000.0-
Jack BytelSTK96.58216.0-
Brayden SierCOLL50.5390.0-
Patrick LipinskiWB120.59332.0-
Hayden McLeanSYD67.05616.0-
Jack LukosiusGCFC116.59160.0-
Zac LangdonWCE62.04912.0-
Liam RyanWCE79.06224.0-
Oscar AllenWCE116.59132.0-
Tobe WatsonFRE40.53612.0-
Tim EnglishWB120.09328.0-
Mitchell HingeADEL38.53312.0-
Zach GuthrieGEEL54.54612.0-
Aiden BonarNMFC63.05220.0-4.04.513.
Lachie YoungNMFC89.07428.0-4.07.513.
Gryan MiersGEEL55.04712.0-24.010.518.
Jordon ButtsADEL51.5448.0-
Todd MarshallPORT70.05824.0-
Laitham VandermeerWB114.58820.0-
Josh DaicosCOLL41.0324.0-
Sam TaylorGWS83.0718.0-
Kade ChandlerMELB0.000.0-
Oscar McInerneyBL127.010724.0-
Sam DraperESS106.5818.0-
Nick CoffieldSTK75.06432.0-
Tarryn ThomasNMFC93.57820.0-16.07.527.
Liam HenryFRE38.5348.0-
Nick BlakeySYD71.56020.0-
Jacob KoschitzkeHAW51.5398.0-
Bailey ScottNMFC128.010640.0-
Keidean ColemanBL65.05512.0-
Sam WalshCARL155.512540.0-20.025.549.
Xavier DuursmaPORT62.05128.0-24.07.513.
Jye CaldwellESS111.58516.0-
Zak ButtersPORT119.59932.0-
James RowbottomSYD136.011520.0-
Rhylee WestWB0.000.0-
Bailey SmithWB160.012468.0-
Jack RossRICH53.04316.0-
Xavier O'HalloranGWS0.000.0-
Lachlan ShollADEL105.59048.0-16.07.518.
Curtis TaylorNMFC45.0378.0-
Ben KingGCFC71.55624.0-
Bobby HillGWS60.55116.0-
Jordan ClarkGEEL91.57836.0-4.010.513.
Sam WicksSYD93.57920.0-
Dylan MooreHAW132.510124.0-
Jack PetruccelleWCE42.5338.0-
Harry SharpBL58.54920.0-16.01.522.
Mark O'ConnorGEEL94.08028.0-
Wil PowellGCFC98.57736.0-4.010.522.
Connor IdunGWS53.54520.0-
Isaac QuaynorCOLL83.06420.0-4.04.513.
Will HamillADEL46.54016.0-
Tyler BrownCOLL75.05816.0-
Ned McHenryADEL81.56924.0-12.04.522.516.
Brayden HamESS70.55412.0-
Tom McCartinSYD70.55928.0-12.01.513.
Xavier O'NeillWCE81.06324.0-
Connor BudarickGCFC52.54124.0-
Kysaiah PickettMELB65.05820.0-24.04.518.
Harry SchoenbergADEL106.09020.0-4.013.527.
Will DayHAW129.09952.0-20.013.522.
Charlie BallardGCFC110.08660.0-
Lachlan McNeilWB26.0208.0-32.01.531.
Jack MahonyNMFC70.55916.0-
Miles BergmanPORT46.5398.0-
Noah AndersonGCFC65.55120.0-
Matt RowellGCFC17.5144.0-
Ned CahillESS44.53412.0-12.04.522.
Lachie AshGWS76.56536.0-
Hayden YoungFRE87.57844.0-
Trent RiversMELB38.53416.0-
Trey RuscoeCOLL17.5144.0-
Luke JacksonMELB60.05312.0-
Caleb SerongFRE120.010728.0-12.016.545.
Tom GreenGWS65.0558.0-16.013.527.
Jack BuckleyGWS70.56012.0-8.04.522.
Jack MadgenCOLL94.07324.0-8.013.522.
Tom PowellNMFC67.05616.0-
Harrison JonesESS63.54816.0-
Chad WarnerSYD101.08528.0-8.013.531.
Tanner BruhnGWS47.5400.0-
Sam BerryADEL72.56220.0-
Connor DownieHAW0.000.0-
Charlie LazzaroNMFC6.050.0-
Oliver HenryCOLL5.048.0-
Errol GuldenSYD149.512656.0-
Braeden CampbellSYD73.06224.0-4.07.518.
Logan McDonaldSYD88.07424.0-
James JordonMELB94.58424.0-
Tyler BrockmanHAW42.53212.0-20.01.513.516.
Tom FullartonBL41.03512.0-4.04.513.
Nikolas CoxESS39.03020.0-
Shaun BurgoyneHAW64.54924.0-
David MundyFRE85.57612.0-8.013.522.
Shannon HurnWCE169.013284.0-
Grant BirchallBL57.04824.0-
Josh J. KennedyWCE54.04212.0-
Marc MurphyCARL67.05428.0-
