Table For Two – Round 15

Written by The Salamander on June 24 2021

Got questions as we head into the first post-bye round? Your fellow coaches are here to help.

Post your questions below, and answer them by using the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons. Simple!


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29 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 15”

  1. Is L.Edwards a must have? 7 trades atm

    TU – Get that cash plus bench cover
    TD – Save the trade & let him pass


  2. holding off doing my last premo upgrade but want to take the best available rookie downgrade. as usual concerns are JS and cash generation- who’s the best pick?
    T/U edwards this week
    T/D bramble next week


    1. Neale gets the attention usually, however has a higher ceiling.

      Can’t go wrong either way IMO. The saved cash And ceiling might just spill it to Neale for me though.


  3. Have 8 trades left and still need to get 2 more premos. But with Duncan going down I need to use some extra trades. Trade Duncan to:

    T/up – Pendles and have 7 trades and $105k in the bank for further upgrades

    T/down – Lyons (would have to trade Jones to a rookie e.g. Briggs and leave me with $38k and 6 trades)


    1. Every chance Pendles scores well from here on out but impossible to predict how Harvey will use him for the rest of the season. Without a week or two to observe better to play it safe


  4. Need to downgrade this week so I can upgrade L. Jones to S. Bolton. I already have Newcombe, Reeves, Bramble (was my R1 loop hole), Briggs.

    Who plays more games:

    TU – L Edwards
    TD – S Durham


    1. Williams (PTA).

      Confirmed to debut, good wraps on him and Port one of the best teams to give rookies good runs at it.


    1. Hi DanTheMan, the best place to ask this question would be Gunboat Diplomacy’s excellent Captain’s post. His expertise will assist.

      Both are good choices but for what it is worth I went for Miller.

      Best of luck.



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