Scoring Anomalies – Round 10

Written by The Salamander on May 30 2019

With 38 disposals (13 contested, 58 percent DE, 355 metres gained), 10 clearances, and 4 inside-50s for just 93 points, Adam Treloar became the latest player this year to rack up very high numbers and score under 100 points. The low DE, combined with 7 turnovers, 5 clangers, as well as just the 2 tackles and 3 score involvements, is probably what held him back. His teammate Tom Phillips had a similar problem, racking up 23 touches (8 contested, 57 percent DE, 477 metres gained), and 4 tackles for just 65 points. Once again, the low DE, plus 5 clangers and just 2 score involvements, probably didn’t do him any favours.

Meanwhile, Hawk Ricky Henderson might be feeling a bit short-changed after his 37 disposal (8 contested, 70 percent DE, and a huge 810 metres gained), 11 mark, 10 inside-50, 5 score involvement game netted him just 111 points. To be fair, only having 2 clearances and 2 tackles, as well as committing 5 clangers, would not have helped his cause.

Moving on, Champion Data favourite Jackson Macrae was relatively quiet by his lofty standards – 22 disposals (9 contested, 82 percent DE, 232 metres gained, 4 score involvements), 2 clearances, and 5 tackles – but still managed to rack up 105 points. The moral of the story? If you can’t beat them, buy them.

At the less generous end of the scale, Dustin Martin’s 35 disposal (10 contested, 60 percent DE, 707 metres gained), 8 clearance, 7 mark (1 contested), 8 inside-50, 4 score involvement game was only awarded 92 points. In what seems like a theme this week, the low-ish DE, as well as the high turnover count (9, with 6 clangers), and just the 1 tackle is likely what held him back.

Finally, Giant Harry Perryman managed 98 points from 18 disposals (8 contested, 72 percent DE, 329 metres gained, 5 score involvements), 4 tackles, and 4 clearances. Statistically, a solid enough game, but, given some of the other scores this week, a near 100-point one? I think not.

Were there any scores that seemed a bit too generous to you on the weekend? Or perhaps not generous enough? Let us know in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “Scoring Anomalies – Round 10”

  1. i know @ one stage treloar had 34 possessions but only 4 effective kicks @ that point in the match


  2. B.Crouch – 39 disposals for 80 pts???
    Over 600m gained but with only a 56% disposal efficiency rate. Plenty of clearances, score involvements & inside/rebound 50’s etc.

    Jaidyn Stephenson – 13 disposals for 70 pts.
    54% d/e but did kick a goal & had 5 extra tackles. 138m gained.



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