Nathan JonesMELB61.55516.0-
Joel SelwoodGEEL119.510248.0-12.07.527.
Travis BoakPORT167.013948.0-12.013.540.516.
Jack RiewoldtRICH102.08220.0-12.01.518.
Shaun HigginsGEEL102.58724.0-8.016.527.
Scott PendleburyCOLL129.510036.0-32.013.536.
Josh P. KennedySYD56.0478.0-
Shane EdwardsRICH142.011432.0-4.019.549.
Dayne ZorkoBL113.59640.0-28.07.531.
Ben McEvoyHAW113.58720.0-
Sam J. ReidGWS26.5238.0-
Robbie GrayPORT96.58020.0-
Tom HawkinsGEEL69.55912.0-8.04.513.516.
Ed CurnowCARL116.59424.0-
Lachie HendersonGEEL71.56128.0-
Cale HookerESS59.5458.0-
Patrick DangerfieldGEEL127.510940.0-12.010.522.
Tom RockliffPORT47.0394.0-0.010.513.
Tom LynchADEL126.010744.0-
Rory SloaneADEL133.511436.0-4.010.540.
Matt de BoerGWS82.07020.0-8.010.513.
Nic NaitanuiWCE112.5888.0-8.013.522.
Daniel RichBL87.07348.0-
Todd GoldsteinNMFC148.012316.0-8.016.531.
Jordan RougheadCOLL89.56932.0-
Shaun McKernanSTK43.5378.0-
Callan WardGWS130.011028.0-12.016.545.
Rhys StanleyGEEL92.07812.0-4.010.531.
Taylor WalkerADEL153.013028.0-
Charlie DixonPORT74.5628.0-
Liam ShielsHAW119.09128.0-
Luke BreustHAW99.07612.0-4.013.527.
Stefan MartinWB113.58820.0-
Phil DavisGWS59.55120.0-8.04.518.
Dylan GrimesRICH56.0458.0-
Jack ZiebellNMFC133.011072.0-8.07.518.
Nathan VardyWCE42.5338.0-
Travis ColyerFRE54.04812.0-
Steven MotlopPORT118.09840.0-
Liam JonesCARL54.04320.0-16.01.513.
Brad SheppardWCE88.06940.0-
Steven MayMELB130.011664.0-16.04.513.
Hugh GreenwoodGCFC60.54712.0-4.04.513.
Levi CasboultCARL46.53712.0-
Neville JettaMELB67.56016.0-
Jack ReddenWCE103.08136.0-
Kane LambertRICH87.57024.0-
Taylor DuryeaWB118.59256.0-4.010.513.
Sam ReidSYD83.57016.0-
David AstburyRICH59.54816.0-
Kyle HartiganHAW64.04916.0-
Josh ThomasCOLL62.54816.0-
Dane RampeSYD107.59148.0-24.07.527.
Mitch RobinsonBL63.55416.0-
Lachlan KeeffeGWS68.55816.0-12.04.531.
Max GawnMELB124.011016.0-16.04.518.
Cameron GuthrieGEEL125.010724.0-20.016.536.
Josh CaddyRICH86.06932.0-12.04.518.
Dion PrestiaRICH114.59224.0-20.016.540.
Dyson HeppellESS130.09936.0-
Jared PolecNMFC87.07232.0-
Scott LycettPORT131.510912.0-
Jimmy WebsterSTK58.04916.0-
Luke ParkerSYD107.09032.0-24.010.513.516.
Shaun AtleyNMFC111.09236.0-
Alex KeathWB129.010052.0-
Tom LiberatoreWB148.511528.0-
Andrew GaffWCE83.56536.0-
Reece ConcaFRE63.05620.0-24.010.531.
Jamie CrippsWCE98.57732.0-
David SwallowGCFC155.012144.0-4.019.536.
Jack DarlingWCE92.07216.0-
Dustin MartinRICH188.015140.0-8.016.536.
Jeremy HoweCOLL94.07344.0-
Jonathon CeglarHAW97.07428.0-20.04.518.
Gary RohanGEEL46.5408.0-8.01.513.
Josh BruceWB83.56532.0-
Luke DahlhausGEEL80.06820.0-
Tom McDonaldMELB104.09224.0-
Mitch WallisWB56.54412.0-12.010.527.
Ryan LesterBL72.06120.0-8.04.513.
Josh WalkerNMFC57.04716.0-
Nat FyfeFRE127.011324.0-32.022.545.
Will Hoskin-ElliottCOLL52.0408.0-20.010.522.
Brodie SmithADEL80.56944.0-28.07.518.
Sam DayGCFC46.5364.0-12.010.522.
Devon SmithESS87.06620.0-8.04.518.
Jack NewnesCARL137.011040.0-8.019.540.
Taylor AdamsCOLL62.04816.0-
Dylan ShielESS122.09332.0-
Dom TysonNMFC38.5328.0-
Adam TreloarWB86.56716.0-
