SCTTL : Round 3 Review

Written by JimmyDee on April 2 2024

Top five this week shows us that there is still plenty of room to climb the mountain with those coaches not just grabbing a few positions up the ladder, but actually leap frogging half the field.

Top of that category was The Phat Side SCTTL with a very healthy 1973 thanks to putting the VC on Big Max. Climbed eleven spots into second overall. Second place Goes To David Johnson Rules with Troy also spotting Maxxie with the VC to record 1940, jumping from 44th to 17th in the process.

Wayne with Cham Tech jumped from 39th to 16th with his score of 1939 with the difference being a punt on the Bont as Captain. Cripps Walk Tech was already at the pointy end and a score of 1936 keeps Ash firmly implanted there.

My lovely wife’s team Fixed Interest gets a rare mention in the top five with a score of 1927, moving us up from 43rd to 18th and we are stoked. I reckon it’s probably our highest rank since playing Tech. Pretty sad history so let’s hope we are on the right track. Have beaten my Classic side in each of the three rounds so far, which is even sadder !!

YeeterTech moved to the top spot, with Phat Side SCTTL into second and the other podium sitter at this stage is Cripps Walk Tech moving up one spot from last round.

I gambled on Trading out Flanders to Powell so as to not lose points to the bye, but have no further strategy in that space. Moved Sam Berry on when he was not named and took a punt on Lachie Bramble to gamble on points and a handy DPP in the midfield, which was OK at least for this week.

Going to try and get Flanders back, but not sure how What is everyone else looking at doing this week, considering it’s a full 22 round score this round. Let us know in the comments, and as usual, thanks for reading.


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3 thoughts on “SCTTL : Round 3 Review”

  1. My tech team also beat my classic, oh well.

    I have all of Reid, Dean & Phillips so need at least one defender (Draper probably). Do I get one more in for bench cover or risk it with no cover, not sure yet given it’s best 18 again for rds 5 & 6. Will look to Darcy up forward too for cash gen. Will depend on team sheets. Already used two boosts, so may leave it there.


  2. 1864 for the week with VC on Serong
    Brought in Jackson, Serong and Darcy last week. Berry, Bailey and Newcombe all culled for it.
    Looking at maybe removing Howes and bringing in Brown/Draper into the backline but they will be my D6. Then upgrade Fyfe to Powell. May have missed the first jump in price, but struggling to trust Fyfe.
    Just having to stick with Salem and hope he holds his value for now



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