SCTTL : Round Twelve

Written by JimmyDee on June 2 2024

Apologies for a short summary this week but I have three bowls tournaments to organise and play in over the next week.

Big shout out to twelve of our group who managed scores over 2000, which should be in roughly the top ten percent or better this week.

Best of these was Jomo’s Steely Tech with 2108, followed closely by Cripps Walk Tech on 2103 and Suzi’s Smudge 88 with 2096. In Equal fourth were Stevie Wright and Bolton Celtics on 2076. Rounding out the top five this week was yours truly’s Fixed Interest with a fortunate 2045 thanks to only 19 players.

The other 2000 plus members in descending order from 2043 down to 2003 were Thanx Gus Brayshaw, KrispyK, The Phat Side SCTTL, Terangatangs, Chips Ahoy! and Mum’s the Word.

Well done all. Top five in the group Cham Tech, Tortured Tech, Cripps Walk Tech, Thanx Gus Brayshaw and The Phat Side, all within 285 of the top spot.


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3 thoughts on “SCTTL : Round Twelve”

  1. Always fun when the tech team beats my main one by nearly 200 points. Probably gonna cut Clarry this week alongside a 1U1D


    1. Would love that option Johnno, but I’ve got Reid and Darcy too……..

      …’ trying to have 1 or 2 trades left after the byes…….LOL


    2. Hahaha
      I feel you, my Tech team has been performing better than my main one for a couple of weeks now.
      Maybe next year I’ll start the same teams and see what happens ^^



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