Tom StewartGEEL118.010164.0-
Adam TomlinsonMELB92.08244.0-
Brody MihocekCOLL72.05616.0-
Tom MitchellHAW172.013136.0-16.031.549.
Stephen ConiglioGWS107.09132.0-
Jarrod WittsGCFC110.0868.0-
Harry CunninghamSYD61.05116.0-8.04.513.
Tom JonasPORT79.56616.0-
Luke BrownADEL30.5268.0-
Rory LairdADEL131.011240.0-16.010.513.
Lachie NealeBL102.58612.0-12.022.554.
Lincoln McCarthyBL104.58828.0-16.01.545.
Brandon EllisGCFC101.57940.0-
Jarryd LyonsBL141.011936.0-
Sam FrostHAW113.08620.0-0.010.531.
Jamie ElliottCOLL72.55616.0-4.04.513.516.
Tom J. LynchRICH43.0358.0-
Sebastian RossSTK96.58224.0-16.010.527.
Matt TabernerFRE106.59528.0-0.04.531.524.
Jack CrispCOLL109.08448.0-24.07.522.
Jed BewsGEEL24.5218.0-
Brodie GrundyCOLL115.58920.0-
Sean LemmensGCFC82.06440.0-
George HewettSYD81.56928.0-16.07.518.
Anthony McDonald-TipungwutiESS103.07924.0-4.07.518.
Sam MenegolaGEEL85.57320.0-
Tom HickeySYD164.013840.0-12.013.540.
Ollie WinesPORT105.08732.0-
Aliir AliirPORT65.05432.0-
Tom ClureyPORT110.09136.0-0.01.513.
Aidan CorrNMFC73.06124.0-4.07.513.
Joe DaniherBL64.55412.0-
Lachie HunterWB137.510648.0-
Kamdyn McIntoshRICH79.56420.0-16.04.531.
Tim MembreySTK127.010844.0-
Jaeger O'MearaHAW135.510332.0-
Lachie PlowmanCARL81.56632.0-
Alex SextonGCFC89.07028.0-4.04.513.
Nick VlastuinRICH51.54120.0-
Paul SeedsmanADEL92.07844.0-20.07.522.
Josh JenkinsGEEL49.5428.0-
Jeremy McGovernWCE105.08244.0-
Isaac SmithGEEL89.07632.0-28.07.513.516.
James AishFRE64.05724.0-12.01.513.
Caleb DanielWB143.511164.0-
Nathan BroadRICH63.05116.0-4.07.522.
Joel HamlingFRE73.56512.0-
Nick HaynesGWS99.08440.0-20.04.527.
Mason WoodSTK0.000.0-
Jake LloydSYD119.510144.0-16.016.522.
Toby GreeneGWS99.08420.0-12.07.536.
Sam CollinsGCFC119.09352.0-
Adam SaadCARL143.511648.0-
Jack MacraeWB169.013144.0-16.025.527.
Sam DochertyCARL111.59068.0-12.01.518.
Bradley HillSTK84.57224.0-8.010.522.
Tim KellyWCE159.012552.0-
Tim O'BrienHAW83.06328.0-
Michael GibbonsCARL88.57120.0-4.010.513.516.
Jack SteeleSTK113.59632.0-28.07.531.
Jarman ImpeyHAW88.06744.0-
Jake KolodjashnijGEEL89.57612.0-
Blake AcresFRE34.53116.0-
Dom SheedWCE133.010444.0-28.016.518.
Orazio FantasiaPORT103.08524.0-
Josh KellyGWS124.510632.0-16.013.531.
Jack BillingsSTK143.512236.0-8.019.549.
Christian SalemMELB80.57236.0-
Alex Neal-BullenMELB74.06620.0-12.07.531.
Callum WilkieSTK53.54520.0-12.04.513.
Mark BlicavsGEEL104.08920.0-16.013.513.
Karl AmonPORT107.58940.0-4.04.518.
Marcus BontempelliWB115.08920.0-
Tom CutlerESS0.000.0-
Nick HindESS111.08544.0-20.07.522.
Nick HolmanGCFC56.04416.0-
Jake KellyADEL28.0248.0-
Reilly O'BrienADEL66.55712.0-12.04.518.
James HarmesMELB76.56824.0-24.010.513.
Toby NankervisRICH115.0938.0-8.07.518.
Christian PetraccaMELB108.59632.0-28.013.522.516.
Ed LangdonMELB122.510940.0-
Daniel McKenzieSTK55.54716.0-
Liam DugganWCE96.07536.0-
Touk MillerGCFC93.07328.0-
Angus BrayshawMELB77.56916.0-20.010.522.
Jayden LaverdeESS69.5538.0-
Jake LeverMELB133.011844.0-
Darcy MooreCOLL147.511452.0-
Peter WrightESS90.56924.0-
Marc PittonetCARL105.0858.0-
