SCT Leagues Update – Round 4

Written by The Salamander on April 12 2021

I’ve done my best to keep track of the leagues that were created here, but occasionally one will slip through the cracks, especially early in the year. If you happen to know of a league in or around the top 500 that started here on SCT that isn’t listed below, let me know in the comments, and I’ll update the list.

SCT Leagues in the Top 500:

Pound The Priest: 106
SCT LoEC1: 119
CattaSCTchallenge3: 143
Fyfe is Life: 181
CattaSCTchallenge2: 184
The Neale Deal: 207
Gun’s Regulars #1: 270
Chillos Playground: 292
SCT Heroes: 346
SCT LoEC2: 367
Huttas Showdown: 376
The Fantasy Fiends: 389
Jock Cheeseman@SCT: 400
SuperCoachTalk 4: 428
BeatTheSalamander5: 429
CattasSCTchallenge: 458
Supercoach Battle: 492
Chillo’s Museum: (501)
I love SC@SCT: (509)
SCT LoEC3: (531)
Gun’s Regulars #2: (549)
SC—Expert Setting.: (553)
GameOnGrinter SCT: (560)
Last Minute Guns: (563)
Wozza’sWarriorsSCT: (594)

Meanwhile, the top 10 of the SCT Group is as follows:



Keep up the good work, coaches!


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4 thoughts on “SCT Leagues Update – Round 4”

    1. I think we have a passenger and maybe a possible Dead Team Bearded Burbler in the SCT Contributor’s League a fella who was doing you tube updates on the site about his team until it all went pear shaped with him banging out 1800’s , 1700’s and now 1600’s.

      Ghost or Dead teams kill league rankings.

      Anyway great work from those people on the site in the BBL SCT LOEC #1 League not only guns at BBL but also AFL. However , Yiorgi , Weendog , Raj , Zac Rockett and Gra Pol have been great additions.


  1. Well done Last Minute Guns. Have cracked the top 600 again. Legends!

    Let’s hope we can maintain the momentum.

    Also well done to TDA’s BBL SCT LOEC #1 which has cracked the top 100!!



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