The 2020 Season – Some Reflections

Written by Motts on September 15 2020

It’s normally at this time of the year that I pause to reflect on the season that was. Usually I’m preparing for a GF in some league or other but this year unfortunately has been a shocker for me and I’ve been bundled out of every league I’m in. My last two trades to bring in Sam Petrevski-Seton and Charlie Cameron turned out to be complete busts. Who knew?

Clearly I should’ve gone to Yiorgakis for advice. For the first time since this site’s inception over 10 years ago, we’ve got a legit regular vying for overall supremacy. He’s even got the @SCT suffix on his name to boot! The exposure it’s giving us is invaluable and we’re very grateful to him and everybody else who supports us in the same way. Thank you!

In many ways, it’s been a tough season. We were all deeply affected emotionally at the beginning of the year with allsaints‘ passing. It was only as I read through the comments on the post that announced the terrible news that I realised how much he meant to people. The generosity of the community in the subsequent fundraiser we held for him was absolutely unbelievable. It gave me incredible joy to get in touch with his wife, send her a link to the post so she could read everyone’s comments too, and let her know that we’d raised close to $2,000 for him. She was deeply moved and has had a tree planted in a local park in his name that she and their son can watch grow and remember him for many, many years to come.

From a site management perspective, it’s been a difficult season too. In a normal season, we have 4-5 days to get our analysis pieces up on the site – the Weekly Review, Rookie Review, Fallen Premiums, Cow Talk, and Captaincy Candidates. Not to mention the MRO, Weekly Teams, polls and everything else you’ve come to expect from us.

The condensed schedule has meant that in some weeks this year, the next round started the day after the previous round had finished! The incredible SCT writing team all need to be commended for working under extreme conditions in 2020 to bring you everything you need to make your weekly decisions in a timely manner. Guys, you’re all amazing and the site wouldn’t be what it is without you.

The site also wouldn’t be what it is without you, our wonderful community. We value your loyalty above everything else because without it, we know we would’ve gone the way of many other SC sites over the years so a huge thank you for continuing to drop past.

And a special thank you to all those that have contributed in the Comments section of posts with their thoughts and advice to help others. It actually gives me great pleasure to announce today that we’re creating a new award in the SCT Hall of Fame: the Saint of SuperCoachTalk award. To honour the memory of allsaints, on an annual basis, we will be giving this award to a person who throughout the year was always willing to lend a hand and offer advice – much like Olly did. It will be a consensus of the writing team based on what we’ve noticed throughout the year and will be announced in the week after the SuperCoach Grand Final.

We’re already looking forward to next year with the addition of Shorty to the team. He’ll add another dimension to our analysis with the use of video. You can expect to see a lot of him in the preseason. Hopefully, for the sake of the writing team, the season will return to normality too!

So apart from a few Game Chats in the final round, that’s it from me this year. Thank you again for your support in 2020, good luck in your grannies if you’re still alive, and GO YIORGI!!!

Cheers, Motts



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18 thoughts on “The 2020 Season – Some Reflections”

  1. Thanks for a great year Motts it’s been a pleasure to find this site to meet people who can talk about fantasy like me all the time! Am very excited for what next year brings for this great website and thanks for everyone who’s been nice and helped me along the way!


  2. Thanks Motts, what a year it has been. Thanks for your leadership with the Allsaints issue. He will be missed and lest we will forget him.
    For me this year was all about experiencing new things and I had fun along the way , in a tough Covid lockdown where sports entertainment was scarce.
    My biggest learning is about holding trades and sideways trades. I was lulled in a false sense that we had extra trades and therefore played with my premos, rucks, Midpricers, injuries prone players. …In the end I was in 4 semis out of my 5 Leagues and lost them all because I couldn’t replace injured or underperforming players when it really mattered.
    But I don’t regret a single bit and thanks community for the wisdom and exchanges we had throughout this special year.


  3. I have tears in my eyes (again) remembering Olly and I know that this new award in the SCT Hall of Fame will be highly sought after. Hats off to all the incredible writers on the site your commitment & dedication in getting the job done to help this community is beyond amazing. I am a long time reader and very much appreciate the sage advice & suggestions offered by one and all. I look forward to hearing who wins the inaugural Saint of SuperCoachTalk award. Thanks to everyone and good luck Yiorgi!