Jackson NelsonWCE103.08152.0-4.07.513.
Oleg MarkovGCFC114.08948.0-
Alex PearceFRE9.080.0-
Brandan ParfittGEEL130.011124.0-
Jade GreshamSTK95.08152.0-
Callum Ah CheeBL73.06220.0-16.07.536.
Connor BlakelyFRE67.5608.0-8.013.518.
Shane McAdamADEL42.5364.0-8.04.513.
Lachie WellerGCFC99.07836.0-28.010.531.
Isaac HeeneySYD118.09940.0-
Kyle LangfordESS103.07928.0-8.010.518.
Tom BarrassWCE142.511260.0-
Will SnellingESS93.57116.0-
Charlie CameronBL56.54816.0-
Patrick CrippsCARL120.59724.0-16.019.531.
Aaron FrancisESS61.04712.0-
Jack GrahamRICH153.012360.0-16.016.522.
Billy FramptonADEL103.08828.0-
Darcy Byrne-JonesPORT84.57032.0-12.04.518.
Jason CastagnaRICH68.5558.0-
Jack LonieSTK70.56012.0-
Brayden MaynardCOLL130.010060.0-8.04.513.
Connor MenadueNMFC77.06420.0-
Zach MerrettESS137.510544.0-28.016.531.
Anthony ScottWB75.05824.0-
Jayden ShortRICH107.08664.0-
Sam SwitkowskiFRE97.58712.0-4.013.531.
Ryan BurtonPORT107.08940.0-12.010.522.
Jordan DawsonSYD95.08036.0-8.07.522.
Bailey WilliamsWB148.511560.0-12.010.527.
Dan ButlerSTK58.55012.0-
Daniel HoweHAW80.56132.0-
Oscar McDonaldCARL68.05520.0-
Kayne TurnerNMFC53.0444.0-
Paul HunterSTK51.0434.0-
Jake AartsRICH74.56024.0-16.07.518.
Harry HimmelbergGWS103.58820.0-
Dougal HowardSTK98.08352.0-
Marlion PickettRICH69.55616.0-24.07.531.
Blake HardwickHAW130.09952.0-
Darcy ParishESS122.09328.0-4.010.531.
Tom ColeWCE129.510152.0-
Rhys MathiesonBL0.000.0-
Jacob WeiteringCARL86.57036.0-
Josh DunkleyWB145.011232.0-12.019.536.
Matt FlynnGWS171.514624.0-4.013.531.
Jacob HopperGWS132.011228.0-
Callum MillsSYD153.012948.0-16.019.527.
Ben LongSTK89.57632.0-
Ben KeaysADEL111.09528.0-
Eric HipwoodBL37.5328.0-
Shai BoltonRICH110.08928.0-16.013.536.
Jy SimpkinNMFC105.08728.0-
Jordan De GoeyCOLL79.06112.0-
Dan HoustonPORT114.59548.0-
Jayden HuntMELB54.54824.0-8.04.513.
Tom AtkinsGEEL92.57928.0-24.010.536.
Jack SinclairSTK86.57316.0-
Sam Petrevski-SetonCARL71.55836.0-
Riley BonnerPORT71.05932.0-12.04.513.
Harris AndrewsBL85.07224.0-
Darcy MacPhersonGCFC80.56328.0-8.07.522.
Tom PhillipsHAW119.09136.0-
Ethan HughesFRE73.56520.0-20.010.522.
Clayton OliverMELB151.513536.0-20.028.545.
Bailey DaleWB93.57240.0-
Tom PapleySYD93.57932.0-4.04.522.
Brennan CoxFRE75.56716.0-4.07.513.
Mason RedmanESS67.05124.0-
Will HaywardSYD0.000.0-
Peter LadhamsPORT64.0534.0-8.010.518.
Andrew McPhersonADEL47.54016.0-
Ryan GardnerWB87.56824.0-
Josh RothamWCE86.06736.0-
Andrew McGrathESS201.515440.0-
Oliver FlorentSYD99.08328.0-20.010.522.
Will BrodieGCFC68.05316.0-12.013.527.
Jarrod BerryBL71.06024.0-16.07.513.
Josh BattleSTK70.05916.0-8.04.518.
Tom WilliamsonCARL59.54824.0-4.04.513.
Tim TarantoGWS122.510440.0-12.07.522.
Thomas HighmoreSTK79.06720.0-24.010.527.
Harry PerrymanGWS132.011244.0-16.010.522.
Will SetterfieldCARL103.08336.0-
Jack BowesGCFC179.0140112.0-
Changkuoth JiathHAW95.57320.0-
Cameron ZurhaarNMFC40.53412.0-
Mason CoxCOLL98.57624.0-
Luke RyanFRE99.58848.0-
Jamaine JonesWCE0.000.0-
James RoweADEL124.010636.0-
Tom SparrowMELB68.0608.0-8.07.522.
Zac FisherCARL92.57420.0-


