Table For Two – Round 9

Written by The Salamander on May 14 2021

Got questions as we head towards Round 9? Your fellow coaches are here to help.

Post your questions below, and answer them by using the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons. Simple!


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38 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 9”

  1. TU – Double downgrade this week and double upgrade next week. Gulden > RCD, Campbell > Poulter (this week), Butts > Lloyd, Powell > Steele (next week).
    TD – 1 up, 1 down this week and re-assess next week. Gulden > Poulter, Campbell > Zorko.


    1. Lock and Load.

      I’m with the double down this week.
      Poulter’s not great for my byes, but seems a must have with his price and Dpp. RCD must play with all of the Tigers Midfield injuries.
      I like your plans for next week too, though I’m amazed you can fit in two R14 Bye upgrades. I own Steele but will have to wait on Lloyd and Clarry until at least R15.

      Best of luck this week.


      1. Thanks FT, looks like double downgrade will be very popular for non Tex owners this week.
        Round 13 is the looking like the tough bye round for me so happy with Lloyd and Steele.
        That being said, next weeks trade plans are likely to change again when the inevitable happens with injuries and/or rookie non-selection.


  2. Again, we have Who To Field out later this evening. Maybe hold fire on those kind of questions in this thread.


      1. Np, JJ. More so for you benefit, you’ll get more people weighing in and maybe some discussion.

        Replied to your question in Trade Talk btw.


    1. Check how many available midfielders you have in R13 vs R14, it may help your decision.
      I already have 3 premo MIDs missing in R13, so I’ll be getting Byrnes.


  3. I hate weeks where I have trade options. Too many reverse trades happening. Settle it for me please.

    T/U Kosi out
    T/D Gulden out


  4. Which rookie to bring in this week? Had been set on Poulter but thinking Byrnes might have decent JS with Jones going down, plus the Saints are a little more stable than the Pies rn.

    T.U: Poulter

    T.D: Byrnes

    Already have RCD.


  5. 21 trades left and currently $25,600 ITB. Last week trades were Jordan Clark and Braden Campbell > Mills and Poulter
    TU – Gulden -> RCD Cripps -> 600k~ MID
    TD – Gulden & Sam Berry > Byrnes & RCD $269,00


  6. One up and one down or double downgrade? So in…

    TU: Poulter & Titch (27K itb) -> out Gulden & Warner
    TD: Poulter & RCD/Byrnes (379K itb) -> out Gulden & Cox


  7. Posted this in another thread but after some slightly different advice

    Hey all, First season in a while and first time poster and in a major pickle, would love a vote/advice…

    D: Laird, Ridley, Bowes, Short, Kosi, Chapman (Jones, Highmore)
    M: Macrae, Bont, Duncan, Oliver, Merrett, Brayshaw, Powell, Jordon )=(Berry, RCD, Downie)
    R: Grundy, Flynn (hunter)
    F: Ziebell, Bolton, Impey, Dusty, Tex, Warner (Roberston, Rowe)

    23.3k ITB and 19 Trades done

    Tex is a lock to go for Poulter and thinking of holding shai at this stage. Tex gone gives me enough to up Chapman to any Premo Defender (thinking stewart or Lloyd) this round… Or I could land Harmes, hope Flynn plays and then bring in Gawn or another ruck (Hickey?) in a round or two.
    *edit* Third option and new TD as below, updated as highmore is named
    TU -> Tex + Chap -> Poulter and Premo Def
    TD -> Tex + Downie -> Poulter and Byrnes

    Comment: Tex + Chap -> Poulter and Harmes, and bring in a reliable ruck in 1-2 rounds

    Playing in a family league only and Top 4 atm with some next 2 games against top 8 opponents.

    Any other advice or suggestions much appreciated!


  8. Double downgrade….OUT?

    TU: Gulden & Cox ($379 itb)
    TD: Berry & Cox ($305 itb)

    Means giving Gulden & Warner a crack at the Pies, Freo and Blues the next three


  9. Already have Poulter but

    TU: double downgrade to bring in both Byrnes and RCD
    TD: sideways Cripps and only one downgrade


      1. It’s killing me. Having Titch or honestly anyone instead of Cripps would feel so much better but the rookies feel too good to miss and sideways trades just feel bad


        1. The peace of mind that would come without having Cripps sounds……

          I’m going to wait til his bye and then flog him off for Titch / Jelly


          1. I’m genuinely thinking of trading him as a downgrade this week cause all of my rookies are still likely to go up for another week or two but I know he won’t. I’ll hold out till the bye but it’s really tempting to not



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