  4. Fantastic season ending review Mottsy.

    Great idea that AllSaints will be remembered with a Hall of Fame in his memory.
    Everyone at the site will be cheering site legend Yiorgi home to take home the major prize.

    Might be an idea to have a thread over the last round on how Yiorgi is travelling and how his rivals are travelling. @SuperCoachData from Twitter gives a run down on how everyone up the top is travelling thru the round so if you get one up we could use his data but give him credit for it.


  5. Thanks to all the authors for their fantastic articles this year, and kudos for handling the quick turnaround between rounds effortlessly! Been a pleasure to spend a bit more time on this site this year and getting to know other community members. Glad to have finally settled on a proper username as well after flirting with random names over the past couple of years.

    Best of luck to Yiorgi with nailing the #1 spot and congratulations to the winner of the ‘Saint of SupercoachTalk’, a lot of deserving contributors!


  6. Thanks for season everyone, this truely is the best SC site. Once again thank you to all writers & contributors of the site.

    Also the award in Allsaints honour is a fitting way to remember a man who was always willing to help all who asked for it throughout the years, RIP Olly.


  7. Cheers Motts, it’s been tight but fun and I thank you for the opportunity to be involved. Hopefully as we grow I might find bit more to contribute.

    Here’s hoping the AFL stays strong and we get a great comp for next year in both real life and fantasy.

    Go get it Yiorkakis and the best of SC luck to everyone in the grannies and the rankings climb this week.


  8. Great writeup Motts, though i take umbridge on not being considered a regular contender vying for the top spot as was top 10 last year haha (on second though Lycett killed my season with 3 rounds to go and had forgotten to add @sct to my name so your on to something there). Have all fingers and toes crossed for you Yiorgi you well and truly deserve the win as youve been a stellar performer year on year.

    Thankyou Motts and all the amazing contributers for the year. Best supercoach site by a country mile! Cheers


  9. What a great way to honour Olly.

    Thanks again for all your hard work Motts and enjoy a well deserved rest in the off-season!


  10. What a huge season it has been. The writers on the site have done an incredible job in providing their usual interesting, detailed articles in extremely short timeframes and they all deserve a heap of credit from all of us. It is a highlight of each week reading the new content and analysing this game we love, so thanks team for making it all possible!

    All the best Yiorgi for the last round and it certainly is a fitting tribute to allsaints, thanks for all of the contributors that jump in and comment or are a thumb lurker like myself, it all contributes to making this a fantastic site to keep coming back to!


  11. I have to say, given the utter chaotic nature of the SC season, the craziness with the footy frenzies and the utter unpredictability of it all, this has been such a fun season in all of its glory and really befits the 2020 year it belongs to!

    Great effort to all the effort you guys have put in!!!!

    What a cluster – bring on 2021 (i think)!!!!


    1. I’m honestly gutted allsaints never got to see the full break-out season from Jack Steele. I think deep down after watching his Rd1 game this season he knew this was the year.


  12. This has been my first year on this site. I have been on JR site for a while. I found the preseason content here significantly superior to that of JR. in terms of week to week advice and reading, there are pros and cons on both sites, but overall they stack up. I would say this site is on the up, but JR might be declining. I would suggest the data analysis emphasis which was more evident here should be continued. I guess that’s because I like the”science” of SC. If there is such a thing.
    It’s been a difficult year for SC, and I appreciate the efforts of people whose work makes this happen. For us readers and some time contributors, we get a lot for nothing. As my knowledge of SC will never be that of the mainstay team writing on the site, I will never be able to square that ledger. I will always be in debt. So I fo wish to thank the team here for giving me endless hours of reading to fuel my SC addiction.
    Overall, there is a danger of herd thinking when you go onto these sites. For me it’s easy to think about the decisions you made based on here thinking that went wrong, without recognizing the ones that went right. Looking back on the season I am happy that I got more right than wrong. Having said that, a whole season without Neale, Petracca and Lloyd is never going to be super great. Especially when Neale and Petracca were in every version of my starting side until the actual day the season started.
    Looking forward to the preseason team. Congrats again on a top year.


  13. Motts, a huge thank you to to and all the writers, and the community in general for helping us stay sane in this crazy season. Every day I could find something to get me thinking which went a long way to giving me something to do, and look forward to.
    The thing about this site is the respect shown to people with differing opinions. I have been involved in several “strong discussions” but never felt intimidated which can’t be said for many other social forums.



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