Tech Leagues – Comeback Anyone?

Written by JimmyDee on August 12 2020

Many very good battles this week and and some movement in the rankings. Personally snuck in with 1956 against the number 4 ranked JB Bombers thanks to last game POD heroics from Weller, Zerrett and Lukosius.

The number 1 ranked Mrs Macca suffered ay the hands of Technicoolz’ 2004, The Nuns hung in there against Barry’s Jumper Punchers, but old mate Chips Ahoy cruised in with the rounds top score of 2052 to catapult him into third behind the Big Mac and those tough old FD coached convent penguin girls.

JB Bombers and 2Ezy round out the top five. Methinks Mrs Macca has a bit of a march on the field but strange things happen in this game. I’m going to have to toss Little Dev out with the bathwater, along with Butler and bring in two stars averaging 140 each to catch up.

What is everyone else doing. Are there others out there like me who can’t win the points but are desperately hanging in there (currently eighth) to make the eight and a potential GRANNY win. Give us your thoughts !!


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4 thoughts on “Tech Leagues – Comeback Anyone?”

  1. Nice one Jimmy! You ripped yourself off 3 points there too mate!!

    Weller came back to bite the missus in the you know where – couple of weeks ago, coin toss to trade him or Bailey out – kept Bailey – but it did allow the bringing in of Oliver and Ridley … hmmmm, Weller looks like might end up the better option at the end though.

    Went for the gamble of trading Gawn to Goldie – only to watch Goldie get parked on the wing too much and his mids fail him miserably as he won pretty much evry ball up he attended – strange game though with minimal stoppages – hindering his score. It did also allow the bringing in of Titch, who also disappointed in his maiden game for the Golden Arches!

    Trades this week are up in the air though. Smith, despite his mediocre scores will still be a warm body on the field in the upcoming and unknown byes … so he’s a hold sadly I think.

    There will be a definite need to try and balance some premos that haven’t yet had their bye …

    Good luck to all!


  2. I’m living up to my name this season with many Tech difficulties. Still sitting halfway in the group however, probably due to many dead teams……
    Still have 13 trades, and Doedee looking the first to go this week


  3. My lady friend did the same in with Goldy and Titch as Mrs Macca, so no changes there. Had I been awake in time we wanted Ladhams, so that smarts.

    We are in second, and in the words of Bender Bending Rodriguez, second place is another way of saying didn’t win! So, we’re going to at least look for a way to try and catch up, although I don’t think there is much of a chance. Don’t want to ruin a possible finals run, but has to be something…..


  4. My stepson-in-law says (edited) congrats. JimmyDee.
    He was also considering how (edited again) he is going to make the 2 trades he’s been looking at for the last 2 weeks with only about thru’pence ha’penny (approx 6k after cpi and currency change) left in the bank…..Oh Lord, [Father Dougal’s Hamster(?)]
    ….let us pray….for a radical (desperate) solution….
    hmmmm Gawny to Nic Nat hmmmm……….



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