Download the spreadsheet: Round1Breakdown.


P.S. Let me know in the comments if you can think of something to call this project that is catchier than ‘SyntheticCoach.’


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8 thoughts on “Scoring Anomalies – Round 1”

  1. Honestly I would think frees for would be only 1 point at best. Players have done nothing important to receive the free, it is their opposition who has made a mistake that has given it to them.

    In AF, free for is 1 and free against -3, so I would think it would be in similar format for Supercoach.


    1. I would have thought so myself, but it’s right there in the official terms and conditions that frees-for are worth 4 points. Which, as you point out, is far too much, but I think the reason they do it is so that the frees-for (+4s) and frees-against (-4s) cancel out, and don’t take up any of the precious 3300 points.


  2. Looking at the T&C marks have a slightly different scoring system to what is in the article. I assume that is just a error
    Mark uncontested (maintaining possession) 2 Points
    Mark contested (maintaining possession) 6 Points
    Mark uncontested (from opposition) 4 Points
    Mark contested (from opposition) 8 Points

    The T&C also doesn’t have anything down for one percenters in bounces/spoils


    1. Good pickup – that’s something that’s worth explaining for people.

      It’s presented differently, but it’s the same formula. Each of those types of marking scores is made up of the mark component (2 points), and, in three of the four cases, the contested (4 extra points) and/or the intercept (2 extra points) component. The points shown in the breakdown as being from these sources are split up along those same lines, so the ‘contested mark’ column, for example, shows the extra points from the contested marks.

      The mark-on-lead one isn’t in the official T&Cs, but I’m 95% sure I’ve seen it written in the Herald Sun at some point that they’re worth three points all up.


  3. Great stuff Sal.

    The stat that most confuses me is Ground Ball Gets ( 4 points) and Gathers from hit outs.(2 points)

    Firstly what is the difference, and can you be awarded both ?

    This is a typical clearance set up.

    Eg Ruck taps to ground. Mid picks up loose ball and hand balls to a team mate.
    GFH ( 2) GBG (4) handball (1.5) total = 7.5 points.

    Is this possible ? or is it only a GBG if not associated with a Ruck contest ?
    Eg just GFH (2) HB (1.5) = 3.5 points

    Another thing I wonder is..

    Player picks the loose ball and is bundled out of bounds.
    Does that player still get 4 points even though he failed to have an effective disposal ?


    1. The AFL actually has a pretty good glossary of this stuff here:

      The possession can be graded as a ground ball get (either loose or hard – both are considered contested) or as a gather from hitout, but not both. My understanding is that if the player takes possession from a hitout-to-advantage, that’s a gather; otherwise, unless they directly shark the opposition tap, the first possession from a neutral ruck contest is considered a ground ball get.

      As to the second question, I think it would depend on whether or not the player was judged to have control of the ball before it went out of bounds. If they were, then they would be considered ‘in possession’, and so the possession would count. I’m not quite sure exactly where CD draws the line on what counts as being in control of the ball, though.



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