The 2011 Draft

Written by Motts on November 25 2011

Coniglio (pick 2), Wingard (6, love a Sturt player), Rowe (44, ready to go), and Stephenson (78) are all on my radar right now.

How about the rest of you?


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35 thoughts on “The 2011 Draft”

  1. Gday boys, Im starting to get pumped up for SC season with the draft coming out,

    Richmonds 1st pick Brandon Ellis is firmly on my Radar along with (hopefully this years JPod) Oren Stephenson, Carltons Sam Rowe and Port Adelaide’s Nathan Blee (strait out of the WAFL) and very dominant in the WAFL granny with Andrew Kraks.

    Also not out of the draft Richmonds Steven Morris who they picked up in trade week could play every game. Thats my hot tip.

    Last Year I loaded my bench with Suns players which didnt pay off so I wont be making the same mistake with GWS this year, The Suns had picked up Ablett the AFLs best player along with a few other Guns from other clubs and they got absolutely smashed in the opening rounds. GWS didnt pick up anywhere near what the Suns poached from other clubs, Ward being there only real gun but a long way off Ablett. Freos Rhys Palmer was struggling to even make Freos team, along with Phill Davis (needs a year or two) and Tom Scully (miles off Ablett) I think GWS will get absolutely obliterated in the 1st half of the year when you really need your bench players going up in value so I will use maybe one or 2 GWS players on the bench and the rest as many mature age recruits as possible because history says they go up the most.

    Anyway cant wait for more people getting on here and leaving comments because the NAB cups not far away.

    Cumon season 2012.


  2. GWS playing-coaches going to look attractive, however other than Chad Cornes if he’s a listed as a swingman and bargain basement cannot see others being worth a look.


  3. @micka9, I definately agree with Steven Morris being a huge smokie. Could be a walk-up start, think Nick Duigan/Paul Puopolo. Most draftees listed above are on my radar, but I’ll be watching Mitchy Grigg from the Crows. Touted as Top 10/20 earlier but slipped to mid 30s due to concerns over his pace. Could be a bargain. Also keeping a close eye on Kavanagh and Docherty.


  4. I like the two the Tigers picked up in Morris and Ellis. If Ivan is discounted I may consider him for R3.

    I also liked: Coniglio, Wingard, T.Mitchell, Stephenson, McDonald if cheap, Docherty.

    Keen to see: Kavanagh, Patton, Sellar, C.Cornes if dpp & cheap, Satanta if dpp & cheap,


  5. Here is the list of rookies i am currently considering.
    The list may include players that are rookie priced but are not first year players

    Prices and Positions based on m0nty’s fanplanner

    *Matthew Buntine/GWS/Back/$154,200
    Adam Tomlinson/GWS/Back/$134,200
    *Sam Docherty/Brisbane/Back/$119,200
    *Brandon Ellis/Richmond/Back/$104,200
    Nathan Blee/Port Adelaide/Back/$100,200
    *David Astbury/Richmond/(Back/Forward)/$100,200
    *Tim Mohr/GWS/Back/$100,200
    Will Sierakowski/North Melbourne/Back/$100,200
    *Billie Smedts/Geelong/(Back/Forward)/$100,200
    Beau Wilkes/St.Kilda/Back/$100,200
    Blayne Wilson/West Coast/Back/$100,200
    Joshua Bootsma/Carlton/Back/$94,200
    Luke Brown/Adelaide/Back/$94,200
    Alex Forster/Fremantle/Back/$94,200
    Tim Golds/GWS/Back/$94,200
    Jack Hombsch/GWS/Back/$94,200
    Jordan Kelly/Hawthorn/Back/$94,200
    *Steven Morris/Richmond/Back/$94,200
    Michael Talia/Western Bulldogs/Back/$94,200

    * Top 7 Defenders in my opinion

    *Stephen Coniglio/GWS/Mid/$169,200
    Dom Tyson/GWS/Mid/$164,200
    Simon Hogan/Geelong/Mid/$159,300
    Will Hoskin-Elliot/GWS/(Mid/Forward)/$159,200
    *Chad Wingard/Port Adelaide/Mid/$149,200
    *Josh Cowan/Geelong/Mid/$136,000
    Liam Sumner/GWS/Mid/$129,200
    Toby Greene/GWS/Mid/$124,200
    Taylor Adams/GWS/Mid/$114,200
    Devon Smith/GWS/Mid/$109,200
    Marty Clarke/Collingwood/Mid/$100,200
    Stephen Clifton/GWS/Mid/$100,200
    Tory Dickson/Western Bulldogs/(Mid/Forward)/$100,200
    Mitch Hallahan/Hawthorn/Mid/$100,200
    *Koby Stevens/West Coast/Mid/$100,200
    Matthew Arnot/Richmond/Mid/$94,200
    Dylan Buckley/Carlton/Mid/$94,200
    Bradd Dalziell/West Coast/Mid/$94,200
    *Sam Darley/GWS/Mid/$94,200
    Cameron Ellis-Yolmen/Adelaide/Mid/$94,200
    Mitchell Grigg/Adelaide/Mid/$94,200
    Curtley Hampton/GWS/Mid/$94,200
    *Elliott Kavanagh/Essendon/Mid/$94,200
    Adam Kennedy/GWS/Mid/$94,200
    Brad McKenzie/North Melbourne/Mid/$94,200
    *Tom Mitchell/Sydney/Mid/$94,200
    *Sebastian Ross/St.Kilda/Mid/$94,200
    *Dylan Shiel/GWS/Mid/$94,200
    Adam Treloar/GWS/Mid/$94,200
    *Dayne Zorko/Brisbane/(Mid/Forward)/$94,200

