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Written by JimmyDee on September 10 2020


Mrs Macca still 700+ up and making it hard for chasing pack. However a massive score of 2244 from Willy’s Impending Carnage so deserves a shout out. Next in the top five for the week were The Agates 2162, Ninius 2104, BMD Tech 2101 and Fixed Interest 2079.

So instead of a full scores summary we will take a look at the finals match ups from this round and into next week’s prelim.

In SCCTL 1 Fixed Interest stitched up PBuzz’ better half early with six of the first seven PODs raising the bat to Maryann’s total of two. Unlucky to have a downer during the finals but that’s SC for you.  JD’s wife now has the enviable task of beating the Golden Arches Footy Club to make the Granny.

In the second final Jumper Punchers had an arguably surprising victory over Alza’s Assassins, who I had fancied prior to the round. Barry heads off to The Convent home ground to take on the Nuns for the other Granny spot.

Whilst SC is a funny game, I don’t expect to see the two top four favourites being challenged but hope we can make a game of it for a long stretch.

In the minor leagues, Technicoolz inched past Wobblers by just seven points, and The Agates knocked off Lucy’s BDM Tech who would be considered extremely unlucky as she had one of only four scores over 2100 across the two leagues.

SCCTL 2 match ups saw Grace’s Ninius comfortably over the Terangatangs as predicted 2104 to 1980. Next task there is to meet perennial performer, Chips Ahoy for a chance at further glory. Lisa’s alter ego The Kelvinators put an end to Daniels Riches journey to the tune of 74 points. Next up is a clash with top 5 team 2 Ezy@SCT. This batch of finals is set to be hard fought.

In the minors it was great to see Mrs 34 and Mutts Nutts 2 take the honours as their opponents were the two ring in team allocations due to us being two short at the beginning of the season. Good to keep it all Tech to the very end.

Well done to all the folk moving on and good luck in your endeavours to snatch a Granny spot, I’m sure there will be some unlucky losers.

How many trades do you have for the final two rounds? I have a full set but will need them to even get close to the Maccas. Let us know your plans.


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7 thoughts on “Tech League Review”

  1. Thanks James!
    Nah mate, looking at our squads and likely injured players and outs – you have me covered for the SF!

    Well managed with your squad ! I also made a bad mistake in the last round and have mis-managed my trades … thinking I had three to make this week … not two! Duh! This season is a real pain in the a—!!

    Will be hanging on for the overall prize glory claim!!


  2. With having the possible outs to occur, and with not having much left in the bank, and with a limited amount of trades left to both cover and upgrade, I think the Missus is safe from the Bombers Macca.
    …….although, maybe, if I can just find some umpires who work for CD????…….LOL


    1. haha Chameleon!! I am really annoyed with last week / round – lost over 1100 spots on overall as well … and made no trades due to the outs that were occurring – figured i needed to hold the rookies even if they scored poorly … but completely forgot in my planning for this week that there were only two trades, not the three, to generate cash!! Duh … some accountant I am!!


  3. Not much has gone right for my tech team this year. But I was pretty happy to rack up 2244. It beat my husbands team by nearly 200 points



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