17 thoughts on “Table for Two – Round 16”

  1. Last mid spot, who scores more out of:

    T/U – Zac Merritt, has been good all year, lowest score in the 90’s, just concerned re being tagged

    T/D – Yeo, played well since coming back, and the mid/def opens up for my other backs Naicos, Crisp, Young, Martin, in case of injuries in the run home



  2. reville to;
    TU; Ridley
    TD; Rankine

    Who should come in first this week, the other to come in for sexton next week


  3. Onfield:
    TU – Richards (Col)
    TD – Kreuger (Col)

    I am concerned Richards is likely to get the subs vest


    1. Yes – the Pies starting SUB will be interesting

      Quaynor could still come out with illness, and then maybe one of the EMG’s (Macrea, Dean etc) will be the sub

      And anyone out of the other 4 x players on the bench could also be the Collingwood SUB – Kreuger or Richards or Sullivan or Harrison ?

      They tend to name their SUB from the players listed on the interchange

      If Richards GPS data / fitness has been strong at training, I don’t think they start him as the SUB – as Schultz & Macrae & McInnes are all out from their forward line

      And Richards is fairly lightly framed – so his fitness should be pretty good

      Think their starting SUB would be more like Sullivan – to give the “returning” Pendles or DeGoey a breather late in the game

      But clearly the Collingwood SUB is very hard to pick this week


  4. 6 trades left $42k ITB, playing for leagues, have Oliver stinking it up (also have Rozee and Green so can’t swap to them)

    T/U Keep Oliver and save the trade
    T/D Burn 2 trades and get Serong
    Comment: Use 1 trade and DPP to go Oliver to Blakey/Powell/Curnow


    1. I voted TU

      Schoenmakers is a good size, he needs to work on his defensive skills, but he is a booming left foot kick & he generally makes good decisions

      He could be a 200 + game player for the struggling Saints, so you would think that he should play quite a few more games this year – even though the Saints do have a heapsof good “medium sized” options down back like Webster, Bonner, Sinclair, NWM etc.

      I have seen less of Evans, but he could be another good downgrade option.

      He is a little light, but he certainly knows how to find the ball – and he generally used it pretty well last week.

      Faded out of the game after half time, and Port really need some wins in the next few weeks – so feel his job security is maybe slightly less than Schoenmakers

      But clearly the job security for both of these guys is very hard to work out 🙂

      Good luck with your decision


  5. TU: Wilson and Sullivan out for Dowling and Chuck Curnow (keep final boost)

    TD: Wilson, Dean, Rogers out for Dowling, Evans, Zorko (use final foost)


  6. Salem out ruined my plans. These are to finish my team.

    TU: Merrett and Rivers
    TD: Yeo and Rozee


  7. Last spot to ‘complete’ my team. Will skip the moving parts, effectively it’s $422k available, so…

    TU – Simpkin (fwd)
    TD – Short (def)

    Neither good options but better than rookie options IMO. Don’t think Blues will tag Short (Vlastuin more likely).


    1. with Wardlaw out for 2 Matches, maybe Simpkin might get more CBA’s or at least keep him in the guts for the foreseeable future and gain you extra $50-60K if it helps.


  8. Traded out Oliver for Rozee. Oliver scores 101 (of course). Now thinking I should just go up to a better premo (Serong) instead of more sideways trade to Rozee, who is an injury risk? To change to Serong, will require a 2nd trade.

    TU – keep Rozee and have 5 trades remaining
    TD – go for broke and get Serong instead. And have 4 trades remaining.



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