    * Top 10 Mids in my opinion

    *Billy Longer/Brisbane/Ruck/$139,200
    Rhys Stanley/St.Kilda/(Ruck/Forward)/$138,100
    *Jonathan Giles/GWS/Ruck/$100,200
    Josh Jenkins/Adelaide/Ruck/$100,200
    Jarrad Redden/Port Adelaide/Ruck/$100,200
    *Orren Stephenson/Geelong/Ruck/$100,200
    Tom Downie/GWS/Ruck/$94,200
    Jarrod Witts/Collingwood/$94,200

    * Top 3 Rucks in my opinion

    Aaron Black/North Melbourne/Forward/$175,300
    Jonathan Patton/GWS/Forward/$174,200
    *Will Hoskin-Elliott/GWS/(Mid/Forward)/$159,200
    *Anthony Morabito/Fremantle/Forward/$137,600
    David Astbury/Richmond/(Back/Forward)/$100,200
    Tory Dickenson/Western Bulldogs/(Mid/Forward)/$100,200
    Israel Falou/GWS/Forward/$100,200
    Jed Lamb/Sydney/Forward/$100,200
    Jarryd Lyons/Adelaide/Forward/$100,200
    Matthew Panos/Western Bulldogs/Forward/$100,200
    *Jason Porpylzia/Adelaide/Forward/$100,200
    *Billie Smedts/Geelong/(Back/Forward)/$100,200
    Ariel Steinberg/Essendon/Forward/$100,200
    Tommy Walsh/Sydney/Forward/$100,200
    Jeremy Cameron/GWS/Forward/$94,200
    Todd Elton/Richmond/Forward/$94,200
    Joel Hamling/Geelong/Forward/$94,200
    *Shane Kerstan/Geelong/Foward/$94,200
    Daniel Markworth/St.Kilda/Forward/$94,200
    Terry Milera/St.Kilda/Forward/$94,200
    Murray Newman/West Coast/Forward/$94,200
    Nicholas O’Brien/Essendon/Forward/$94,200
    Jackson Paine/Collingwood/Forward/$94,200
    Daniel Pearce/Western Bulldogs/Forward/$94,200
    *Ahmed Saad/St.Kilda/Forward/$94,200
    *Dayne Zorko/Brisbane/Forward/$94,200

    Top 7 Forwards in my opinion

    I can give playing styles/ Why players are suited for SC and also player backgrounds if need be/ if anyone wants them.


  6. Motts .. conigilo sounds like a ready made AFL player for next year , should be on everyone,s list for next year . Dont know much about the other players you sugested but they all sound like they are a worthy pick up for next year .


  7. Find it amazing that Leon Neon did not get picked up by West Coast. I know he had a bit of a price tag but surely West Coast had some room to move in their salary cap. West Coast had a great 2011 and were highly competitive at the G in September against the Pies. A running defender with Davis’ precision kicking would be a huge asset to West Coast. I find it CRAZY that Davis is not in the AFL next year. Just crazy!!



    If you haven’t seen them yet the new rules for SC 2012 are up on the HS website.

    Like the addition of an undo button on trades. Smart ’cause it means you can trade at any point during the week. For some it’ll mean that they can undo drunk Monday night trades.

    Happy that we’ve retained the extra trades we gained last year. 24 trades is good. Also like the fact we can now trade 3 times in those multi-bye mid-season rounds.

    Still trying to get my head around what the new trading rules about simultaenous trades means. Sure it is of benefit but in the per-Christmas haze i’m struggling.

    Thoughts ppl?


  9. Havent given it too much thought but arent they better starting the season at Round 1 and having byes between 11-13?????


  10. Now that Channel 7 can’t delay Friday night football they have found some other to screw over the footballing public by delaying the announcement of the teams by 80 minutes on a Thursday… it is RUBBISH, Channel 7 can go F*%K themselves!
    FANS will have to wait an extra 80 minutes to find out the ins and outs for every match next season under an AFL deal with Channel 7.

    Clubs will be instructed not to reveal their line-ups until 6.15pm on Thursdays.

    Teams have traditionally been released on Thursday afternoon, with the AFL this season making them public at 5pm.

    The new timing will allow Channel 7 to show the teams in its news bulletin.

    The deal, reportedly signed in May, is a major blow to more than 400,000 fans who sweat on the teams to manage their SuperCoach team for the weekend. They have less time to make vital trades and selection decisions.

    It is not clear if the deal will include the final teams for Sunday matches, which are released on Friday afternoon. If those line-ups are kept secret until the Channel 7 sport bulletin it would mean the line-ups are revealed barely an hour before the round begins – and the SuperCoach lockout.


  11. Hi,

    Anyone able to do who they think will be the best kids supercoach players for next year? top 10?




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