Table For Two – Round 16

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on June 30 2022

Got a one way or the other SC dilemma? You’ve come to the right place.

Put your question to the masses and answer others using the T.U and T.D function.


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43 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 16”

  1. I’m thinking to myself who would I vc/c if clarry wasn’t projected 3,000,000?
    It would be Neale into mills.

    Macrae still gets his last qtr fade outs recently.
    So Neale Vc.

    But having to basically have clarry in the equation, I’m going Mills vc as a safer option to get a monster score. Which is what my plan would have been to back up Neale.
    So mills into clarry it is. 160 pass mark.


    1. Would Neale be likely to be tagged by Melb? That’s my only worry with putting the VC on him over Macrae.


  2. TU: Stewart and Soligo to Hall and Bont (Butters F7 next week when English returns)

    TD: Just Stewart to Dawson (keep Butters F6)

    I have 9 trades before any moves this week


  3. OUT – Soligo & Luke Ryan
    IN – Stringer & Hall

    TU – Yes
    TD- No

    Stringer will be my F7/M9 and will just play to cover people who miss e.g. English this week. If i dont get stringer i could be losing 30 points as i would have Rioli on the field.
    Only worry is Stringer’s 2 scores where without Parish. Do you think this will affect him? or has he gained the fitness now to post consistent scores for cover

    Aaron Hall because he could average the highest score the remaining 8 rounds

    Let me know your thoughts


        1. Have you considered Nic Martin even though you may have had him already earlier in the year? Has just as much chance to ton up as what stringer does. Less of an injury risk and can still be loopholed.


          1. I wouldn’t he was playing on ball last week with Parish out. Unlikely to be his role this week

            Maybe Kane Farrell (Port?) or Harry Morrison.

            Or a FWD like Tyson Stengle or Miocheck given Geelong and Collingwood have easy runs then shift one of your M/Fs into the mids if you need cover


  4. 6 trades left and already carrying some weapons on the bench…

    Lineup before trades:
    DEF: Sicily, Sinclair, Stewart, Dawson, Hewett, Short (Wehr, D’Ambrosio)
    MID: Oliver, Neale, Laird, Parish, Miller, Macrae, Cripps,Petracca (Clarke, Owens, Worner)
    RUCK: Darcy, Jackson (Gawn)
    FWD: English, Bontempelli, Dunkley, Brodie, Coniglio, Treloar (Rosas, Teakle)

    TU: 1 trade. Stewart to Docherty. 5 trades left, $25k ITB. Carrying Gawn and English on bench, field Rosas for English.

    TD: 2 trades. Wehr and Rosas to Pendles and N.Long. 4 trades left, 14k ITB. Carrying Gawn, Stewart and English on bench, field J.Clarke for English


  5. Only have 4 trades left (basically full premo)
    TU: Trade Stewart to Dawson 3 trades left
    TD: Hold Stewart and use Wehr for 4 weeks

    Only problem is I have jackson who may need to be traded when Gawn comes back


  6. So conflicted
    Trade option above includes Baker in side as well
    or could go
    T/UBont and Whitfield
    T/ D Dawson and Duncan


  7. Sitting at full premo with a floating R/F (Jackson) or M/F (Coniglio) to cover three lines (23 premos).

    Only trade planned was L. Ryan to A. Hall – leaving me 4 trades.

    Preuss not named, J. Clarke dropped and T. English still out means I’m facing a donut. Preuss is frustrating me can’t be trusted.

    TU: 3 trades ROS – balls to the wall bring in Hall and a M/F for Preuss (De Goey or Taranto etc.)
    TD: 4 trades ROS -Keep L. Ryan (likely all year) and just trade Preuss.


  8. Need to trade Preuss to avoid a 0. Replacement will end up my F7/M9:
    TU: Dusty
    TD: De Goey

    I’m thinking both are better options than Stringer?


  9. Ok, have preuss and English, copped a donut last week but really want to push for top 5000.
    Thumbs up Nank
    Thumbs down Darcy
    Comment – suffer a donut one more week and bring in Gawn….


  10. Midfield Choice.
    Thumbs Up: S Walsh $580K (toughish draw)
    Thumbs Down: B Keays $531K (soft draw including Nth and WCE)


  11. Butters replacement was going to be Petracca but stuffed up by forgetting I needed Bont to move forward and it’s now too late. Doh!!
    So, and I hate this…..
    TU: Heeney?
    TD: Gresham?
    Comment: Any other sub $500K forwards?


  12. A) docherty
    B) Dawson
    C) hall ($100k bank)
    D) Whitfield ($145k bank)

    *the money is going towards F7 that can be a loop option each week


  13. Hi,

    I have 7 trades left, full premo, ranked 3,200, but i’ve still got T. Stewart in my team.

    TU: Use one trade, Stewart to Hall
    TD: Use two trades and bring in Dawson



  14. With Jackson being out I need to trade or I cop a donut
    Only have 4 trades left
    TU: Stewart and Jackson > Baker/Vlaustin and Darcy (2 trades left)

    TD: Jackson straight to Marshall (3 trades left have to field Wehr instead of Stewart at least for this week)

    Comment: Jackson and wehr > Dambrosio and any ruckman (Hold Stewart for 4 weeks)


  15. Need to trade in a ruck this week to avoid a donut & to avoid an important league match up loss (unfortunately can’t wait a week or two to get Gawn back), so have narrowed it down to these two:

    T/U Reilly O’Brien – $536,500 / aver 104.4 / last 3 aver 100.7 / last 5 aver 107.9 / BE = 91 / nice run home

    T/D Sean Darcy – $531,300 / aver 102.6 / last 3 aver 89 / last 5 aver 108.4 / BE = 104 / plays in better side with finals coming up

    Just can’t bring myself to spend another $35k on Nankervis, but still thinking about it



  16. Is it worth trading Butters now? Now that Hobbs is playing I will have him and curtis on field with butters and english on bench. Should i trade butters to a defender 500k or less? or hold off and play the 2 rookies. btw i have 4 trades left!

    T/u – hold butters and the 4 trades

    T/d – trade butters to a whit/baker/vlaustin and have 3 left

    cheers legends


  17. 4 trades left can’t rly afford to trade both:

    TU: Jackson > Hickey (Use Wehr as cover for stewart)

    TD: Stewart > Dawson (Cop Jackson Donut)

    Comment: Jackson and Stewart > Baker and Darcy (2 trades left)



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